Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarthak misses to see Anupriya, Malhar to take Mugdha’s statement

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atul coming to Kalyani and asks if she is missing Anupriya. He says I feel Anupriya should have been with you here today. He says I have seen your bonding with her. He says you agreed to marry Atharv for her. He says I tried to call Anupriya, but her call can’t be reached. He asks her to ask Anupriya to return and says I will ask Atharv to get her tickets done. Kalyani looks at him. He asks her to wipe her tears and goes. Kalyani looks at Anupriya’s pic and says once I free you then I will play Atharv’s band. Atharv beats the workers in the factory and asks where is my diamond? Atul comes and asks what is wrong? Atharv beats them with hunter and asks Atul not to interfere. Malhar comes there. The workers ask him to save him. Malhar asks Atharv how dare he to touch them and says Maai treats the workers as their family. Atharv says his diamond is stolen. Malhar asks him to get the report written for the theft. Atharv asks where is he going and tells that his duty is with him. He asks him to read commissioner’s letter and says my diamond is stolen and I have a danger to my life, so that’s why you will be with me at home. Malhar reads the letter. Atharv thinks if you are at home then how will you search Anupriya. He thinks he acted about the theft so to bind Malhar at home. He says sorry to Atul and leaves. Kalyani tells Atul that Atharv has beaten the workers brutally. She says you had taught me that we shall not doubt on Servants when something is stolen at home. Atul looks on.

Sarthak sees the goon coming home and calls Malhar. Malhar asks him not to be emotional and follow the goon secretly. He asks him not to be careful about his life. Sarthak asks if he had said the same thing if kalyani is in danger. Malhar asks him to be careful. Pandit ji tells Atharv on the video call about the ritual in which he shall sit on Atul’s lap and Kalyani shall not see it. Atharv asks her to go to room and meet the designer. Malhar and Kalyani look at each other. Atharv asks her to go and says Malhar waits for the hero heroine moment to happen. Kalyani goes. Sarthak calls Malhar and thinks pick my call, I might need your help. He follows the goon and reaches the place. Goon turns, but Sarthak hides. Goon goes to a house. Sarthak calls Kalyani then and asks if he got any clue. Sarthak says may be Anupriya is here. Kalyani asks him to go inside. Sarthak says goon might get careful seeing me. Goon locks the door and goes out. Sarthak tells Kalyani that he will go inside now, but finds the door locked. He breaks the door and gets inside. He finds just Anupriya’s bangle and says they have shifted Anupriya from here. Kalyani cries.

Atharv asks Atul to sit and sits on his lap. Atul feels the pain. Atharv says I got loving daddy. Atul makes him have sweets. Atharv says I will sit again and jumps down on his legs and sits again. Atul feels pain and blesses him. Pallavi asks Vivek about the rasam. Malhar couldn’t bear it anymore and asks if he wants to break Mama’s legs. Atharv asks Atul if he is hurt. Atul says no, but feels hard to stand. Malhar is going to bathroom. Atharv asks him to come fast else he will call commissioner. Malhar thinks once I find Mugdha, I will play your band. Malhar calls Sarthak and tells him that Atharv was with him. Sarthak tells that he don’t know where to search Anupriya. The goon is taking Anupriya in the tempo. Sarthak turns and don’t see Anupriya’s hand coming out of tempo.

The designer shows the lehenga to Kalyani. Kalyani says it is not good. Malhar is standing outside the room. Kalyani looks at him. Malhar signs no. Kalyani dislikes the lehenga. Designer shows other lehenga. Malhar signs that it is good. Kalyani says good, but then she don’t like anything. Designer goes. Kalyani asks Malhar if he is DDLJ’s Shahrukh khan. She tells that Kaka called her, how can Atharv be so clever. Pawar calls Malhar and tells that Dr. Adhikari told him that Mugdha is not mad, but she was given injection and kept forcibly in the hospital. Malhar asks him to send the hospital and says I will come there. Kalyani asks what happened? Malhar says Mugdha is found. Kalyani asks how will he go from here? Malhar says I need her statement anyhow. Kalyani asks how will you go now? Malhar says I have a plan, I will do my duty and also take Mugdha’s statement.

Atharv asks Malhar how can he go ignoring Commissioner’s orders. Commissioner comes there and says I asked him to go. Malhar says your life is in danger and tells that he is going to catch the man who has stolen his diamond. Atharv thinks his diamond is not stolen, so he will catch whom? Malhar says your life is in danger and that’s why you can’t go out of house. Atharv asks do I need to stay as prisoner here. Malhar asks him to understand and says it is for your protection. Kalyani gets happy and thinks to give tight hug to Malhar. Atharv says I have work and will go out. Malhar asks Atul to make him understand. Atul asks Atharv to agree. Atharv agrees not to go out. Malhar says your the end will happen once I return. Atharv asks what? Malhar says your enemies will have ‘the end’.

Precap: Malhar takes Mugdha’s statement and tears Atharv’s clothes. He gives him prisoner’s clothes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Even if atharva arrested. Still sampada is in malhar’s life and I can’t see reunation of kalma.

    1. That’s exactly it. currently. Unless malhar finds evidence accusing Sampada .. But the story will not make sense anymore .. One thing tells me that the fact that arthava will not be arrested for becoming rich and have put his wife in an asylum. contrary if the CVs have a good script .. They can benefit the story to arthava profile by giving him an alms of holiness saying that he protected the fortune of his wife as she crazy spirit and that she could be a danger for her and the society from which she is sent to the psychiatric hospital. Arthava will not be mistaken for having usurped the fortune of the mughda and sending her to the asylum, let alone for having sequestered and tortured Anupriya. We can push the story even more twisted .. If with all the injection made to her Anupriya..the next track will be the amnesia for Anupriya and forgets all of her present and only remembers her marriage with Atul .. She forgets betrayal of Atul and madhuri .. that could be it’s either we pass kaliyani for his daughter or we hide that kaliyani is the illegitimate daughter of Atul .. A scenario as it can be done … But with this new promo we will have to wait another 5 days [email protected]

  2. Atul is shown so weak as a character .. He is not able to carry sack of flour .. Then he is not able to carry a bottle of water .. And now arthava jumps him on the knees and the man says nothing .., when Pallavi tells malhar that Sampada and kaliyani are leaving him to marry with arthava for one because Sampada is in love with him and kaliyani for his wealth … Atul does not feel offended to hear this kind of comment on his daughter. What’s wrong .. I just saw the next sequence. Why we do not show Atul what arthava does to kaliyani …. All this violence done on her is unbearable .. Whenever kalma finds a solution arthava arrives for failed the plan .. A little tired of the drama. . We are bored because too much violence. And arthava is scary with his air of crazy .. Hard to accept that a father does not see the suffering and helplessness of his daughter …. In short while waiting to see what the next episode we reserve .. But a little disappointed .. certe. We have accomplice moment between kalma .. But the violence prevails in the first place although the episode remains correct. But I remain on my hunger .. This trail of marriage and kidnapping takes time .. Already 3 weeks .. The torture of kaliyani is enough ..

  3. This promo made my weekend. Still five long day to see this sequence .. Encore 3 episode before you can see that. I dare to hope that Anupriya raises her voice and stops the wedding .. Why this feeling of sadness and frustration that assail me in the belly because I sense that a terrible thing will happen to kalma .. That we can not stop marriage and that kaliayni will have kumkum to his maang. In short while waiting to see I hope I’m wrong

  4. Hope kalma win this time.Fingers are crossed

  5. Still no interpretation
    Very sad

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