Beyhadh 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya asks Ashwin if his drama is finished. Ashwin asks what drama, Maya baby. Maya says a snake can change his move, but not Ashwin Mehrotra, he is a chameleon and will act as one. He says after all he is her papa. He knows why she arranged this party, exposed him in front of media, etc. Maya says it was needed and if he tries to harm her or Jahnvi, everyone will know who did it. Ashwin says he will inform the secret of his broken leg and warns her to let him stay here, else she knows what he can do. He walks out smirking, says sweet dreams and walks away.

Vandana scolds Arjun how can he announce marriage in just 1 week, he did not give her time at all. He says he wants sweet and simple marriage. She shows front page news about Arjun and Maya’s marriage and says if marriage does not happen as thought, people will think step mom does not care about him. Ajun jokes she is step mom. She will hit him with shoes if he calls her step mother. Arjun jokes and says marriage will happen in a sweet and simple way and whole world will watch and asks her and Ayan to do arrangements well in a week.

Prem and Suman look at Arjun and Maya’s marriage announcement news and get sad. Saanjh comes out of her room and asks Suman to give her lunch box soon as Malkani will not like her coming late, he is very happy hearing she is not going to Singapore. Prem asks if she is fine. She says she is fine, she was waiting on the hope of Arjun’s friendship and Arjun did not break her hope, Arjun and Maya love each other, so obviously this would be the next step. Suman says she will find her a best boy and get her married soon. Saanjh says she still has a long time and tells Prem she knows she has to reach her goal. Prem hugs her and says that is like my girl. Saanjh walks out smiling and then gets sad looking at newspaper photo.

Ashwin looks at newspaper news. Jahnvi says they both are looking good together. Ashwin says if she does not think something is wrong, this boy is not good for Maya. Maya comes out and says she knows difference between good and bad since her childhood and asks Jahnvi to ask this man to stop acting as her father and walks out. Ashwin says Jahnvi that Maya did not accept him yet. Jahnvi says Maya’s wounds are deep and need time to heal, let us start preparing for marriage Ashwin thinks he does not want Maya to marry.

Saanjh reaches office and tries to speak to colleagues, but they ignore her. She sees her table missing and asks peon what happened to her cabin. He says he obeyed Malkani sir. Malkani comes and Saanjh asks where is her desk. He hesitantly says he dismissed her from job as client threatened to take work away if Saanjh is in. She asks which client. He says Maya Mehrotra and says it is nothing personal. Saanh walks out angrily.

Arjun gets breakfast for Maya and says food is very tasty. Maya asks if he prepared food. He says mom prepared and reminds his words that he wanted to kiss her hands when he ate her prepared food. Maya reminisces and takes his hand to kiss. He says his hand is injured. She asks where he is not injured. He shows his lips. She kisses her finger and keeps it on his lips. Saanjh walks in and angrily asks Maya this is how she obliges her friendship. Arjun asks what happened. Maya got her out of job. Maya holds her hand and takes her to a big cabin and shows Saanjh’s name board as chief legal advisor and says she wanted to give her a better job and makes her sit on chair and says she gave her legal advisor job and told Malkani not to reveal anything. She says she knew Arjun is very busy now and cannot give time to his best friend, so she decided to let both friends work together. Arjun praises Saanjh that she is magnificent and asks Saanjh what happened to her anger now. Maya says welcome to Fashion and the City, they can continue chatting and walks out. Arjun jokes with Saanjh that new job, new cabin, let me take selfie. Saanjh says she cannot accept this job as she got it because of him, she is not qualified for high post. He says if she thinks so, if she thinks even he got job as he is Maya’s boyfriend. Saanjh says he cannot see what Maya is doing. Maya enters and says Saanjh.

Precap: Jahnvi calls Maya and informs that Vandana wants her janam kundali to match with Arjun’s for their marriage. Maya panics and tells Arjun that if they read what is in kundali, they will believe it true. Arjun asks what is written in kundali. Saanjh hears their conversation standing near door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Very nice Maya planned only for Ashwin..and ashwin target is spoiling Maya marriage and Maya happiness.and ArYa scene Arjun thinking more about it..precap is interesting…saanjh hearing hiddenly Maya Arjun talk about horoscope and her past..waiting for next episode

    1. ks ..i have a strong feeling that this story has more twists than v imagine .. every drastic scene makes Maya seem evil or dreaded .at the end Maya will innocent .

      1. Yes nandhana they will show maya negatively..there is no surprise.i love Maya always& also she will do anything with reason.and I saw Arjun haldi rasam pics?…and also one mystery ashwin murder track is going to start while marriage.

