Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: New Couple Goals for Naina and Sameer

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the society members have gathered for the Christmas party. Shivani is playing Santa.

Naina reminds Sameer to stay away from each other in front of the guests. We have to make as many friends as possible. Remind Nirmala ji about the classes. Rakesh is irked with all the lies. Sameer taunts him back on his headache. I only thought you can give headaches!

Shubham tells Preeti to take the biggest gift from Santa. I am sure there will be atleast 2 kgs of washing powder in it. Understand economics. She hides her smiles. When will you let me enrol for the parlour course? He suggests her to ask Santa for this gift instead and excuses himself.

Naina wishes Sameer good luck. Shivani must be waiting for you! She walks away smiling to herself.

Jatin sings / mimics on My Name is Anthony Gonsalves. Shivani tries hugging Sameer who moves her hands away uncomfortably. Naina smiles seeing them thus. Rakesh is standing alone in a corner. Naina wishes Merry Christmas to the ladies. Sejal looks on happily but Vanita distracts her. Naina complements Vanita on her attire and look. Preeti asks Naina what she is up to.

Shivani keeps hugging Sameer. He tells Santa to cater to other guests too. He walks away when Santa is busy distributing gifts to the kids.

Naina tells Sejal that no one can cook like you. I tried at home but I just couldn’t make it! Sejal thanks her. Vanita coughs as Sahiba enters. All the men of the society are mesmerised seeing her. Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein plays. Jatin is singing all along. Naina butters Vanita again.

Voiceover – Naina:
I saw it in films that complements please everyone. I tried it on Vanita. It started well but how could everything go smoothly when it comes to Naina and Sameer’s story! What do you think?

Rakesh is unable to enjoy party because of his headache. He thinks to take medicine. Gopal sees him taking a medicine and recalls the lie that Sameer had told. It is good to have medicine to keep your head calm. Rakesh nods. I needed it very much. Gopal says there is nothing to hide in the society party. Rakesh says what is there to hide. It is just a medicine! Gopal says I dint say that. Eat whatever you want. Rakesh complains of the noise. It irks me! Gopal tells him to stay calm. The society will be fine if you are fine! Rakesh gets intrigued. Please explain how my medicine affects the society. Gopal dismisses it somehow and walks away leaving Rakesh curious.

Vanita looks on sweetly as her husband sings back to back songs to entertain everyone. Shubham tells Sameer not to smile too much. I dint eat anything since afternoon because of the party. Eat enough so you don’t feel hungry till lunch. He goes to get cold drink. Santa comes close to Sameer again but he asks Santa to go somewhere else.

Nirmala ji is with the ladies. Naina brings a chair for Gopal’s wife. Nirmala ji looks at her dress questioningly. Naina says whoever has organized the party should have thought about elders. I will bring more chairs. The ladies nod.

Sameer and Naina look at each other. Everyone looks at Maan (Sahiba’s husband) as he enters. Maan gives her a rose and hugs her in front of everyone. Preeti tells Naina he is Captain Maan. He is in Merchant Navy. Naina says they are hugging in front of everyone. Preeti nods. This is the most romantic couple of the society. They don’t hide their feelings from anyone.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I thought Naina and I were the perfect couple but Maan and Sahiba broke my illusion. Seeing them care so much about each other gave us different couple goals. It felt as if Naina and I did not do anything for each other at all. There was a lot to learn!

Sameer and Aditya (Gopal’s son) talk to each other in the party. Gopal joins them and praises his son to be the topper. He will go to forge in for further studies! Sameer speaks of some particular acting class but Aditya calls it fake. He suggests another option instead. Seeing his father looking at him, he covers up saying that his friend Jimmy told him this. His father tells him to not roam with such people. Aditya cooks up another story. Gopal is against anyone who isn’t into studies. He taunts Sameer indirectly too for his choice of profession.

Shivani / Santa clings to Sameer again. He again asks her to go to someone else. She murmurs her name. He realises it what just happened and looks upset.

Jatin invites everyone for musical chairs. Shivani whispers to Sameer that she will help him as they stand in line. Jatin lets Vanita sit on the chair inside and gets out. Maan and Sahiba share a seat but Jatin allows them another chance. Shubham sits on the seat instead of Preeti but leaves it seeing his mother standing. Gopal and his wife get out too. Vanita and Jatin are signalling each other all along.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That was surely musical chairs game in the party but everyone was playing some other game there. The games were just as many as there were people in the game!

The tape falters. Jatin offers to sing but Sameer politely asks for the mic. I will sing a song. Vanita asks him if he has ever sung in life. I thought you came here to become an actor but seems like you guys can do anything!

