Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat decides to accept Zaroon’s love

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat watching Zaroon and Saltanat caring for each other. She gets jealous. She gives the Dargah sweets for Saltanat to Zaroon. She leaves. Jaan comes to meet Miyajaan. Miyajaan says when I chose you for my daughter, since then, did I differentiate between you and Nadim. Jaan says no. Miyajaan asks did it happen that I treated you just like a son in law. Jaan says no. Miyajaan asks then how did you become my son in law suddenly, why did you behave like this. Rubina and Dadi argue. Jaan cries and says I have fought being a son, not a son in law, I know sons in law can just break house, I wasn’t upset with you, but with Rubina, she insulted my mum, which son can get silent on mum’s insult.

Miyajaan says every son should stand for his mum’s respect, I m upset on the way you expressed annoyance, maybe you should have come to me like a good son and keep your complaint. Jaan apologizes to him. Miyajaan says never talk of leaving the house again. Rubina and Dadi’s argument continues. Dadi counts the status of Rubina’s dad. Rubina warns her to not come in her portion of the house. She goes. Dadi says I will teach you a lesson. Saltanat thinks of Zaroon and smiles. Sufiyana….play…. She plays with pillow cotton and happily smiles. She goes out and sits on the swing. Zaroon comes and says you should take rest, aren’t you feeling sleep. She says no. He says me too, the reason is just one.

Kainat comes there and watches their romance. Zaroon asks Saltanat to tell him that she loves him. He gets close to her. Kainat gets shocked. The swing breaks down. Zaroon gets close to Saltanat and kisses on her cheek. Kainat cries and throws the vase. They turn to see and doesn’t see her. Zaroon and Saltanat smile seeing each other. He says sorry. She turns shy and goes. Saltanat holds her cheek and smiles. Kainat gets angry. Saltanat sees her alter self, who asks her to accept her love for Zaroon and end their distance. Saltanat says now I will just follow my heart. She smiles and says I will talk to Miyajaan and tell him that I love Zaroon a lot.

Nilam argues with Dadi. Dadi says none can stop Kainat and Hamza’s marriage. Nilam wishes Saltanat recognizes Zaroon’s love. The guy/FB Ashiq is in lockup. He says I have done all this on Kainat’s saying and landed in jail, I have no proof, no one will believe me. He gets the bail. He goes out and sees Ayub. Ayub bails him out. He hugs the guy and takes him. Saltanat goes to Miyajaan and hears the men telling someone about breaking the big promise. Miyajaan scolds the guy for not valuing his promise. He asks him to fulfill his promise at any cost. Saltanat recalls her promise to Zainab. She cries and thinks I will keep my promise.

Zainab says we will plan a party to bring Kainat and Hamza closer. Zaroon goes to Kainat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    After this episode, I have wanted to write about Helly Shah. She is acting two opposite characters so well. On the one hand, there is Saltanat with her deep fond feeling to Zaroon, and on the other hand, there is Kaynat with her deep dark feeling of burning jealousy. She has amazingly managed her work.

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