Udaan 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor running the motor to get water for Suraj. Some water comes in the bottle. Suraj says your efforts will go waste. Ragini says I think she can just get little water by running for two hours, I m having fun, we should get award to create this adventurous game. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to run faster, see Suraj’s state, Ragini I told you his life will be worse than death, I will throw piece of roti for Suraj, see Chakor will run for more time, we will go and have lunch. He asks Chakor to run.

Suraj says stop Chakor, its tough. She says no, its not so tough, I will fill water in bottle, don’t worry. Vivaan and Imli recall inspector’s words. Imli says how did this happen suddenly with you, our world ended, Suraj did not get water to drink, don’t know Chakor arranged water for him or not, I don’t know what Lord wants. He says we were happy yesterday, I wanted to earn name and stand against Bhaiya ji, but now my name got ruined, I feel our world finished.

She says everything will get fine. He asks how will things get fine. She says give money to Pooja and ask her to take case back. He says you know I m innocent. She says Pooja blamed you for rape, its big crime, did you think what will happen of me if you go to jail. He says I did not do anything, if I give money, it will prove I have really raped her and shutting her mouth with money, I will not do this.

Chakor runs for much time. Bhaiya ji and Ragini come back. Bhaiya ji laughs on her and calls her marathon runner. Chakor sees the water bottle and goes to take it. Bhaiya ji takes it and asks what’s the hurry. Suraj says give me water, you have taken Chakor’s test. Chakor says give this water to Suraj, its his right. Bhaiya ji says yes, I will first see how much water you got, its so less amount. I think Chakor does not love Suraj and does not care for him. Chakor says if machine worked fine, I would have got more water, you cheated me and did something to machine. Bhaiya ji says I got cheated and Suraj is paying for it, its my game and my rules.

Suraj asks for water. Chakor gives him water and asks him to save some water. Suraj finishes it. Bhaiya ji says you think something else to get more water. He sends Suraj to stable. Suraj says now I understand value of water, its more precious than wine, if you tell me to leave wine now Chakor, I will leave it. Chakor says you will get water tomorrow now, how can you finish water at once, how can you be donkey. He says this is my life’s tragedy that I never thought of tomorrow, how can you call me donkey. Goons laugh and take him to stable.

Vivaan and Imli come home. Ranjana scolds him for the crime. Bhaiya ji says such a bad crime, what can we expect from him. Ranjana says you stained Bhaiya ji’s name. Vivaan says I did not stain anyone’s name, ask me the truth. Bhaiya ji says Ranjana is your mother, talk in low tone. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji insult Vivaan and scold him. She asks him to die, Ragini is better, she respects me more than you, I have one child now, that’s Ragini.

Imli says you don’t believe Vivaan, and believe others. Bhaiya ji says fine we believe him, will world believes, he was in lockup all night for rape blame, its so bad. Vivaan says if mother does not trust a son, he would get ashamed and die, but I will not die, I did not do any crime. Imli says I trust my husband. He did not do anything, I pity Ranjana for not knowing her son, I know him, I will tell everyone the truth, I will not believe this blame even if Lord tells me, I will see who stops Vivaan from entering haveli. Bhaiya ji says a rapist can’t stay here. Imli asks who are you to stop him. Ranjana says this is our decision, one who defames haveli will not stay here. Imli holds Vivaan’s hand and says its my decision, none will stop my husband, he will stay here.

Vivaan says leave it, no use to argue with them. She says when they tried to make me leave, you were with me, why should I not support you now, I have to break my promise and become old Imli if they do this. She takes Vivaan inside haveli. Ragini gets angry and says Vivaan’s inner self will make him helpless to work for us.

Chakor says I told you not to finish water, don’t know when will you get water. Suraj says I did mistake, I was thirsty and did not think, how will I stay day and night without water, do something. She asks am I magician, how will I get water, you have to stay like this. He holds her hand and says you always have some way, please do something, get water for me. She cries and leaves.

