Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina rejects Sameer’s proposal!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In night, Naina and Preeti are studying. Naina is still thinking whether Chachaji opened her bag. Preeti asks her question, but she answers something else.

In morning, Naina tries to talk to Chachaji. She says Chachiji told her about FD and thanks him. She then tells him about her competing in election and says she might need his help. Chachaji replies she will be able to do handle it. These days kids are very good in politics. She asks whether he’s upset with her. He asks whether she has done any such work that would make him upset. Chachiji comes and says he’s not feeling well today. She tells Naina to go and eat breakfast.

Pandit and Swati are doing preparations for Sameer’s proposal. Munna taunts them. Others are doing preparations for the election. Kartik taunts Naina for competing against Sunaina even after losing Ms. Fresher. He tells her to prepare to lose again. Kamya answers him back and shuts him up. Kamya wonders how to take Naina to room where surprise is planned. She plans something with her friend. They manage to take Naina to the room. Sameer is not there yet. Their friends keep Naina busy there. Sameer comes there playing guitar and singing “Mein Duniya Bhula Dunga”. Naina wonders what’s going on. Soon Sameer gets on his knees and proposes Naina.

Chachaji is still quiet and hurt. Chachiji asks him whether everything is okay. He talks about breaking trust. Before Chachiji asks anything further, Tauji and Taiji come there. Tauji tells him about his decision of not talking with him. Chachaji is stunned.

Naina doesn’t react. Sameer asks her whether he did anything wrong. She says yes. Whatever is happening there is wrong. He says, their love? She says that was wrong too. All their friends are shocked. She says that is why she told him that they will only be friends. He says, she wanted this only, right? She asks when did she say that to him? He asks why did she cancel her marriage with Sharad then? That’s because they love each other. She says, for Chachaji. Sharad insulted Chachaji. That’s why she broke marriage, not because of their love. Their love story has ended. Faster he understands that better it will be for him and her. She has hurt a lot of people already including him (Sameer). She can’t think about hurting her Chachaji more. She requests him to forget there was anything between them. She leaves from there. Sameer cries. Munna and Pandit hug him. All Sameer and Naina’s friends are sad.

Precap: Sameer is back to his old hero style. Sharad is at Naina’s college and raises hand on her. Sameer blocks it and beats him up.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Hi guys!!
    As expected Naina rejected Sameer’s proposal…??.. Nothing surprising…Poor Sameer!!!She broke his heart second time…Now he will understand that Munna was saying right…?
    I can’t understand- One time Naina says Sameer that she wants to memorize her first love only with good memories…and now she is saying that their love was wrong…
    When he was moving on with Sunaina why the hell she wanted to drag him back towards her on the name of friendship…?
    Her cassette has been stucked in friendship mode and just only playing”Dosti me No Sorry No Thankyou”?
    She again broke Sameer’s heart and now Sharad will again come in her life as punishment…??
    Even Munna has 0.01 percent hope that Naina will say Yes…As when Naina asked for Sameer there was a short smile on his face…
    Naina can take stand for Chachaji which is really appreciated but on the other hand not for Sameer who loves her so much….In Sameer’s time where is her so called “2018 Wala confidence” goes!!!
    Chachaji wants that Naina herself tell him about Sameer…
    Neither she understood Sameer nor Chachaji…She hasn’t even once tried to tell Chachaji about Sameer…Just keep cooking her own assumptions… Doesn’t she knows that Chachaji is a sensible person and will not overreact like Rakesh and taiji…
    I think Chachaji is hurt not because Naina has an affair but because she didn’t tell him about this…
    In Precap Sameer is shown happily going on his bike??…It may be a positive sign that Chachaji accepted their relation…

  2. Fan of YUDKBH

    I feel story would go like this:
    Sharad alliance will be accepted again->he will reach Naina’s college ->he will try to manhandle Naina-> Sameer will beat him -> Chachaji will think he did this to break Naina’s alliance -> he will call Sameer Naina in temple to talk-> sameer will take stand for Naina->he will like him but will not be able to decide -> Sameer will find out Sharad is not a CA -> Chachaji will realize his mistake -> slap Sharad and accept Samaina’s love
    This serial has made me crazy. Guys keep commenting

  3. OMG! This serial has been driving me nuts , even though I really love and admire Naina Agarwal’s character this was the very first time when I actually felt a boiling rage towards her because she should not have been so selfish. I mean really being a girl, daughter etc I totally understand and feel what she feels for her family but she should have been more transparent with Sameer likely conveying that she broke the alliance for the sake of her Chachaji’s self respect and not to rekindle their relationship because it gave a ray of hope to him to basically restart their relationship and she should be a bit honest with her chacha as it is WRONG to hide it from him eventually he would have understood!

  4. Fan of YUDKBH

    Agreed!!There was no need of being so rude with Sameer. She could have told him softly that she cannot go ahead in the relationship

  5. I know that everyone is blaming Naina for behaving rudely with Sameer, but if we think closely then we came to know that it was everyones perception that Naina broken her alliance with Sharad for Sameer. No one has dared to ask the real reason. Before broken the alliance, Naina has clearly told Sameer that they will be only friends which Sameer also agreed. Next day, when Sameer came to know about the broken alliance, then being a friend atleast he can ask the real reason. Without knowing the real reason and just imagine the love emotions, how can he propose in front of everyone.

    1. Fan of YUDKBH

      Even if he misunderstood,Naina cld have politely refused. As of now they both are not understanding each other situation. Both are suffering but not able to think about other side problem. May be writers want to show that with this episode, their love will reach next level of maturity

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