Bepannah 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Lunch at Zoya’s place

Bepannah 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Aditya smiles watching Zoya’s photo while he lay in his bed. He speaks to the photo that soon Zoya will also realize she can’t live without him. Arjun come there and teases him to be doing romance since now, he must save some for later as well. Aditya says even Arshad would be there showing his innocence tomorrow. They decide a mission for tomorrow, Adi-Arshad out. Aditya shares an idea that they will call Arshad for an emergency case in his hospital, Arshad would surely leave in a hurry. Then he will have to win Zoya’s father’s heart along with her. Arjun says Zoya’s father already hates him. Aditya was ready to accept that love isn’t easy. Aditya then offers Arjun to go and have some ice cream. On the radio, a news about an accident and blockade of roads play.
The next morning, Roshana was decorating the house. Waseem comes cheerfully and pulls Roshana into dancing. Zoya and Noor step downstairs impressed by their parent’s romance. Noor complements Waseem to be still young, while Zoya pulls Roshana’s blushing cheeks. Waseem says he has a license for such romance. Roshana says she is missing Missouri now, they used to play Antakshari every weekend. Waseem was also nostalgic. He says he has invited Arshad and his family for lunch only because their relations must not be of in-laws, but of friends.
After the doorbell rings, Noor opens the door for Arshad and family. Everyone greet Arshad and his parents. Arshad comes to Zoya. Arshad’s mother complements their house look beautiful and Roshana look Zoya and Noor’s sister. Arshad whispers he disagree. Zoya asks if their house isnt looking beautiful, or her mother isn’t young. Arshad whispers that nothing is beautiful than Zoya here. All at once the door opens, Aditya and Arjun arrive for dinner. Aditya says ‘Hum Aye Unke Ghar Khuda Ki Qudrat Hai; Kabhi Hum Unke Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain Kabhi Unhe’ (We came to their house as God’s miracle; mesmerized we sometimes look towards their house and sometimes towards them). He greets Waseem with Assalam o Alaikum. Arshad comments he just said the same to Zoya, Aditya just made his words meaningful. Waseem says Ghalib was his favorite poet, Aditya says Zoya’s as well. He presents a gift to Waseem but he doesn’t accept it and instead tells Zoya to take this present as an alm to orphanage in the evening. After Waseem has gone inside with the guests, Arshad presents a gift to Zoya. Arjun warns Aditya of tough times ahead but Aditya was determined. Roshana comes to invite Aditya inside. Noor was annoyed with Arjun for coming in such a casual dress though aware he had to impress her parents.
Anjana comes to Aditya’s room to find the phone. She had severe head ache and was worried what if Aditya finds the phone. She was about to check the laptop bag but Harsh calls her getting late for airport.
Zoya gets a call from NGO and assures to be there in the evening. Aditya comes to Zoya and says he brought scented candles for her, what would the NGO people do with them? Zoya replies everyone needs light and fragrance in life, then smiles assuring she won’t give away his gift. Aditya says all his attempts fail in front of Waseem. Zoya reminds what Aditya once told her about Anjana, Anjana is only her client, not her mother in law! Same logic applies with Waseem, he is his friend’s father, not his father in law; so no need to impress him! Zoya goes to help Roshana. Arshad comes to help Aditya, he sends Arshad to drop the gifts to the room.
Aditya comes to the kitchen and helps the ladies in chopping vegetables. Roshana was worried that Waseem might fume watching Aditya in the kitchen. She tries to send Aditya outside but Aditya says his hard work will pay off surely. Roshana inquires what he wants in return. He replies he wants a companion to hold his hand for lifetime, in short a life partner like Waseem found for himself. Roshana asks what he means. Aditya says she must really be someone as patient and lovely as Roshana. Roshana assures he will get a better one than her. Aditya says he will do with her reflection as well. Zoya comes to interrupt and stop Aditya Hooda! Please stop flirting with her mother. Aditya says it was appreciation. Zoya suggests about calling Waseem. Aditya replies he is her father not any mafia don that he might be scared. Waseem comes inquiring what it is about, and why are they discussing about fears. Aditya explains he is afraid of eating bad food. Waseem says he will cook himself today. Aditya replies it wasn’t about him at all, and boasts that even he cooks well. Waseem challenges Aditya to cook biryani today. Arjun was shocked to hear, Waseem says Aditya must have tasted biryani quite many times. Arshad joins the discussion and boasts about a good cook of biryani, he offers his help. Waseem suggests they should both cook biryani, they offer a good competition between Adi and Arshad. Aditya winks at Zoya.
Noor comes to the room looking for her phone. She hears someone was in the washroom, she calls Zoya inside and asks for a promise to let Aditya win. Arshad appears from inside and apologizes for using her room. Noor says there was a wash basin in the kitchen as well. Arshad replies there wasn’t a hand sanitizer down there, Zoya asked him to go upstairs into her room. He then offers Noor help finding her cell phone and spots it before Noor. He then asks Noor for some help. Noor says Zoya likes spicy hot biryani. She was annoyed and minds it was a cheating then wish him luck before leaving. Arshad says it seems Noor is a tougher target than Zoya.
During the competition, Arshad notices Aditya had teary eyes. He gives Aditya a tip to chew bubble, it won’t bring in tears. Aditya claims hard work brings sweat and tears both but pays off well.
Waseem and guests come for inspection. Waseem was hopeless about Aditya and jokes that guests might leave for home before he can cook biryani.

