Chandragupta Maurya 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Rescues Mura?

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Chandragupta Maurya 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya asks senapati Rudradev if he is with them in this revolt. Rudradev says after king Puru’s family’s death, there is nobody to take over Pourav rastra and Pourav rastra citizens cannot face Dhananand’s vast army, he does not want Pourav rastra citizens to face massacre; even king Puru would have taken same decision, so he cannot help them. Chanakya asks Chandragupta if he is sad seeing Rudradev not agreeing to help them. Chandragupta no, instead he has already made his next plan and explains that they should create more rift between Selecus and Ambi raj somehow and even save Durdhara from marrying Ambhi Kumar. Chanakya praises his thinking and says even before becoming king, he is becoming a good planner. He further explains to attack Seleucus and show it as Ambhi Kumar attacking On the other side, Dhananand explains his plan to Aamrtya Rakshas how to catch Chanakya and Chandragupta and keep safe Durdhara in this plan.

Durdhara gets haldi/turmeric for her wedding and feels sad thinking Chandragupta may not come to rescue her as he already told he will never support her. Dhananand walks in and applying haldi on her says she looks very beautiful when she obeys him. Durdhara sits fuming and once he leaves blasts maids to stop haldi ritual.

Chandragupta walks hurriedly and clashing with Ambhi Kumar apologizes him. Ambhi fumes that hi soldiers are incompetent and Selecus’ soldiers are right that Bharatis are fit to be slaves. Chandragupta asks not to say that. Ambhi Kumar says once he becomes Maadh’s son-in-law after marrying Durdhara, he will hire Farsi soldiers in his army. Servant goes and invites Seleucus to attend rituals, but he says it is not his son or daughter’s wedding, so he will skip it.

Mura disguised as dancer dances around Mura with her team. Mahamartya angrily walks in trying to protect Durdhara and tries to shoo them. Mura applies haldi on Durdhara and holds her hand. Durdhara warns how dare she is. Mura shows her face and giving her chit says Chandragupta will get her out of this mess and she should trust him. Durdhara reads chit that Sthul will be waiting for her outside south door and she should change into dancer’s clothes kept in rose room and escape with dancers. Amartya rakshas pushes Mura along with other dancers and she is about to reveal her face, but escapes on time. Dhananand on the other side again explains his plan to Amrtya Rakshas and orders to make sure Durdhara is unharmed.

Chanakya Niti: We use different means to escape sun rays like we sprinkle water on ground so that air cools down environment; similarly one has to use different means to achieve success.

Precap: Mura eagerly waits for Dudhara in a room when Amartya Rakshas passes by and stops seeing a dancer there.

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