You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 20

RECAP : Azhagar and Jr Revathi discuss about permanent shift to Canada. Karthik lies to his father about his girlfriend. ReThik’s phone call. Revathi Jr is shattered to know from Ravi about Buddy’s sickness. ReThik planning to meet.

Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr waits for Karthik outside her house compound.

Karthik later comes and asks her to hop in the car. She gets in.

Revathi Jr gets teary eyed and hugs him.

Karthik : Hey! What happened? Why are you sobbing?

Revathi Jr (stops crying) : Please keep your heart strong. Buddy is having high fever. Ravi called and informed me today. I told him to call me if there’s anything important to share.

Karthik is dumbstruck and starts getting tears in his eyes.

Karthik : Rev…. What happened to my Buddy?

Revathi Jr : Buddy’s been missing us throughout this time. I think he has gone into depression.

Karthik : I can’t believe that a pet animal has more feelings for a human being. But we don’t understand them. I have to see Buddy.

(He goes out of control)

Revathi Jr handles Karthik only in a way she can and consoles him with a warm hug.

Revathi Jr : My inner heart tells that Buddy will get alright soon. Why not we go to temple to pray for him?

Karthik : Your confident words are convincing me Revathi. We’ll go to temple.

They arrive at Lord Shiva temple and do an archana for Buddy. They deeply pray for Buddy and their life.

ReThik sit at the temple corridor.

Revathi Jr : I’m sure Buddy will recover.

Karthik : I’m also sure. Do you think we should hide our love matter?

Revathi Jr : I don’t want to hide, but we have to.

Karthik : There are many hurdles for us to overcome.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, what will you say if your mom asks about me? Because you already lied to your father.

Karthik : I’ll say the same to her.

Revathi Jr : Lying has become a common part in everyone’s love life. I also have to lie.

Karthik : I’m still confused whether to return back to Canada. I’m longing to see Buddy.

Revathi Jr : I forgot to tell you. My father booked tickets permanently to Canada for the family. We will be leaving within 45-50 days. What about your parents?

Karthik : I should ask them. If both our parents meet, it would be nice.

Revathi Jr : Yeah. I’m also longing to see Buddy.

Karthik asks her not to worry as he’s with her.

They smile.

Scene 2 :

Andal gets tea for Azhagar.

Azhagar : Tea from your hands is very delicious to have.

Andal : Being sarcastic, aren’t you?

Azhagar : I’m saying the truth this time.

Andal : So you have lied to me all these years.

She beats him. He asks her to relax. They laugh.

Azhagar : I’ve asked Akka and bro about permanent shift to Canada. I’ve booked tickets and we will be leaving within 2 months.

Andal : Well and good. What about Revathi’s marriage?

Azhagar : I was about to ask, but I thought it’s wrong.

Andal : Why should you hesitate as she’s your daughter?

Azhagar : When she’s with us, I feel that after marriage I’ll miss her so much.

Andal : Every parents have that feeling. We must ask about her life, it’s our right.

Azhagar : Okay, now where is she?

Andal : She went to her friend’s house.

They decide to talk to her when the perfect day arrives.

Scene 3 :

Three hours later,

ReThik at car. Ravi calls Karthik.

Ravi : Hi Karthik, I need to tell you something.

Karthik : Yeah, Revathi told me about Buddy’s illness. We just went to temple and prayed for him.

Revathi Jr asks him to put the phone on speaker.

Ravi : It’s because of you guys that Buddy has become alright.

They get super happy and express it with a hug.

Karthik : Our prayers are answered so soon. I’m so happy hearing this from you Ravi. Send his picture or video through WhatsApp. We’re longing to see him.

Ravi : I’ll definitely send it. Did you tell your love to both your parents?

Revathi Jr : We still haven’t. If time favours us, we will tell. And do you know what Karthik’s father said when he lied to him?

(She tells everything)

Ravi : Haha! That’s so funny of you Karthik. You didn’t tell about Revathi to your father.

Karthik : Do you know how I was tensed when he asked me?

Ravi : I knew it was difficult for you. But I hope that your parents will agree for your marriage.

ReThik smile.

Ravi : Okay, doctor is calling me, I’ll go.

They end call.

Karthik : I’m grateful to Ravi, he has loads of love for Buddy and did a lot for him.

Revathi Jr : He’s our best friend and will do anything for us. Thank God our Buddy recovered. I wanna meet him soon.

Karthik : Yeah. I’m so happy today Revathi, I love you.

He kisses her hand.

Revathi Jr : I love you too!

They smile and drive back home with their usual routine.

Scene 4 :

Karthik comes home.

Revathi Sn : Come on, have dinner.

Karthik : No ma, I already had dinner in the hotel.

Shakthivel : Don’t always consume hotel foods, it’s harmful.

Karthik : Okay pa.

Revathi Sn : I have to ask you about your life.

Karthik gets surprised.


Next episode promo : Karthik’s parents tell him about his marriage with his cousin. He argues with them. He tells Revathi Jr about it. Revathi Jr promises that she will talk to his cousin. Tamil finally comes to her home after her final year of college and hugs Karthik, Shakthivel and Revathi Sn.
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