Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina and Preeti attend Vanita’s Kitty Party

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakesh, Naina and Sameer seeing Sejal coming to their house when they were talking. Rakesh says I was telling that and tells a false story. She asks what are you saying? Rakesh thinks it is good that she didn’t hear. Sejal says she came to invite Naina to kitty party at Vanita’s house. Rakesh says Naina will not go in this condition. Naina says she is having headache. Sejal asks if she is saying this thinking last time party incident and says Vanita makes masala Lucknowi good. Rakesh says Naina will not eat masala food. Sameer asks Sejal not to feel bad. Sejal asks Naina to get ready and says we will go together. Rakesh gets upset. Naina closes the door and comes back. Rakesh asks Sameer and Naina why are they staring him and says they shall take care in this condition. He asks them to leave everything on God. Sameer says I forgot to tell you one thing and shows laddoo. Rakesh eats it happily and makes Sameer eat too. He says would be baby will say that my Papa is hero.

Dadi rings the bell and calls Nirmala. Nirmala comes out and asks about the skirt. Tanvi gets scared. Preeti says laundry guy forgot your saree and gave this skirt. She asks if you will wear. Preeti sees Tanvi sad. She tells that Laundry guy does this mistake often. Nirmala thinks to show guy’s pic to Tanvi. Later Preeti tells Tanvi that if she gets caught then mummy ji will send you to Pune. She asks from where you get this skirt. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer and Aditya were keeping a secret, so is Preeti and Tanvi. She says our society is good at hiding secrets, but we were far ahead of them in lying. Naina checks her tummy and thinks it will not be seen so soon. She thinks what to wear as she is having all heels sandals. She thinks what to wear? Nirmala tells Preeti that she liked the guys seeing their pic and asks her to tell whom to talk. Naina’s voiceover tells that the small things was becoming problems for them and they had it always and there was less ways to get saved. She says Tanvi was getting married, but we were about to get gift. Preeti sees the pics and likes one. Naina calls her and asks her to bring flat slippers.

Neighbor aunty comes and tells that she wants to call Nirmala. Naina asks her to talk. Preeti comes there and gives flat slipper to Naina. Neighbor aunty calls Nirmala, but the call is busy. Naina tries the slipper and says it is a bit small. Preeti asks if your feet are swollen. Naina says no and tells that she can’t wear heels. Neighbor hears and goes. Preeti asks her to wear something else. They leave closing the door. Neighbor thinks if she is pregnant. Preeti, Naina and Sejal come to Vanita’s house. Vanita gives them sweets and says there is a good news. Naina coughs…Sejal asks about the good news. Vanita tells that their friend Garima is pregnant. Sejal congratulates her and asks how did she know? Garima says she came to know suddenly. Naina asks if stomach became bigger. Vanita says there is still time. She says we still remember about our pregnancy days, it is like our new birth. She says she had called her mummy to be with her and she used to ask Jatin to bring sweets at night. She says she had pain in her feet. Sejal says she used to get foot message for peaceful sleep. Naina gets worried and thinks why everyone is talking like this. She imagines Sameer keeping all heroes and heroine’s pic so that his baby becomes beautiful like them. Rakesh says so that he goes to Producer’s office daily. He says baby will not be like him. Sameer asks her not to come in her Papa’s talks. He shows her Chinese menu and asks what she wants to eat. Rakesh asks her to have desi food. They argue. Sameer shows magazine. Rakesh says Naina will not read such magazine. He asks her to read Gita and Ramayan and say baby will be religious. They argue again. Imagination ends. Naina gets up shouting and asks them to be quiet. Vanita asks why we shall be quiet at my house. Naina says she was thinking about workers and told like that.

Sameer and Aditya are in the make up room. Sameer asks how did you convince them. His friend says there are many who agree to do at less price. Sameer says only you can do this. He says I have understand that people stay here in small rooms, but sees big dreams. Aditya likes his dialogue. Make up artiste comes and starts doing Sameer’s make up.

All the society ladies start having food. Naina’s voiceover tells that everyone was talking about Pregnancy. Vanita makes her eat Paneer tikka. Naina gets vomiting and runs to bathroom. She vomits. Kids come and tell that aunty is going to be mummy. Sejal scolds the kids and asks them to go. Vanita gets doubtful.

Vanita shares her doubt with other neighbors and tells that Naina didn’t have papaya and other fruits. Other neighbor tells that they shall not doubt. Vanita says didn’t you see how Preeti tried to cover up. Other friend tells that her husband doesn’t stay with her, so we shall not doubt on he character. Vanita says we shall find out. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he felt that he shall feel big and the first ladder is make up. He says he thought Amitabh bachchan and others must have seen the big dream sitting on such chairs.

Precap: Sameer does his photo shoot. Vanita, Sejal and others come to Naina’s house. Preeti shows some pics. Vanita asks if he is Naina’s husband. She says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. As Naina is pregnant so now Ameer will be introduced. Sameer and Rakesh’s fights are hilarious they both are just too good together. Now Sameer will have his photoshoot.
    I don’t know how but it’s just came to my mind that maybe Poonawala Sir will be reintroduced to YUDKBH to support Sameer for his acting career. Cuz Naina mentioned his importance just like Shanti Mam in their lives. And really missing Shefali still waiting for makers to reintroduce Shefali as well. Naina’s pen cum best friend was missing in their wedding now there are chances to show to her back again.
    And plz makers bring Phula Bua for some days during Naina’s pregnancy with Chacha Ji and Chachi Ji. Makers have completely side lined all the old characters. Only Preeti and Rakesh are there with Sameer and Naina others are just vanished

    1. @vidha let me clear somethings for you ,atleast wait for today episode ,then only all things will clear , and poonawala sir doesn’t know that naina and sameer are in Mumbai , as for shefali there is no chance that producers will bring her back, phula bua also doesn’t know that they are in Mumbai , and if chacha ji and chachiji come to take care of naina ,where they will stay ,there is hardly any room in sameer and naina flat , and nirmala wont allow them , and plus if they would come vanita ka shak yakeen main badal jayega

    2. I know all this but still I want all this to happen cuz I am missing the old cast really very much.

    3. @vidha according to this video naina ka dusra pati aa gya

      Instagram pe bi dia tha new entry in today episode

    4. @vidha according to this video naina ka dusra pati aa gya , this will be shown in Thursday episode

    5. @vidha i have clear picture now , Preeti will show photo of groom that is intended to come to see tanvi

      wait i send you the video link , through that you can identify what gonna happen upto Friday

      here is the video link

      do watch and let me know your views

  2. mr Hassan i don’t like your daily updates , you mixed them

  3. hey makers better you show lovey dobey moments of would be parents its special for young couples rather than dragging the story and making it parattha wala show # we want naina and sameer bond get more stronger

  4. i have clear picture now , Preeti will show photo of groom that is intended to come to see tanvi

    wait i send you the video link , through that you can identify what gonna happen upto Friday

    here is the video link

    do watch and let me know your views

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