      2. Arjun will end up alone…until we can enjoy to watch ArYa scenes?…

        Nandhana..see this news upcoming news..

    2. Hey Ks ..Even i read dat Ashwin Murder Mystery ☺ if it’s true would Miss his “Maya Baby” but the blame would easily fall on Maya ?what would they do killing one negative character in Beyhadh. .Next week fully celebrations ??and can see Arjun pampering n trying to kiss Maya??

      1. Ya blame will come on Maya.. ashwin is bad person,if she kills,she did right thing.he tried to kill more times.he deserved.and also Jennifer said her role is justice.?

      2. I think its saanjh or jhanvi who jilked ashwin coz at the end they are the villian rite coz maya will become good .

      3. It’s not about Maya being Good or Bad Pari .if Maya is the killer ,what suspense does Beyhadh hold. .everyone around Maya can easily say dat she is the killer ..considering it to be a thriller , they will definitely have a twist ..

    3. This article ? can v Imagine dat Maya would be blamed for Ashwin’s death and Saanjh being her lawyer ..if court scenes are to be there , it has to be for a murder case .Less possibility of Arjun being blamed nor being the killer .The question will be Who will be the real killer ??? Acc ly 2 options either Saanjh or Jahnvi ..Saanjh to frame Maya or Jahnvi to save Maya …
      Can’t believe writers of Beyhadh ..They have twist in every precap and our imaginations have no limits. .
      What do u think about this ks? ????

      1. Esther

        Saanjh’s character don’t have the guts to kill anyone

      2. Ashwin murder is mystery..they will show suspect drama..&Ya saanjh will taken Maya’s case as lawyer..that’s why maya given job to saanjh as company legal advocate.

    4. He deserves to be dead ..No father would try to stop his daughter’s marriage or spoil her happiness.He even wants her to be dead..Maya is completely justified to kill him.But all her life she has suffered and this murder shouldn’t end her life . And she is so clever enough to realise dat the whole world will doubt her

  2. Both the girls hate each other so much .All Maya does is to maintain a cordial relationship with Saanjh to make her a perfect boyfriend . Keeping her boyfriend happy no matter what her choices are (perfect girl friend )..
    Saanjh is always screaming at Arjun and it’s Saanjh who is making Arjun to go away . Telling him Bad about Maya at this point will eventually make her fail as a friend and true love.
    Maya being the shrewdness ki Devi,will hit a sixer no matter what .And everytime she calls out someone s name, it rises our heart beats indicating “Game Over”
    Telling Arjun that his talent didn’t fetch him promotion is the worst move .Arjun is a kind of person who is over confident and believes In what he sees .So when she explains what he doesn’t want to hear,u earn his hatred .btw,Arjun’s campaign was
    very successful and Maya has reasons to prove it .
    (Promoted for love , it’s ok ,it’s her company .She can even make him the CEO .the point to be noted is if Arjun loved her for the promotion she gave .A big why bother about it )
    Eavesdropping while they talk,spying while they romance ,Saanjh leaves no stone unturned .

    Kundli issue no Beyhadh. .don’t be the regular drama

    1. **All Maya does is to maintain a cordial relationship with Saanjh to make her seem like a perfect girl friend ..

      Typo error sorry ☺

    2. One more delusional Indian on the loose. You think Maya is trying to maintain a cordial relationship by doing stupid unnecessary favours for Saanjh.
      Did Saanjh beg her? Is it by force? Wow.
      she’s so manipulative and scheming. What a b*t*h.

      1. Before jumping into conclusions, hear what the other persons view..she is maintaining a relationship in a way dat makes her seem like a perfect girl friend. .
        Atleast Arjun believes her and he think she is such a perfect n amazing lady

    3. I dont understand why maya is giving job to saanjh , did she asked her to give job, self respect koi jise hai ya nai, now again they ll blame saanjh for not taking the job coz maya is doing good thing .

      1. Actually Saanjh has taken up the job..TOI spoilers says so…Maya is giving Job to keep Saanjh infront of her .like making ur enemy stay by ur side and make them weak.. .
        Nobody will blame Saanjh for not taking up the job’s her self respect to decline but she wont. .

  3. yes!! I am the first one to comment!!
    Luv Maya and Arjun..beautiful couple..

  4. wah!!….now maya can see both of them….so she can make saanj hurt moree!!!!!….i dont know wat is arjun is thinking…hw he cud do this to saanj?….maya is buying arjuns happiness n arjun is not knowing anything….he is a complete fool!!….dont know wat is love??….he is impossible….saanj deserves another person in her life not arjun!….

