Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 19) new beginning

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Hi guyzs iam back with next part of my ff .guyzs sorry for late update .so here we go

adi and zoya took cab to Zoya’s house.they were on the way and adi were admiring the beauty of massorie . He was peeping outside window like a child

zoya-mr aditya hooda … To app bhi in haseen wadiyo par fida ho Gaye.(so mr aditya hooda u have also started admiring beauty of these beautiful seenary)

aditya- yes,zoya … Actually last time ….(he stopped)

zoya- the seenary here is very heartrobbing I know

aditya agreed.abhi na jao chodh ke song plays .all the memories of zoya and adi were rewinded.

adi-please stop playing this song( he said to the cab driver)

he dint stop playing the song.

zoya- hello! You are deaf or what ha… U dint hear what sir said ..I said change the song

Adi was shocked as he never expected. This from zoya. There was silence once again .they reached Zoya’s okace

adi- zoya I think I is not an good idea

zoya- aditya hooda. What happened in past is past I don’t care about it anymore I want to live a new and happy life and I my new life you are my first friend so I think I have this much right on my friend isint it

aditya simply nodded in yes. They were unaware of the fact that their destiny have decided something else for them.

zoya took him with her inside where her mother and father was sitting and drinking tranferd when they saw her they were in shock.

zoya- ammi , abbu meet my friend aditya…….

ammi- come inside beta..(she greeted him and he touched their feet)

zoyas fatger and mother blessed hi and prayed that he should live happily.

zoyas mother- beta are u married?

aditya was confused .actually their parents were unaware of fact that aditya was Pooja’s husband and they have not even seen him before.


zoya changing the topic

zoya- ammi that’s not fair . First let him rest then u start ur question and answer session ok.

adi gave an angry look to zoya but his heart melted when zoya made an puppy face and secretly held her ears seeking forgiveness.Suddenly zoya looked att the clock

zoya- ammi.. I have to leave its 5oh god . Ammi adi will stay here.. Ok bye..

she left but all other faced a lot of akwaedness

zoyas father breaking the silence

Zoya’s father- come aditya.sit we will have a cup of tea..


@cafe zoya was searching for the unknown person.suddenly her phone rang

person- I saw up .the waiter will guide u

zoya saw the waiter coming near her


call ended.zoya followed the waiter.she was shocked the see the person.


ashish-yes bhabhi I had yo do this…that day after u left I was being threatened.

zoya- ok but . What u want to tell me .?

ashish-bhabhi yash or pooja ka murder Hua hai..( bhabhi yash and pooja were murdered!)

zoya stolid up in shock

zoya-what? Don’t speak rubbish ashish I trust u that doesn’t mean that I will bielive ur utter nonsense.

ashish-I know it’s hard to believe.but…

zoya- that’s it I’m leaving … I don’t care if it was murder or accident . U said that yash was cheating on me isint it

ashish nodded in yes

zoya- he was to be father of Pooja’s child isint it

ashish again nodded in yes

zoya -that’s enough for me to know about yash and his betrayal

she left

ashish-u are unware of things bhabhi . I want u and ur loved ones to be safe that’s it

zoya reached home. She entered her home and straight entered her room without Laing attention to anything else.

zoyas mother- ya Allah ! What happened to her now

Adi-let me see

he went near her room.he found room to be closed

adi-zoya.. Zoya.. Opened the door…

zoya-please aditya Hume alela chodh dijiye.

( please leave me alone)

adi-u are on my sware zoya.. Open the door

she ooened the doir

adi-it’s enough zoya, what’s happening …u left Mumbai…zosh and came here . Now here u wanted to start a new life and now ur crying …but why

zoya-broke down…

Zoya-aditya …..aditya…. Yash was cheating on me… He had an affair with pooja. That’s why I left mumbai.

these words wre thunderclap for  aditya.

zoya.. Hugged him instantly as he was I shock to earlier he somewhere felt relieved beccoz somewhere Zoya’s trust was pillar foe him too but now … Hi s fear and doubt was confirm

thats it guyzs thank u for reading .do commen

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  1. Aafiya

    Post the next update as soon as possible..

  2. Wonderful update. ..good going…thank u..

  3. Vaibhavi Surve

    When will u post another ff…. it’s more than 3 days ….we r waiting for ur ff …plzzz post 2 to 3 ff today….plzzz ur taking alott tym…that people can’t wait..n…will go and another writters ff…plzzz make it soon n big

  4. Whenever I start reading a ff it remains incomplete.. is that my fate huh long wait NAHI ho rahi hai yaar jaldi post karo

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