Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 17

Hello guys. I am back with my new chapter of my fan fiction. So sorry guys. I am still having my exams but they are about to complete soon. So, I can regularly update from just a few days. So, without wasting the time, let’s start.

Recap : Naina and swati help preeti get ready and go to purchase the necessary things for their college. Munna and pandit arrive to Sameer’s house and complete their breakfast.

Now, the episode starts…..

Sameer, Munna and pandit complete having their breakfast and sat in living room. Meanwhile, Sameer gets a call from Nanu.

Sameer : Hello Nanu.

Nanu : Hi sameer. Rahu and ketu came?

Sameer : Ha ha Nanu. They both came.

Nanu : Very good. Did you all have your breakfast?

Sameer : Yes Nanu. Just now completed.

Nanu : Good. Now sameer, can you do one thing?

Sameer : Nanu, not one thing. I can do anything for you. Tell me Nanu, what I have to do?

Nanu : Nothing much sameer. You just have to purchase some things.

And says something to sameer.

Nanu : As I am busy, I couldn’t come with you for the purchases.

Sameer : Nanu, why are you talking like that? I can understand Nanu. Don’t worry. I will complete the purchases.

Nanu : That’s my boy. And ha, even take munna and pandit with you. They also need those things right?

Sameer : Ha Nanu. I will take them with me.

Nanu : Ok sameer. See you later.

Sameer : Bye Nanu.

Munna : What happened sameer?

Sameer : Nothing Munna. Just a small shopping to be done.

Munna and pandit : (jumping from their positions, with an excited tone) Shopping???

Sameer : (with a confused look) Ha, shopping. Why are you both looking at me like that?

Munna : Sameer sameer, please take us with you. Please!

Pandit : Ha ha sameer. Please do take us with you.

Sameer : (with a small sarcastic smile) No yar. How can I take you both?

Munna and pandit : why not?

Sameer : Ha munna pandit. Just now you both said you can’t move from your place. Your stomach is full and you are in no mood of doing anything. Just want to watch TV

Munna : Who said so?

Sameer turns towards Munna…

Munna : Arey ponga pandit, you said so right?

Sameer looks at Munna with a confused expression.

Pandit : Me? When did I said so?

Munna : Don’t lie pandit. You only said it few seconds before right?

Pandit : What???

Munna : Ha sameer. Let’s leave pandit here and go for shopping.

Pandit : Wah!!! You do the mistake and I suffer the punishment! Where the hell logic is here?

Sameer turns to other side and smiles silently

Munna : Ponga pandit, you take rest. I will give company to sameer.

Pandit : (pushing munna aside) You said na munna that you can’t move from your place. No problem. I will give company to sameer. Don’t worry.

Munna : (holding Sameer’s hand) Not you. I am going with Sameer. Let’s go sameer.

Pandit : How can you go? (holding another hand of sameer) Sameer will come with me!

Munna : (pulling sameer’s hand) No. He is coming with me!

Pandit : (pulling sameer’s hand) No, with me!

They both start pulling sameer at each other’s side. Sameer is trying to speak in between but couldn’t . Finally, after a few seconds…

Sameer : Stop it guys! (freeing his hands from both of them) Do you think I will take any one of you?

Munna : Why not? You will take.

Pandit : And that’s going to be me!

Sameer : Guys, guys. I am going to take both of you. How can my shopping being done without you both with me?

Munna and pandit hug sameer. Sameer smiles

Sameer : Ok. Now go and get ready. We have to go and come before Nanu arrives home.

Munna and pandit : Just 5 minutes.

They rush into their room to get ready and sameer also gets into his room.

After 5 minutes….

Sameer, munna and pandit : (at a time) We are ready!!!

They laugh hard seeing themselves shouting like that.

Sameer : Shall we go now?

Munna and pandit : Ha definitely but sameer, first can we go to college?

Sameer : College? But why now?

Munna : Because we hadn’t got our admission confirmation letter yet. And without it, how can we attend the college?

Sameer : Oh ha. It’s really very important. No problem. First we will go to college and then shopping, ok?

Pandit : Totally ok

Sameer : Let’s go now.

Sameer, Munna and pandit go to their college, get their confirmation letter from the admission department and came out of the building.

Munna : Yar, how much time they took to give our admission letters?

Pandit : Ha munna. They took a lot of time.

Sameer : It’s ok guys. You got your admission letters right? That’s more than enough.

Munna : Ha finally. (looks at his watch) Oh ho sameer. Did you see the time?

Sameer looks towards his watch and gets shocked…

Sameer : Oh ho yar. It is 2pm

Pandit : And we hadn’t started our shopping yet!

Munna : And we need to have lunch too!

Sameer : Ha munna, you are right. We will do one thing. Let’s have our lunch first and then go shopping, what say?

Pandit : Perfect idea sameer

Sameer : Ok guys. Let’s move.

They all go to a restaurant to have lunch.

Meanwhile, naina’s family are also having lunch at a restaurant.