  5. Shalini Senthil

    Love arya scences …arjun is always chipako with maya..maya is over seen not even giving arjun a kiss…i love the way arjun romances with maya??????

    1. Arjun is head over heels in love .Even in the precap he was trying to kiss her ??? they are too cute together

  6. O god wat a move maya i mean wat trap saanjh you should be save yourself and just dont accept it.

  7. Bakwas show…..

  8. Saanjh and Arjun are arguing about that topic which they argued about 1 month ago..let bygones be bygones! Why is saanjh so blo*dy desperate to make Arjun see the truth? Yes they’re friends she wants to protect him and all that shit but when the time comes he will realise it himself. For now he’s blinded by Maya’s love let them live saanjh stop interfering it’s really irritating! Find a guy and move the hell on!!! How much money does Ashwin want?? He’s already living a rich high class lifestyle plus he’s also living in Maya’s palace of a house and he wants more! Why is no one in this show happy with what they have? Vandana is not happy having Maya as bahu,saanjh is not happy with just friendship,Ashwin wants more money…Maya and Arjun have a sad pathetic family who are only putting on a show kuch pyaar vyaar nai hai

    1. Esther

      Neither Maya nor Arjun is allowing Saanjh to move on….and now shez with them in the same office….that was really not needed

      1. Esther..saanjh character cvs will use for twist in upcoming that’s why they given job in Maya company..for story drag it’s needed.

      2. Esther

        #KS ….
        .I think you posted something about this before… Saanjh saving Maya by appearing as her advocate…..Is it related to Ashwin’s track…..Is it like,Maya will be blamed for Ashwin’s murder and Saanjh will save her……I read the spoiler you posted above….and it says that the murderor is the unexpected one….maybe it would be Jhanvi

      3. Ha Esther I shared upcoming news before..every time in upcoming news some news points turns true,some news points turns fake.i don’t know which side saanjh will support but we will see saanjh in lawyer avatar.i don’t know who is real murderer.we can’t say with out see clue in episode.

  9. Antara

    i think something big in horoscope look at her she is so scared aise kya hai kundali mein ? marriage within 1 week wow will the marriage happn? Y this ashwin is behind maya wat she did ? waiting 4 nxt

    1. as far as i understand maya ki shaadi jis se hogi she will bring badluck and doom to the person.the person will suffer.this is written in her horoscope which made her tense and anxious when vandana mentioned about matching horoscopes.

    2. and about ashwin after being abused and tortured over a long duration when her symptoms triggered and maya had first attack of her disorder.she beat the hell out of ashwin and broke his leg in the process.i think this is the secret he is blackmailing her with.

  10. Angelk1

    Only Maya point of view I see in the comments lol, anyway, one thing Maya did wrong was to fire her from the job she loves. She should have asked her since their friends now, but Maya is doing things according to her plan. People may see it as her just trying to help saanj, but it’s really not The case.

    A blind person can see what’s really going on here. Maya wants to monitor arjun an saanj friendship, to make sure saanj stays in her place. To keep an eye on her, she’s not doing it because she sees her as a friend. She’s acting like a girlfriend first before friendship.

    Saanj has every right to be angry. She also has a point that Maya didn’t promote her because of her hard work, she did it for her own gain an arjun. To make arjun see that she’s being genuine when in truth she’s not.

    Arjun himself should understand saanj a little more since their best friend, he should know that saanj hates short cuts. But he just blindly believes Maya words without doubting. I have a feeling if saanj accepts she will give her hard time.

    And the whole announcing ashwin thing at the party, I knew it was a set up. Saying it’s for her mom happyness when in fact it was a trap. Clever move, now I want to know what dark secret Maya is hiding.

    Lastly, the precap doesn’t explain much, saanj could have been their to speak to Maya an heard something , wrong place wrong time. She didn’t interrupt arya, on purpose so people need to stop thinking that. An they say they don’t think ill of saanj, everyday it’s the same thing. Nothing new, I’m not even surprise anymore.

    1. Esther

      Saanjh really gonna have a hard time… Arjun expected Saanjh to be happy with all these…and you were right….he wants everything back to normal,that’s why he is acting as if nothing happened….It’s easy for him,but tough for Saanjh,he should have given her some time….Saanjh really is stuck…

    2. U are right no one understanding sanjhs points… Poor sanjh she is getting punishment for her friendship with arjun

    3. we know our maya better than u

      1. Angelk1

        I’m sure you do.. Only time will tell if you actually do

  11. Maya – Psychopath
    Arjun – complete fool
    Saanjh – sweetest of them all

  12. Love the character of Sanjh, way to go with you and your character

  13. Angelk1

    I found out on the wedding day ashwin will be killed. Someone killed him, I wonder what Maya medical record holds. I still say she has two personality or she’s meet up in the head. But we won’t know until the show progress. What would be a good twist is if Maya had a twin sister, an she took her twin sister place. Maybe even killed her twin to live her life. That would be a good twist.

