Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeti stops Naina from blurting out Sameer’s name

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad telling Anand about CA Dilip Mirani and says he is very famous. He asks didn’t you hear his name? Anand says no. Sharad goes on speaking about him. Bela says Anand is also CA. Preeti brings Naina and makes her sit on chair. Sharad’s mausi asks her to get up and takes their blessings. Tai ji asks her to get up and take their blessings and envelope. Naina manages to walk with difficulty. Mausi tells Sharad and his mum that Naina is handicapped. Sharad’s mum says she is not handicapped. Mausi asks Sharad’s mum, why did she chose a girl who is handicapped. Tai ji says she is fine, but fell in the college and has a fracture. Sharad asks Naina to walk properly and show them.

At Sameer’s house, Devang is drinking water, when Poonam does something. He coughs. Poonam asks him to take her to shopping. Prabha scolds her. Sameer says we all go out, but Bhabhi don’t. He says if Devang Bhaiya doesn’t take you then I will take you. Poonam thanks him and says the girl will be lucky. Sharad’s mum asks Naina to walk. Tai ji asks her to walk. Anand tries to stop her seeing her in pain. Naina runs to her room. Tai ji says you have checked her and asks them to have pakodas. Mausi says she seems to be fine. Naina’s voiceover tells about how girls are exploited. Preeti goes to room and says she will sing song when groom’s family come to see her. Bela comes there and asks Naina if she is fine. She says she kept quiet as Tai ji was speaking. Preeti says she is angry on Sharad for asking Naina to walk. Preeti says he was helpless because of his elders. Bela says there is no man in the world who will love a woman sacrificing his everything. She says a man can love his wife, but can’t sacrifice his everything on her. Naina says I know one such man and goes on praising Sameer without taking his name. Preeti says he is Salman Khan. Bela says such men are in films only. Preeti scolds Naina for about to take Sameer’s name.

Preeti tells Naina that if Sameer would have been at Sharad’s place then he would have never asked her to walk. She asks how can you marry him. Bela gives money to Preeti and asks them to go by rickshaw. Preeti gets happy. Tai ji asks if she was acting yesterday and asks her to go back and rest.

She asks Naina to go home and wear saree. Bela asks her them to go. Tai ji says her tongue get cut. Sameer asks Munna and Pandit to take car to Naina’s house and drop her to college. Munna asks why is he so concerned for her. Sameer says she was his friend. He threatens to take sanyas and go to Ashram. Munna and Pandit agree and ask him not to blackmail them again. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was lucky to have an unique girl like Naina.

Munna and Pandit bring car to pick Naina and preeti. Just then they see Sameer and Sunaina coming on bike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Deepi

    Fast update……Tq.Stupid sharad. feeling sad for naina??sameer is really so cute in thinking of naina. Munna & pandit so cute in their bond of friendship. Precap is sooo bad.already naina is hurt and sameer is hurting her again by his stupid riding with sunaina??eagerly waiting for samaina’s reunion??????

  2. Hi guys!! What to say about today’s episode…Just dragging the track?..
    I think Sharad is a big fraud… Naina’s chachaji is also a CA..How is this possible he has not heard the name of Sharad’s boss…??There is something fishy…
    And why will Sharad make rasmalai for his boss?Plus how does he knows so much about his boss’ wife?Do his boss only discuss about his wife with Sharad in office instead of working??…It is possible only when he works at C.A’s house…I think he is either a cook or a servant of his so called boss (if CA Dilip Mirani really exists) ?
    Rest what is left to comment about… It’s the same happening for past few weeks… Nothing new..!!!The same narrow mentality of Naina’s in laws,same irritating Sharad,same torturing Tai and same helpless Naina’s well wishers,same caring Sameer for Naina… That’s all today’s episode was…
    I think real drama will begin from next week ownwards…

  3. mindbloing jodi of samaina what i ever seen…fast time when i se the trailer of yudkbh ..i feel the 90s love story and the feeling is so romantic ever then the todays love story..

  4. Thank u so much… update it daily pls…it will much useful to us???

  5. hi Ashu, you’re right i read in some spolier that Sharad is a fraud and he workings in Dilip’s house which was exposed to Aggarwal’s family by Sameer. Anyways we know that Naina will call off the engagement with him.

    yes, we all longing to see their reunion but i worried about the below scenario.

    Scenario 1: After hearing the good news(Naina call off her engagement)Sameer will try to patch up with her but she remains away from him because she does not want to hurt Sunaina.

    Scenario 2: Naina fall for Sameer’s patch up and Sameer retain himself with Sunaina because he does not want to hurt her who help him at this bad time.

    anyways we will go mad if Makers adopt any of this scenarios………………letz keep our fingers crossed and awaiting for next week episodes.

    1. I think they will carry on with Scenario 1 that you described ?.. Let’s just wait and watch

  6. Boring track

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