Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kinjal suggests Roop to befriend Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak congrats Roop and says problem ended. Hardik says Ishika’s anger must have ended by now. Palak says I just hope that it was not your mistake. Roop says she might not express, but must have realized. Hardik says he didn’t think that her family is orthodox. Roop says Ishika’s parents are of modern thought. Hardik says her bhabhi shall elope. Roop says she wants to pursue her dreams, and tells that she shall stay in the house and fight back.

Ishika comes to Vaishavi and asks her not to give up. Vaishnavi tells that she is MBA and wants to do job, but even Praful don’t support her. Ishika says he will care for you one day. Vaishnavi sees Promila and gets tensed. Ishika says she will divert her and asks her to go from back door. She says whenever you need help to go then I am there for you.

Ishika thinks about Roop seeing his jacket. Roop calls her. She receives the call by mistake. Roop asks if she is missing him. Ishika says you will be Gunda always. Roop tells Ishika that she shall support her bhabhi to fulfill her dreams. Ishika says I didn’t want to hear your lecture and ends the call. Roop and Ishika look at the sky. Rishta tha plays……Kinjal comes to Roop and asks whose face is he saying in the moon.

She shows Ishika’s scarf and asks about it. Roop tells her that he will return it. Kinjal asks if this is the same girl with whose scooty Palak’s jeep have an accident. She says she might not show, but she might need a friend. Roop says what shall I do? Kinjal asks him to take her for coffee. Roop asks her to go and says good night. Ishika looks at jacket and thinks it is like he is staring me and thinks to return his jacket. Roop thinks to return her scarf.

Ishika brings food for her Kanchal. She asks Rupesh if he took medicine. Mota Kaka asks Rupesh to get her married before Purvi. He says Ishika is elder than Purvi, and there will be difficulty to set the alliance. Ishika says time has changed and you are talking about my marriage so that after I leave, you want to throw my parents out. Praful scolds Ishika. Promila asks Kanchal if she didn’t teach her manners. Kanchal says my daughter didn’t raise her voice and is saying right. Rupesh asks why he wants her marriage to happen at the earliest. Dhawal says so that she don’t blacken her face with any mechanic. Ishika says she will neither blacken her face nor will marry.

Palak and Hardik are talking. Roop is lost and sees Ishika. Ishika takes out his jacket and thinks where to search him. Palak takes Roop to class. Postman gives a letter to Shamsher. Shamsher asks her to light diya and gives letter to her. Bua says I am just 5th class pass and can’t read. Shamsher says form is sent by Ranvir and asks her to do puja of both forms. Bua does puja. Shamsher says he will get both Roop and Ranvir admitted in Police dept. Himanshu asks Himani to prove herself infront of Baap ji and asks her to practice. Himani exercises. Roop comes to Ishika and says hi. He asks her if they shall go somewhere else and talk. Ishika asks him to talk infront of everyone. Roop says I want to talk and asks her to have coffee with him. friends tease Ishika and Roop. Roop says friends can drink coffee together. Ishika refuses saying they are not friends.

Roop brings tea for Ishika and her friends. Ishika throws tea cup and asks him to go. He asks her to pay for the glass loss. She refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ishika don’t deserve Man like Roop..
    Pure kind hearted kamala ko shamsheer like husband
    And Ishika like tampered girl ko Roop jaisa perfect partner

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