Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan leaves her room

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says I would have left your hand after Antra came if I had to. To save her life you lied about the relationship. I know how much did it hurt you because it hurt me too. But this feeling for you is my choice. Guddan says I trust you but I don’t know why I feel bad. AJ says I would have felt bad if you didn’t. She says you tease me like always. He says your ice cream is melting. She says I am all cool now. Bhushan comes and says Guddan loves and trusts you so much. What are you doing? Kaushaluya says he is our SIL calm down. Bhushan says I acn talk. He says for you and Antra she lost her identity. She is living in her house like a guest? Can you secure her future in this house? If not, I won’t let her stay here for a moment. AJ says I understand your worry. Please trust me. I promise you. I won’t let my present spoil due to my past. I will tell Antra everything once she is fine. I will tell Antra everything. Bhushan says I hope you stand by my Guddan every moment. Guddan says I trust him. He stood by me and he will. AJ says thank you.

Saru says laxmi why are you crying? Antra came back. Oh are you crying for Guddan? Looks like her engagement would never happen. Laxmi says you’re mocking her? Be ashamed. She sacrificed her relationship for Antra’s health. I am proud of her. She leaves. Saru says look at her. Durga says Guddan’s sacrifice will turn out to be a mistake. The closer Antra gets to AJ, the further Guddan will be from AJ. Durga says time to rule this house again.

Dadi says I can’t see Guddan like this. AJ says so can’t I. Dadi says I am happy antra is alive.. But Guddan.. AJ says I am with her. She is safe in this house. Dadi says I hope Antra understands too.
Antra is about to fall. Guddan holds her. Antra says thank you handled me. Guddan says it is our responsibility. She says it’s only AJ’s. He has been handling me since so long. Never needed anyone. where is your family? Guddan says they went home. ANtra says you didn’t go? Saru says Guddan will stay here till the wedding. She wants to prepare for the wedding. Antra says better. Your husband isn’t here either. Antra says there’s just one rule. Stay away from AJ. I don’t like girls around him. Well you’re too young too and you’re married too. Saru says we will have fun since you’re back. Antra says where is my room. My and AJ’s room. Why am I here. Guddan says you should rest. Antra says I will rest in my husband’s arms. She leaves. Guddan says saru we have to stop her. SAru says it will be a problem if she finds out. Guddan says Antra.. Antra says this is my house I can go wherever I want. No one tells me what should I do in my house. I am a little outspoken. I hope you don’t mind. she leaves. Saru says what will happen now.

Antra comes to the room. Guddan comes after her. Durga is there. Antra sees her photo. She says I knew AJ’s thoughts won’t change. His love is still alive. Thank you AJ. She hugs AJ. AJ says you need rest. ANtra says I am in my room after so long. She hugs AJ and cries. Guddan says we should go. Durga says AJ and Antra should spend time together. Antra says I missed you. AJ says I missed you too.
Guddan is taking her pillows to other room. Durga says you’re giving such big sacrifice. You can sleep anywhere. Antra will sleep in his room. Durga says dont’ you think AJ hasn’t forgotten his past? His past is with him in room and his present is looking for a place in this house. Guddan leaves. Durga says see how silent she is. She will leave this house soon. SAru says yes but Antra isn’t very nice. She is outspoken. We have to be careful of her. Durga says because of her we will get rid of this Guddan. And if Antra does something we know what to do.

AJ is leaving the room. Antra says where are you going. He says water.. She says I didn’t even do anything. She comes close to AJ. AJ gets up. Antra says why are you going away from me. Please make me sleep like you used to. She sleeps in AJ’s lap.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments we go again…this is a show about the youngest Mother inlaw and how people always believed she couldn’t do anything right but please, go ahead writers! Go ahead and bring in a new storyline about how a woman who was presumed dead has been in coma for over 15years! Yes please go ahead writers! Ruin my favourite show once again!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Lol nothing new here. These writers always changes the initial plot of their serials so no diff. If dis is really antra which I doubt aj is gonna c how different she is form guddan and take her off dat pedestal her used to have her cause dis person isnt very nice. If she isnt then guddan will have some battle proving she isnt which will bring some distance to her and aj. These stories goes d same either way

    2. exactly the dead come back to life, and if dead for more than 7 years then legally ANtra cannot claim Akshat to be her husband as its been more than 7 years.
      and now Akshat is married to Guddan. really looking forward to their love story