Vivaan breaks things in the room and asks Imli why did you get me in haveli, I deserve to be kicked out of here. You want to prove I can’t fight. She looks at him.

Chakor runs to Suraj and says I got water for you. She gets the water pipe and water stops. She says I will go and check. She turns and sees Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says Chakor will not run now, someone else will run.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Team udaan .I want to ask u something that, will this track continues long?.or shall i quit watching this show?.We all are requesting u 2 plz stop these nonsense track.plz reply me plz………..I cnt tolerate this bandhua track.plz make suraj free vry soon .plzzzz reply me team udaan plzzz plzzzplzzz…..if u given any respect to our request or wishes [sukorians]then plz chnge this backwas track.its nt a command,it’s a deep heart request only . so plz dnt make us vry sad.hope u understand sir ???????? plz reply me…..waiting 4 ur reply

    1. Sry sir if I hurt u by my words .its becoz of im2 much emotional

  2. I’m gonna skip another episode now,nothing more than vimli’s drama and kn”s humiliation…just going to watch those 2 sukor scenes…Vivaan is very self centred seriously…he didn’t mind to speak or think of Suraj’s state
    and he is not in a situation to handle anything now,imli at least helped him but this guy? nor he mind to thank chakor sirf apni padi hai
    Just waiting for sankranthi episodes ??

  3. so sad episode!!!!!
    i can’t control my anger!!seeing this!!!
    seeing this i went to break my tv!!!
    kn is a cruel father!!! devil king ragini and rajana are devil daughter and devils wife!!
    even rajana also cruel mother!!!!like kn!!!
    even both imli and vivaan are selfish and care about themselves,but imli is better than vivaan,she cares about her sister and suraj!!! but vivaan really standing on my nerves like kn!!! even imli worries and telling about suraj,chakor he still care for himself….his own problem…such a selfish he need this!!!
    half of episode is vimli scenes boring epi!!
    vivaan always insult imli and doesn’t trust her!!! doesn’t understand her!!! thank god vikor doesn’t happen!!!

    i loved that even in that situation our sukor never forgot fight with eachother(this makes them unique)
    suraj understands pain of difficulties for water if didn’t get it!!!! he now knows the importance of water!!! it really hurts seeing him like that!!
    chakor helplessness really makes me cry!!!
    in precap also chakor plan failed!!!
    now next imli will run and kn trying to make suraj to mistrust chakor!!! iam sure he won’t believe it!!!
    really want some twist which makes sukor fans happy pls udaan team…can’t able to see suraj and chakor like this!!!

  4. I watched today epi and soo dispointed got nothing except pain i hope next week this track will get change really after suraj roar and fight i think kn torture will get stop and sukor may do something against him..

  5. finally some relaxing sukor scenes at the first..but i cant digest the thing that suraj is a bandhua and kn is torturing him

  6. Nitz calm down,they are not going to stop this bandua track so soon,this is not anyone’s cup of tea here,lets leave tragedy on its hell and look forward to sukor scenes like their team up,smartness,support and romance ? and fight against kn,but we must definitely skip these torture filled epi
    so that they will stop this torture and start showing sukor fight against kn

    Nitz app sirf new olv’s dekiye and get happy like us,(I’m sorry if you feel this lecture ?)

  7. Asammi

    His brother is dying..
    His best friend and ex-girlfriend is in a big trouble..
    His wife is worried about her family..
    But he went to earn name, fame and money..So, i think he made his bed..!!

    You guys know whom i am referring.. ?

    1. ya asammi!!!
      you are correct!!!such a selfish guy he is…thinking about himself only!! vivaan…

  8. team udan how long this rubbish will continue? is it for a human being to see somebody shouting for water and his father cheating him continuously, ha?pls stop this plssssssssssssssssssssssssss otherwise ur viewers will get less and i watched today only jst for Sukor scenes.

  9. Cvs are demented, i quit watching just read updates now and then, starve the CVs of TRPs like they are starving Suraj

  10. disgusting…….. it’s the one and only word to describe about this episode

    1. thank you for the link.
      Salute for Suraj. He took action even being in chains not to forget his deprivation from food and water, unlike others who just remained silent. There is power in LOVE.

