Unknowingly your’s – (RagSan) Part 4

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She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies

And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes

Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies

Days passed by but nothing changed. Wedding preparations were on full swing but Kavita was nowhere in the picture of wedding preparations. Ragini had many dreams of how her wedding should be, how people should be dressed in a dress code. She dreamt of destination wedding when she had attended one of her friends getting marriage in Goa. But unfortunately for her it wasn’t possible due to their financial conditions. But she never asked or argued for it even though her parents requested her to tell about how she wanted her wedding to be. After all more important here was wedding and not the place or how grand it is.

She heard a sound like a door opening and closing slowly. She shook her knowingly. She looked at her watch and her expressions turned into shock as it showed it was 2 a.m. Kavita had been coming home late recently but she never crossed 12, but today it was past one. Ragini started worrying about her sister. She Sanskaar wanted only s*x from Kavita and she worried that he might get it very soon. Nothing changed between her and Sanskaar. After their first face off they always came face to face. There were many times they fought. But two days before it was a huge fight between them.


Sanskaar was going home to the city from visiting the site which he saw in the village. The car suddenly broke down due to less water as reasoned by the driver. He told the driver to get water from some nearby house and he stood there on the bridge staring at space.

(Imagine small bridge like this and no water down there.)

His phone started ringing making him come out of the stance. He picked up the call which was very important business call and started talking. He got little bit distracted by some sounds which was coming nearby.

From the other side some kids were chasing Ragini who was running by looking behind now and then. She had worn red anarkali suit and her hair were open flowing in air. She had some balloons in her hand and huge smile on her face.

Suddenly she dashed on something like a wall and was about to fall back but that something caught her at the nick time. Looking up rubbing her nose she saw it was a wall like man a little bit bent catching her in his arms. His arms were huge and perfectly surrounded around her waist. She staightend her and looked away. Only then he realised that his mobile phone had falled down the bridge.

“What the f…”

Ragini who had been still rubbing her red nose looked at him angrily.

“Oye, Mr Maheshwari don’t fire bad words to me.”

“Give me the reasons of not firing bad words. You were running and giggling like mad women disturbing my bery important phone call here. And if that wasn’t enough you just banged on me throwing my mobile phone out of my hand. Then tell me why shouldn’t I.

“Look Mr Maheshwari, there are kids around. Be civil.”

He let out a chuckle and looked around.

“Where are the kids? I can’t see anyone. Either your blind or hallucinating.

Ragini looked behind her and realized the kids ran away. She closed her eyes tightly thinking how to move out from the situation. She turned nonchalantly towards him and shrugged.

“I am sorry for the cause. But it wasn’t only my mistake. You could have moved a little bit sideways if you had seen me coming towards you or just called me out loudly. I would have stopped there and there without dashing on you. And about disturbing your​so called important call, you don’t own this place. This is a public place and mind you, anyone can come here, shout here, run here do anything without your permission. So please don’t say that I have disturbed you. So you see, there wasn’t my mistake at all here.” Saying she walked past him.

Sanskaar was blazing in anger. No had and mind it none of his family or anyone outside has spoke to him like how Ragini had just spoke. She not only made herself clean from his accusations but also indirectly indicated that it was all his fault. He furiously walked towards her taking large strides and yanked her arm with same anger. She winced immediately and she knew then and there that there would be a huge bruise already forming.

“What the hell Mr….”

“Shut the f**k up. You don’t have any rights to speak to me like that. Do you understand. You little girl, who the hell are you to speak to me at that manner. My mom didn’t speak to me like that and you, a village girl who don’t even have basic manners to say sorry and instead blaming me of your fault.” He held her hand more tightly as his anger was rising.

“Leave me you jerk. It’s paining.”

He couldn’t believe that she still had the confidence to call him out a jerk. He wanted to leave this matter here but now he had to show her real place.

“You will be soon ruined Miss Ragini. You shouldn’t have messed with me Ragini. You don’t know me, do you?Mark my words Ragini, you will be ruined.”

He smirked at her and left her arms. Ragini stared at him for few seconds and ran from there.

End of the flashback

Ragini never thought that she would fight with anyone like this. She was very friendly and in any case she would just say sorry and move out even though it wasn’t her mistake. But here it was different. She had said sorry to him but he was too rude and selfish to take it. What was he expecting to bend down towards his knees and say sorry? Ragini would never do that, obviously not towards him. But now she was little bit scared. He had tremendous power and she knew he would do anything to satisfy his ego.


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