    1. This idea is really good ..Aren’t they talking about horoscopes ..which medical reports are u referring to…??? Either the twist will be related to Arjun’s dad or Maya accidentally killing someone cos Ashwin is everytime mentioning his broken leg ..though he jumped off the bridge n swam the river and carried the ladies with a perfect walk *to be noted*

      Btw, loved the twin sister thing ..Double Jenny ,Double Dhamaka

      1. Angelk1

        Her medical report. Something must be up with it. And yeah that would be a huge twist if that did happen an maya took her place an life.

    2. Esther

      yea…..that twin sister thing seems diff…. !! good thought

    3. story of movie “alone” u r talking about.twin sister trouble.

    4. my today’s comment is for saanjh to prove those who say that Maya lovers hate saanjh dont understand her feelings and pain and that what she is this is to show them that i am a Maya lover but i do not hate saanjh.i myself know how painful is one sided love so i have written something indicating saanjh’s is in roman urdu especially for those who cannot read and understand here it goes in the following text:
      do tell how u guys found it to be?
      last but not the least LOVE YOU MAYA <3 <3 <3

  14. Really intresting program and I really like it. Well maya got her plans…Arjun such a fool. And the sweet girl saanjh has got the point about the new fake job given by maya…

  15. Maya will have I think something to do with her personality disorder or I think her dad his going to plan his own muruder and blame it on maya or arjun as he don’t want her to get married

    Guys watch my videos on YouTube (YazzBeauty)

  16. Esther

    Arjun is such a duffer and is also a sweetheart….he is using all chances to be with Maya verywell…….they looks too good together…
    Maya is very clever whereas her mother is the dumbest character in the show…why Jhanvi is trusting Ashwin soo much even after knowing what all he did to her….Don’t know how she got a daughter like Maya
    Maya should send Saanjh abroad for job purpose or anything so that she’ll get some time to move on……everyone is making it all tough for her……..she is not that much strong as she pretends to be… still she is trying alot

    1. In Arjun life both are important one is his love Maya and another one is his best friend saanjh.he is trying to give beyhadh importance to both but it’s difficult for him.if Maya want to send saanjh away in Arjun life, she will not give job in her office.maya appointed saanjh as lawyer for her in coming episodes court track will come based on this for purpose of to show saanjh as lawyer..let’s see

      1. Esther

        Maya kept Saanjh with them to keep an eye on her….Arjun used to give equal importance to everyone in his life before too….and it’s not a tough job for him….he is expert in maintaining relations….It was not good with Vandana but he made it up somehow….but it’s tough for Saanjh and yea I posted this comment before reading that spoiler you posted…..

  17. Shalini Senthil

    This serial contains many mysterious …its awesome behyadh waiting for today episode what is in kundali im very eager to know abt it

  18. Roby wolverine

    Why in hell’s name they’re showing this much importance to horoscopes and pandit ji.. I thought this is a very different serial.. I don’t get it why she fears that thing a lot.. yeah in my horoscope it was written that i will become a politician but i hate politics.. it’s just a piece of paper. I hate it when they show things like this.. You’re who you are not what described in horoscope or some pandit ji.. Ugh.. Frustrated..

  19. my today’s comment is for saanjh to prove those who say that Maya lovers hate saanjh dont understand her feelings and pain and that what she is this is to show them that i am a Maya lover but i do not hate saanjh.i myself know how painful is one sided love so i have written something indicating saanjh’s is in roman urdu especially for those who cannot read and understand here it goes in the following text:
    do tell how u guys found it to be?
    last but not the least LOVE YOU MAYA <3 <3 <3

    1. Esther

      wow !!! You wrote this one….that’s really cooollllllll!!!!!!!!!…..this is Hindi ryt….I’m not a North Indian…but was able to understand most parts,,,not fully though,,,,but it sounds great….good job

    2. Shalini Senthil

      Super ayesha???

    3. Awesome ? Ayesha ?? ..i too love Maya ?

      1. thanks everyone.yes i wrote it.i write poetry off and on as a hobby.thanks for liking it.

    4. its urdu actually guys as i am from Pakistan and my language is urdu that resembles hindi.

  20. Delphine D'Mello

    A story line that’s hard to come by!! Ridiculous twists leading nowhere!! With just a few episodes over, guess it’s time to switch to viewing the News instead befre we are further bored to death …

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