You are my soul (Episode 1)

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hiiiii guys


Annika pov

Finally i have joined in my Company . Its been 4 months since i joined, everything seems good about the company . No 1 our boss is not here he is enjoying his vacation in USA . No 2 there is a beautiful view of Mumbai from my place I LOVE IT  .And here comes the cons i have not even a single soul as a friend here which is really heart breaking. I think I should keep my mouth shut because they think I am weird and down class then the others .Which is true!!! people here are like models who escaped from a Photo shopped magazine cover . They have very smooth skin and thin legs and lean structure . But who the hell cares how they dress really annika u don’t care??urhggggg!!!!! . There is a chair next to me which is not occupied till now i feels it is like Mahishmathi throne waiting for Bahubali . I gag looking at that chair i feel the person who sat in the chair is probably dead tats why people are afraid to sit in the chair . That is the result of watching late night low grade horror movies .It is a another boring Monday morning .I feel hell bored to watch the computer continuously . When i look at my surrounding i feel like dying and digging my own grave in frustration .Maybe it was ‘love in the air’ theme this week really a single like me should just sit down and watch cartoon at home now .Yes it is true this week Valentine day is showing up so the whole office is decorated in red and white . The worst punishment given to a single is to be in my place . Ok Annika i cannot take it anymore lets count three if this still continue lets jump from the building through the glass door .Then i will become Patron saint of Singles how sweet!!!!!!. One…. urghhh!!!! a girl and a boy are walking in opp direction looking at each other .Two…. they dash each other and and the boy catch the girl before falling ,I am sure he has planned this fall. How many movies i have watched .Three….. they are mesmerized by each other and about to kiss .RIP MISS.ANNIKA  bye bye to this world i get up frustrated from my place. Then i feel a tap on  my shoulder they don’t even leave me to die in peace, If I turn I would find either the boy or girl rolling on the ground and kissing half naked. Then why the hell should I turn .Again I feel a tap on my shoulder with frustration, I turn to meet the person. I lose my balance and my hand falls on the persons shoulder for grip. I raise my head to look at his blue eyes then his lips I find a genuine smile playing in his lips .Ok I have seen this combo somewhere blue eyes+ genuine smile . Ok I got it he was the pizza delivery boy who delivered my pizza last night .Maybe he came here to deliver pizza before I die as a last wish. When he spoke ”Miss. Annika do u remember me we met in the coffee shop ” ,coffee shop hmmmm my mind is not working ” Shivaay” he said with a twinkle in his eyes .shit!!!!! I remember him ,I made the fake story for him .I am screwed!!!! I don’t remember the story. What the hell did I tell him hmmmmm did I tell him my sister was handicapped, my father is in the hospital , my brother lost his mind which is bit true .did I tell him this????? . Whatever Annika continue don’t look like a mad even for him. When I returned from my thinking. I saw him walking towards the chair ,I described as Mahishmati throne .I feel he is like Bahubali with the bgm playing in my mind as he sits in the chair and smile at me .I walk towards my Bahubali……….

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  1. Nice plot of the story dear..i really like it and i am waiting for next episode please post it ASAP

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Baahubali..Hehehe..Nice one..will be waiting for the next..

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