Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh makes plan to track the culprit

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaggi coming to Vishesh. He says come for haldi, what happened. Vishesh says he is calling to threaten Kanchan. Jaggi asks who, that culprit. Vishesh says that man isn’t a fool, he is overconfident, we have to find him, private number can be traced too, we will tab his call and find his location, we will punish him, Kanchan was alone that time, she isn’t alone now. Servant says Saurabh has come to meet you. Vishesh goes. Dadi asks Rajmata did you keep your relations with Samdhis. Rajmata says yes, I request you to carry out rituals, else she will do it herself. Saurabh asks Vishesh not to marry Kanchan, there are some rules of society, your decision will influence people who aren’t at fault, like your mum and family, you made a new challenge for Kanchan, she will be linked to you.

Vishesh says marrying Kanchan is my personal decision, I m not pitying her, or I don’t want to give a statement in society, I love her a lot, about scrutiny, I m sure people will find this decision right, my heart is sure that its right decision. Saurabh says if you are clear about it, I should respect your decision. Vishesh says thanks for forgetting the old things and keeping relations. He hugs and thanks Saurabh. He says I won’t marry without your blessings, you have to surely come. Saurabh says sure.

Dadi comes to Kanchan’s house and looks around. Nandan and maasi welcome her. Dadi does the rituals in a bad way. Everyone observes Dadi. Kanchan goes for bath. Dadi taunts Nandan. He thinks how will Kanchan stay happy there. Vishesh calls Kirti and asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks about Kanchan. She recalls Dadi and says Kanchan is happy. He asks did you get any call. She says no. He says don’t worry, we will trace his location if he calls. He talks to Kanchan and asks how was haldi. She says good. He says I know Dadi would have said something, but you ignored it, thanks. She asks how was your haldi. He says it was bit less. She gets a call in waiting. She says someone is calling me. He says don’t answer spam calls. He thinks to find some way. She agrees.

Its morning, Saurabh asks where is Ananya. Trishna gets tea. Saurabh says Ananya has gone to Vishesh’s functions. Trishna says this marriage is a slap on us. Sumer says yes, Ananya isn’t understanding, how can we go there, she is upset. Trishna says what happened to Vishesh. Saurabh says people there are also worried, relations can have annoyance, not bitterness, Sumer, don’t forget your relations with Vishesh, keep some respect, I have decided to go in this marriage. Sumer says fine. Trishna says I can’t support you, you can go, but such a girl who…. sorry I can’t come. She goes. Its morning, Nandan says sorry to call you this way. Vishesh asks what’s the matter. Nandan says I feel your family isn’t happy with this alliance, how shall I send Kanchan there where people hate her. Vishesh says I understand your concern.

Nandan says I trust you, but your family should be happy. Vishesh says I will promise you that I will support Kanchan all my life. Kirti prays. She gets a parcel. She gets a toy and says who has sent this, maybe its a prank, I will ask Kanchan. Nandan says Kanchan has seen many sorrows, keep her happy. Vishesh says I m feeling your pain, kanchan is sensible, she managed herself, she will manage Rajmahal too, my mum will accept wholeheartedly, give her some time, everything will get fine. Nandan gets relieved and hugs him. Kirti looks for Kanchan. She gets a call. She runs out. Kanchan comes and asks where are you Kirti, my phone was ringing. Kirti goes to Vishesh and shows the call. She keeps the toy there. He thinks this is the right chance to catch that man. He asks Kirti to answer call on speaker. The man says you would have got the gift. She gets shocked.

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