Gathbandhan 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak gets to know about Mai’s involvement

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Gathbandhan 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak asks Mai whom she was talking to? Mai says Vimla is leaving city, she got a call from village so left today. Dhanak says its okay, she gives her milk and says I know you didnt eat anything. Mai says you take care of me so much, go to sleep. Dhanak says you will apply haldi to me tomorrow as my mother. Mai says you are sweet, Dhanak smiles and leaves. Mai dances around and drinks wine. She thinks that it was fun to fool Dhanak. Flashback shows how Mai tried to stab Lakshmi at night but Lakshmi woke up and told her that we have proofs of you taking drugs to Nasik, if you try to kill me then my men will send it to police. Mai says I am just trying to save my son. Lakshmi says you are right, I should die. Mai says what? Lakshmi says what if we make people believe that I died and leave this city, this way police will be fooled. Mai says thats great idea. Flashback ends.

Officer Nandu comes to meet Dhanak and tells her that Lakshmi ranaway from morgue, she was alive. He gives her bangles and says it was hers. Dhanak recalls how Nani gifted those bangles to Vimla. She recalls Mai’s words that Vimla left for village. Dhanak runs to her room, she takes Lakshmi’s photo and uses pen to make burn marks. She recalls Vimla having same marks and how Mai tried to cover her face. Dhanak says it means Lakshmi was in my house and Mai made me meet her, she covered her face, whats Mai’s connection with her? Was Mai saving her because she was involved in drug case? No.. No.. Mai must have thought she is Vimla, she wouldnt hide Lakshmi if she knew. Dhanak recalls how Mai said that Lakshmi is leaving city. She is tensed and cries.

Scene 2
Mai is sleeping. Dhanak comes to her room and takes her phone and sees Vimla’s call log. She cries and leaves from there.

Dhanak calls Geeta and tells her about Lakshmi’s number, she asks her to trace her fast. She ends call and breakdowns. Sejal comes there and asks what happened? Dhanak hugs her and cries. Dhanak tells her that Lakshmi from drug case is same as Vimla Kaki, she tells her everything. Sejal says everything will be fine. Dhanak tells Sejal that I dont have proofs against Mai but what if she is really involved in this case? I am praying that she is innocent, I got mother’s love after so many years, I dont want to lose it, promise me you wont tell anyone, not even Raghu. Sejal hugs her and says I wont tell anyone, Dhanak cries in her arms.

In morning, Dhanak’s haldi starts. Dhanak is tensed. Sejal tells Dhanak to not be sad, Mai will feel bad if she was not involved in this case. Dhanak says dont know what to do, I will talk to Mai and clarify. Mai comes there. Dhanak says I wanted to talk to you.

PRECAP- Commissioner calls Dhanak and tells her that they arrested Lakshmi. Lakshmi is beaten by police. Lakshmi says I will tell truth. Dhanak is getting ready for wedding, she gets call and is shocked. Raghu is dancing in wedding. Dhanak says I will handle everything commissioner, she ends call and breakdowns.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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