Preeran SS ; Realization Part 15

Luthra house 

Karan calls Preeta at late night disturbing her reading book

Preeta : yes Mr Luthra

Karan : wow you picked up phone quickly, I am sure you might me missing me

Preeta :sure as if I don’t have any other work to do in life

Karan : why are you big kareli, I talk so politely with you everything

Preeta laughs

Karan : whats so funny

Preeta : nothing, how much you crave for one attention from girls

“not from all but only one girl” Karan says

Shrishti moves around on bed getting disturbed with noise

Shrishti : yaar if you want to have romantic talk go out don’t disturb me

Preeta throws pillow at her

Karan : hey don’t mess with my fan or else I will

Preeta : you what?

“I will come right there should i “ teases her

Preeta : no stop right there you are not coming (sees an old newspaper while messing up her cupboard)

Karan : are you there?

Preeta gets surprised reading the headlines about gang of goons getting arrested in Cape town one by one.

Karan ; are you there?

Preeta : sorry I was just going some news, very weird

Karan : what? are you okay baby doll, i think you should go to sleep good night

Preeta : yea good night (hangs up)

Having sleepless night Preeta goes through internet about happening in Cape town.

“Today’s sensational news, leader of biggest terrorist organization was caught in a dance bar by one bravest officer, the name is remained secret “ a news becomes sensational on youtube

Preeta feels something weird about news.

Next day Rishab goes to his office when his employee informs about new girl for interview of accounting department

Rishab : where is she?

Rony : I will send her inside Sir

The girl turns out to be Omisha who enters the cabin wearing simple clothes jeans and ordinary Kurti

Rishab : come in (looks up)

Omisha : good morning Sir, I am Omisha

“Good morning come sit” asks her to sit

She gives her file which impresses him seeing the qualification

Rishab : any specific reason to work in this company

Omisha : I don’t look for profit and loss Sir, only work for myself, experience helps everywhere

Rishab : impressive, okay I will put you on training for few weeks and see how everything goes after that you will give permanent place

Omisha (gets excited) : sorry, thank you sir

Rishab : no problem, this is Rony he will explain you work

Rony : come

“Only few more weeks then you will come begging Mr Rishab Luthra I promise” Omisha starts to leave

She collides with Sameer who is busy on phone and is about to fall. He holds her from falling down. She gets lost in his eyes

Sameer : i am so sorry are you okay?

Omisha : yea I am fine thanks

“I never saw you before new?” asks her

Omisha : yes I am Omisha

“Sameer Luthra” shakes hand with her

Omisha  ; nice to meet you

Sameer : same here, sorry I am on phone see you around and welcome

Omisha ; thanks

Arora house

While cleaning room Preeta finds an ID that have no clear picture only the name.

Shrishti ; what is that?

Preeta : I don’t know somebody’s ID, but not ours I think

Shrishti ; show me, looks like a police ID not an ordinary one

Both looks at each other confusingly

Preeta : there is a name on it

Shrishti ; what is it?

“Pal, Palak Shekhawat” Preeta reads the name out loud

A girl walks with some cops in Police headquarters wearing glasses.

Vardhan ; well done officer, danger is still lurking and you have to finish your work

Girl : don’t worry Sir, you just remember your promise of helping me

Vardhan ; of course investigation is still on for the case

NGO office

“I don’t care about media, I fight for power not in fear of society” Elina shouts at an employer

“Sorry ma’am, but I feel this problem is very complicated” employees tries to explain

Elina : the society you are talking about only know how to dominate women, and thats what I fight for, there will be a day when whole world will understand women can be good to good and for evil they are bad also

Sports office 

Unaware to Karan, Preeta applies to physio job in cricket team.  

“Lets go for lunch in break” Karan asks her

Preeta smiles reading it

Karan : how long you take?

Preeta : today’s treat is from mine, come I will take you to my favorite place

Karan : wow, where has sun rise today

Preeta : come na, I am very hungry

PS : There is a big twist about Palak Shekhwaat. Sorry for short updates, I will add long parts soon

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  1. Awesome post
    No worries for short update
    This new track with new entries is exciting
    Omisha is definitely gonna bring a big storm in both of the family’s lives
    As for Palak, excited about it
    Want more preetan and samishti scenes if possible
    Post ASAP dear
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