Preeti : Naina, lunch is very tasty right?

Naina : Ha preeti, very tasty.

Swati : And delicious be

Naina and preeti laugh at each other.

Tai ji : You said it right swati. Lunch is really very delicious.

Chachi : (to herself) Ha ha why not? Always interested at having food

Tai ji : Bela, did you said anything?

Chachi : No no bhabhi. What would I say?

Tai ji : But I heard you saying something?

Chachi : I am just saying that the food is very delicious.

Tai ji : That’s totally true.

Preeti : My lunch is completed.

Naina : Wah preeti. You completed your lunch so fast!

Preeti : Because today “tinde” is not the vegetable right?

Naina and swati start laughing

Chachi : Preeti, tinde is good for health

Preeti : But ma, how can I have tinde everyday? I am so bored eating it every day.

Tai ji : Oh ho preeti, your mother is still making tinde every day?

Swati : Still making means?

Tai ji : From the time of her marriage, I saw her making tinde every day.

Swati, preeti and naina starts laughing silently seeing each other’s faces

Chachi : Nothing like that bhabhi. I am just making it as it is very healthy.

Tai ji : And cheap be!!!

Chachi :

Naina : Mine is completed.

Swati : And mine too.

Tai ji : Bela, complete your lunch fast. We need to go right.

Chachi : Bhabhi, even you are eating slowly right?

Tai ji : Bela, you are talking against me?

Chachi : No no bhabhi. (completing her lunch) Mine is completed.

Tai ji : Then why are you seeing me? Go and wash your hands.

Chachi : Ji bhabhi. (to herself) Always back of me

Naina, preeti and swati come to the table while chachi went to wash her hands.

Tai ji : Mine is also completed. Naina, take care of the bags. I will come right back.

Naina : Ha Tai ji.

She goes and comes with chachi together and sits on the table.

Tai ji : I am really so happy today. Very nice meal.

Chachi : Ha bhabhi. Woh tho hai!

Preeti : Tai ji, shall we go now?

Tai ji : No. We all will sit here and sing some bhajans

Preeti becomes shocked….

Tai ji : What’s this silly question! We came for shopping right? Won’t you complete it? Let’s go now.

Naina : Ha Tai ji. Let’s go.

Tai ji : And who will take the bags? My father???

Chachi : But he is not here na bhabhi?

Tai ji : No problem. I will call my father to come and help with the bags.

Chachi : Ok bhabhi. Then shall we wait here itself?

Tai ji : (turns towards chachi) Bela, what are you thinking? Am I a fool to call my father for such silly things? Cone on, take the bags and come fast. And you kids, move fast. We need to return home as early as possible.

Swati, naina and preeti : Ok Tai ji!

Naina : Chachi, give me some bags. I will carry them.

Chachi : Thank you naina . Let’s go fast.

At another restaurant….

Sameer, Munna and pandit completed having their lunch.

Munna : Lunch is awesome sameer.

Pandit : Ha ha sameer. It’s so delicious….

Sameer : I know guys. I came here with Nanu and I really enjoyed having food here

Munna : Oh wow! That’s really very nice.

Sameer : Guys, shall we go now?

Pandit : Yes yes. We have to start our shopping right?

Munna : Arey ha, we have to go to shopping right?

Sameer : So lets start guys.

They all three get into the car and start going.

Pandit : OK. What shall we purchase first sameer?

Sameer : Nanu said to purchase the necessary things for college. So let’s first purchase college uniform. Without wearing it, we are not allowed in the college it seems.

Munna : Oh really! I don’t know that.

Sameer : Ha munna. And as college is going to start within 2 days, we may not find uniforms later on. So let’s go to buy uniforms first.

Pandit : OK sameer. Let’s go.

Sameer’s voice over : We all are very excited to go to purchase our uniforms but how could I know that another exciting thing I’d going to happen soon with us

Naina, swati, preeti, chachi ji and Tai ji reach the vinis – College uniforms collection shop.

Tai ji : Finally, we reached.

Chachi : Ha ha bhabhi.

Swati : Shall we go in?

Tai ji : Ha ha go. Bela, see this shop (pointing towards opposite shop)

Chachi : Wah bhabhi. 60% discount  ???

Tai ji : Ha ha. Let’s not leave this opportunity Bela. Let’s go in.

Chachi : Then what about naina, preeti and swati bhabhi ji?

Tai ji : I will take care of it. (turning towards naina, preeti and swati) Children, we both have a small thing to do. So meanwhile, you all three go inside and do your purchases. Ok?

Naina : Ok Tai ji.

Preeti : Tai ji, money?

Tai ji : Money? For what?

Preeti : For the purchases Tai ji.

Tai ji : We will come by that time, ok?

Preeti : Ok Tai ji.

Tai ji and chachi ji go from there. Naina, preeti and swati go inside the shop.

The episode ends…..

Hope you guys will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. It helps me in writing in a better way. See you with the next chapter soon ???

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