  11. In the latest spoiler chakor gets humiliated infornt of the whole village suraj gets angry and helps her which is the best bit but i cant beleive all the villagers vivaan and imli just stand thier instead of helping if the whole village was together they could easily beat kn ragini and thier 5 goons they are so selfish chakor helped vivaan and imli and when she was get water thrown on her no one helps except for suraj who hasnt been drinking or eating for days i hope chakor stops helping these selfish people viaan deserved to stay in jail

  12. Guys please don’t get fooled by little Sukor scenes, these small scenes are so you actually watch the torture full BS and they get their TRPs if you want the torture track to end boycott the show till they change the track. We can watch happy SuKor moments on YouTube until the writers pull their heads out their asses though I think Mahesh Bhatt has a thing for torture, anyone here watch Naamkaran, poor Avni has to go through so much torture from her own Grandmother and she’s only like 10

    1. yes kalika u r ri8 these small sukor scenes are jst beautiful insectivorous plants in which the insects gets attracted and falls in their trap

  13. Makes me laugh when the Trimurti are acting disgusted on vivaan who they have framed when their crimes are endless and when they are so evil themselves, the way they were going on is if they are so innocent. Ranjana saying only ragini is her child didn’t vivaan disown her anyway

  14. After watching latest spolier suraj beats the goons and saves chakor but the goons catch him again and i think he will get locked up again i hope he is npt tied up again ragini is the one coming up with the wicked ideas shes worser than kamal

  15. I stopped watching this crap awhile back…… Still the same crap. I put a stop to the recording on my PVR I’ll come back and read it next month. See Yah

  16. They should focus more on suraj and chakor and build their relationship as they go along and should finish of the bhaiya jii drama

    Hey guys watch my videos on YouTube (yazzbeauty) ❤️

  17. Really irked with Vivaan. How can he get so much influenced by situation? Missing the innocent little vivaan who would risk his life to save little chakor from the wheel of the moving bus, cherish friendship of village girl. He lost his father’s love, mother’s care, childhood love, nevertheless found his true love for Imli. However, does not believe her, neither listens to her. An educated, sensible man does not hesitate to take support from his wife in times of difficulties. He needs proper counseling.
    Poor Imli, why is it that the man she loves always turns out to be a disaster, first Suraj, now Vivaan. She must showcase her shooting talent to make her own identity in this modern era, so that no one can underestimate her.
    Until and unless they get strong and work together with SUKOR, we cannot witness kn’s defeat soon. Can’t stand his torture. Sukor and vimli put an end to this torment asap.

  18. guys epi was fine .but there is a need to improve chakor’s dialogue when she said gadhe that was not good .how many of you are agree with me.

    1. Aqua

      I didn’t like it…. he was tied like an animal, last thing this hopeless man needs teasing from his dear wife and be compared to a donkey?

  19. Less sukor seen bt nice in this epi.i feel kn ji careing about his son bt he don’t wonna show thats y he tortur him to make all villagers afraid that a father can do like this with his own son.n you r right sia di bt i think nit is so upset with this track.bt i like this bcz of sukor this is just begining more sukor seens r ready to make 4 us i hope we’ll be enjoy more.so pls don’t upset n enjoy gys.in this epi.vimli looked much painfull imli try to make vivan relex bt he misunderstand her.i feel entire epi.on vimli n about faith.in short togood epi.i enjoyed wating 4 wt next.

    1. Aanya don’t call me di..plz prefer to call sia

  20. Epi was fine bt kind f boring except sukor scenes.seriously I hv no idea hw this track will end, I prefer old chakor who never gt defeated by kn , Hp to see a twist which mk sukorians happy n love to see the faces of defeated trio

  21. aiyo……. another sad episode will telecast today….. udaan team please ….. try to change the script. current part is a?

  22. guys can i ask u all one question? pls reply me pls

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