  2. I was taught common sense was made before the book but for these writers, they don’t know either, oh well….my thing is how old is Aj and is Antara same age as him or is she older how do they have such big kids which now shes back have not even acknowledge yet…now I know she “maybe the fake Antara” but play the role right or don’t play it all if Durga send you why didn’t she train her to be a better mother than an extremely clingy wife….if this is how she was before I’ll have to question Aj’s taste in women….Guddan is the only one suffering and all Durga is worried about is ruling things and here I thought she has a crush on aj since she doesn’t even acknowledge her husband he and his brother are the two waste of space characters in this show….I’m seeing more crap to come

    1. i dont think the boys are AJ n Antra’s kids at all. they perhaps must be AJ’s elder brother kids or related another way.
      Bcas in Bua n Dadi conversation, it was mentioned that AJ must have a child of his own, a warris.
      so i dont think AJ has any children.
      ANd AJ is supposed to be 40 yrs and Guddan 25 years – this too was mentioned when Bua was there.
      if Guddan can be youngest saas, she can surely be a mother and AJ can be a father
      so hope to get to see n hear some good news

  3. This is terrible ; Guddan being denied her rights because of arrival of “presumed dead wife”. These wicked evil shameless daughter-in-laws know how to hurt others. AJ should sort out the truth of Antra; most likely an imposter

  4. I hate this durga… and this antara is an imposter for sure. Durga is opposite of her name and saru is just dumb. I actually watched today’s episode… did laxmi and saru switch??

    1. yeah all true
      but we must just support the show for the sake of AJ and Guddan

  5. as we suspect antra is not the real antra. durga and saru can do anything they want with guddan and akshat, as long as akshat and guddan love each other, support each other and stay together.the writer must not dare to take them apart.
    durga is unhappy, which is why she hates guddan, she is stingy and wants power

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    I know Durga and Saraswati want to rule Jinadal house and hate Guddan, but I don’t think that this Fake Antra is planned by Durga, there is something more deep may be she is planned by Parv or Rawat…. As Rawat think Antra died due to Akshat and to find proof he is doing so, and mostly by parv as he was laughing evilly when he get caught and his words were something fishy like I will attack again types (if their roles haven’t ended permently)…
    Many viewers might not be enjoying this but I am beacuse due to this Akshat and Guddan love will be more strong and Guddan is more jealous than Antra… Moreover Guddan and Akshat want to stay together, though Guddan might leave her rights for Antra happiness until its find out she is fake, but Akshat actions clearly shows that he doesn’t want to stay with Antra now which is good sign for us as viewers, he is shown loving, happy and calm with Guddan and restless without her … But writers don’t drag much and unite Guddan and Akshat soon…
    I cross my fingers and hope today they show that Akshat goes to Guddan after Antra sleep…

    Precap: Antra ask Akshat to make her wear Mangalsutra infront of whole family…

  7. Truly it is painful to see Guddan, being so young and all the sacrifices. but the only good thing is AJ is with Guddan. but definitely its painful to see antra in akshat arms. Antra is geting cheaper and falling and holding AJ. too much.
    her dressing style is so cheap too.
    we have seen alot of care n concern from AJ for guddan, but love has just taken birth and its passion is yet to be seen. AJ n guddan embrace each other, but the passion is lacking. Guddan always cutely would embrace AJ. but for the first time seen AJ embracing Guddan in this week, but yet it lacks passion.
    like that the chemistry between Abhi & Pragya is good. but they have grown old
    and ZaraKabir chemistry is brilliant, only thing Kabir always showcases a dumb character.
    In that way AJ is very smart strong personality and intelligent and handles things extremely well, but lets see how he handles his love story.
    Looking forward to AJ and Guddan passionate love story

  8. But didn’t Antara in her last letter want AJ to remarry? The very reason AJ agreed for a second wife was Antara’s last wish. Then she shouldn’t have any issue with Guddan being AJ’s wife.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Exactly Dmodi! It was d only reason aj even considered getting married so if she is THE real antra se shouldnt be surprised and leave dem b. But dis person isnt acting as if she gaved her husband permission to move on but instead is acting as if she wanted him to never love anyone else. Its been 15 yrs or so so she should expect aj to b happily married not waiting on her as if he believe shes alive. But as I said I believe dis is rawats doin and he implanted dis fake antra to ruin aj and guddans relationship

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