Voicever – Sameer:
Have you ever thought of missing spices while eating Chaat? It wont taste like how it should be! Vanita was just like that. How could I let the party go bad for Naina’s sake?

Precap: Sameer sings a nice song. Naina looks at him proudly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Boring serial

    I m a 90s kid and can’t relate to this fake serial….. its nt related to 90s in anyways….. frm no where naina looks like an intelligent girl…. matlab 2 saal ho gye college chhode…. aur kitne yrs ka gap karegi…. career goals nhi bas society goal reh gye hain is serial me…. bakwaas serial …bakwaas society…

    1. @boring serial if you don’t like the show then stop watching it, one thing you get in your mind , their final result came out in 1995 not 1994 ,so stop blabbering with out any facts , after that they did boutique for 6 months ,they came in Mumbai in October 1995 , first you see your self ,then accuse other people

      1. Boring serial

        Behave urself Mr. Tarun……
        Dnt get possessive wid the fiction characters to dis level …. who r u to order others to stop watching serial …. mind ur own business … dis platform is not fr fighting….. jaise aapke views hain waise hi sabhi k views ho sakte hain

    2. looking and interospeting this one is just a waste of time no one cares for this un dino concept sony channel better finish this serial and restart shaktimann undino ka

  2. episode was so nice ,i really enjoyed it too the fullest , kudos to pushkar pandit director sir for perfect timing of naina and sameer during musical chairs sitting exactly opposite and looking at each other ,

    precap is sameer will sing first ever rap song of Bollywood history from gambler movie , the whole song is of 6 minutes or something , i don’t have next week updates this time , naina will win musical chairs in tomorrow episode ??? nice choice of songs during musical chairs , if you agree with me , please comment your views on songs choice during musical chairs

  3. here is the precap song enjoy

  4. Lovely episode

  5. yeah i agree. it looks nothing like 90s. watched too many 90s films, both indian and american, to know this shares little to no resemblance to the 90s. it looks 2022, so might as well call it ye 2022 ki baat hai. hope the producers and directors see my comment and learn from it.

    1. @stella one thing you forgetting that 2022 main kisi ke pass time nai Christmas celebrate karne ka , and no one is happy , everyone is doing job or doing suicide , everyone has tension , now we don’t talk to even neighbors

      whereas in 1995 everyone was happy , everyone used to share there happiness with neighbors, everyone used to enjoy parties like diwali , Christmas

      if you have so much problem with serial then stop watching it ,it would be great full for you as well , and you watch your typical 2022 serial like nagin ,

      director and producer know very well what they are showing , your alone decision won’t affect them

      1. Aarthi Sarasu

        @ Tarun.I am Aarthi. Hey..!!they just said their opinion about the serial and there is nothing here to overreact dude.It’s just a show developed for entertainment nd I totally agree with ur comment.But Tarun ur words may hurt them.U can think that whom am I to tell u this but I just said my point of view
        Sry Tarun if my words have hurt u.
        Vazhga Tamil..!! Valarga TamilNadu..!!

    2. I do agree wid u Stella….. 90s me society me Christmas celebration…no way…. ye aaj hota h har bachha santa dress me hota h…. 90s me gharon me celebrate hota tha aur Christians logon ko apne ghar invite krte the….even fr other festivals also…. log ek dusre k ghar jaake celebrate krte the… instead of watching these serials watch K-Dramas to save ur time

      1. @sweeti you are forgetting something , Christmas was way more popular before 1995 ,take amar akbar Anthony ,bobby ,jane bi do yaaron ,julie films for example, just consider Christmas celebration in bobby film ,it was also done in fisherman society

      2. @Tarun …. u can only give examples of movies ….i was talking abt real life not reel life… whether u support or defend bt dis serial is totally dramatic …. except u nd few others no one could relate to dis serial…. kaise hum 90s me Sunday ka specially wait kiya krte the TV dekhne k liye… wo cartoons aur bachhon k serials…. also the innocence of 90s romance is totally absent…. 5 star k bar pe morton toffee ka packet lagane se 90s kids ko bewakuf nhi banaya ja sakta… sirf purane gaane chalaane se serial un dino ka nhi ban jata…. ye serial bas college tak hi thik tha…shaadi kara k kachra bna diya

      3. For ur kind information Tarun….in bobby movie the fishermen society was a Catholic one ….the same was in Julie and other movies… was nt said ki Christmas popular nhi tha…. bt har society isko celebrate nhi krti thi…. i m a Catholic nd i agree wid sweetie on this topic

  6. The episode was quite nice but I really miss Mundit & Kamya. Preeti is only there with Naina. And about musical chairs I k ow that Vanita will blame Naina that she has cheated as Sameer was singing and he is their family friends.

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