Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh goes to call rishi gargacharya.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narad muni saying lord Vishnu, sudhama has shown that he is truly your disciple and he has proved his bhakti in front of everyone, he is your greatest disciple. All gods come and say devrishi narad is right prabhu, we are impressed by sudhama’s bhakti towards you and we want to felicitate him, we request you as well that you free him from the curse that mata laxmi gave sudhama in the last life. Lord Vishnu says dev gan, I still have one test to take of sudhama which will finally prove his bhakti and then he will earn his wish and my darshan. The gods say prabhu we all gods feel sudhama has earned and we wish to give him something from us, at least we can do that. lord Vishnu smiles and says it is your wish dev gan, you can do anything. Rishi durvasa comes and says prabhu, we rishi’s pray and meditate for years in harsh conditions and still have to pray harder for your darshan and blessings, what has sudhama done that he receives so much from the gods easily? The gods say rishi durvasa, we gods are because of the rishi’s, your prayers and meditations makes us gods so you all shall always be respected but sudhama is a unique disciple and his bhakti and belief in lord Vishnu has led us to give him something from our side. Rishi durvasa says to lord Vishnu, okay prabhu but before you bless sudhama, I will take one last test of sudhama and if he prays to you, you don’t help him! let me take the test and if he passes then prabhu it is your decision to do what you want. Lord Vishnu smiles and says okay rishi.
In Mathura, kansa tells bhadraksh to go and call rishi gargacharya to Mathura. Bhadraksh goes.
In rishi’s ashram, bhadraksh appears outside and rishi sees him. As bhadraksh tries to enter the ashram, a line appears around the ashram with fire on it and bhadraksh getshurt. He says guru, what is this? I have just come to talk and why am I being attacked by fire? Rishi says in my ashram, dead souls and evil spirits are not allowed. Bhadraksh says okay guru, anyway I need to tell you one thing that bhagwan kansa has sent me to do. Bhadraksh says rishi gargacharya, bhagwan kansa has called you to Mathura, he needs your assistance. Bhadraksh goes. Rishi thinks as a rishi, it is my duty to help any king, or my disciples and students in any way, I will have to go.
Gargacharya goes to Mathura and kansa says guru gargacharya, welcome to bhagwan kansa’s palace. Rishi says kansa, what have you called me here for? Kansa says guru, I have seen you and many rishi;s you have written the puran of so many gods and also disciples who have turned into gods after their stories and purans were written! I see they were also recognized as god all over the universe because of the purans and literature. I want you to write my puran as well, it will make the universe know about bhagwan kansa and his great leela! Rishi says kansa, I cannot write your puran, that cannot happen. Kansa says oh, why? I am a bhagwan and even my puran should be written, I spoke to you properly but now I will be angry as well! I wont let you leave my palace until you write my puran. Kansa laughs. rishi gargacharya thinks what do I do prabhu Vishnu? I have written the purans of great gods but this kansa, he is a demon, I cannot write his puran.
In vrindavan, pondrik remembers what kansa told him and he uses his flute and attracts all the beautiful gopi’s of vrindavan to him. the gopi’s come listening to the sweet music and pondrik says you my disciples have come here, I have a work for you.
Sudhama is in the village with the shudra man and his sister says brother you told us that after coming to kashi everything would be fine and the people here would help us, but instead here the rishi’s are beating us and are torturing us. Sudhama says don’t worry sister, everything will be fine as govinda is with us. A rishi sees hiding and he then uses his hand and powers on sudhama’s sister. Sudhama’s sister starts feeling cold and says brother I am feeling very cold. Sudhama says what happened to you suddenly? Are you fine? I have to do something, don’t worry.

Precap: rishi durvasa comes disguised to sudhama and says your sister will feel well if you do a task that I shall give you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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