PRECAP: Aditya sings sadly, Tere Dil Ko Mere Dil Ki Zarurat Hai while Zoya and Arshad dance with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Have you all seen the new promo? It is very heart breaking!!!!
    Riots have broken out…Zoya is desperately searching for ARSHAD…Adi comes there n asks her what’s the matter…she hugs him n tells him she is unable to find Arshad…Adi is shattered as she is only worried about Arshad!!!!
    All fans on instagram too are shattered after knowing about this promo!!!…sorry I have tears in my eyes for Adi’s character…N makers I hate Zoya n Arshad!!! Bye bye to ‘bepannaah…makers can watch the serial themselves!!!

    1. @Arch :
      For heaven’s sake, where is the hurry….All these are required for the plot development of zoya’s realisation…All serials go through such third angle phases for months and their loyal fans don’t quit watching , rather they continue supporting and keep their serials at top of trp charts..But unfortunately bepannah fandom is.weak i feel..They just can’t wait, even if it’s for a month, and are ready to stop watching and take their show down trp charar…Kudos to you guys …Like seriously and you call yourselves harshad and jen fans…
      * Slow claps*

    2. @Arch really? Where did u it. I couldn’t find anything. I can also not understand zoya. She say she’ll definitely not marry. But send the whole time false signal. Why is she going late in the night in a deserted place with a guy she just know for 2-3 days? She give him too importness. I Really begin to hate her -.-

    3. If she is in fact giving false signals to Arshad wouldn’t that be the same thing she accused Adi when he was leading on Mahi and making her believe that he’s interested in her? I remember how angry and upset Zoya was at Adi for doing that…

    4. Simi .. i agree with you … she has given adi false hopes and too much importance… she freindzoned adi very badly… actually this happened because of past experience.. first they showed adi dint love only friend and zoya never gave any friendship to yash… now they are doing just opposite… but i am with adi … zoya is doing too much …. story should proceed forward now ….

    5. Can I know which pages of bepanah are you following on instagram?

  2. Neha1

    Finally, the update is here….So late.
    Anyways, Coming to the episode…. episode was good but Arshad, I think he has a motive behind to marry Zoya… I today felt that when Arshad talk to Noor….Arshad said that “Noor was toughest target than Zoya”…Something is wrong..Adi too said in yesterday’s episode that how could be a person could be so nice, good all the time….But honestly, now I doubt on Arshad’s intentions too…otherwise Adi, Zoya and Roshna convo was very nice…!
    Precap, OMG…! Zoya what she’s doing….Dancing with that Arshad.???poor Adi…

    1. @Neha1 : In precap at least Zoya looked a bit uncomfortable with Arshad but see the new promo…it will bring tears in your eyes for Adi…Zoya is crying and desperately searching for Arshad in the riots !!!…N even when Adi comes to her she is worried about Arshad only!!!

    2. Neha1

      Dear @Arch, and all the loyal fan’s of Bepanaah…. It’s request to plz don’t stop watching the show…Yes, I know we all are pissed with Arshad-Zoya’s alliance, closeness but Yes, I agree with @Shreya…. that if we didn’t watch the show, it will surely effects the Trp chart and we should have some patience to watch Zoya’s realisation her love towards Adi….And we all knew that Arshad is just being played a cupid between AdiYa….it doesn’t matter if he’s positive/negative in the show…Makers are testing our patience but we aren’t so weak that we gave up…I too disappointed with current track…but Like all of you, I too LOVE? JENSHAD/ADIYA???? so, I will watch the show, to know how Adi-Zoya get together, how Zoya realise her feelings for Adi, Who will gonna Propose 1st…??
      S, it’s a humble request to all Bepanaah/AdiYa fan’s plz watch the show…Arshad track is just for Zoya’s realisation….And I really think and hope that soon Arshad will take exit from the show….as we already knew makers bring Tahir aka Arshad for 20 episode or within a month, Coz at the end we knew AdiYa will be together and they’re the Main Lead Actors of Bepanaah…. So have patience and plz??? dowatch bepanaah…!

  3. Why are the updates so late? Where’s Pooja? Is she okay? She used to give all the updates.. no offence Sona,but I miss Pooja.
    As for the ep.. well,let’s just say now I’ll only comment when the story moves forward.. so bbye guys.. it’s my last comment here till better days…? Waiting desperately…
    My bepannah love for y’all and the show shall never die.. it has given me great moments and I will be here silently reading all the updates,your views and ofc the show itself..
    Just one request: please update quicker!! Please..

  4. Oh no…what rubbish…why is Aditya being side tracked. Zoya is dumb n why is her character being portrayed in such a way, meaningless. Feel bad for Adi, you deserve a better life partner Adi. I seriously wish a new beautiful sensible n independent entry shud be there n this Zoya is not thinking about Adi n thinking about a person who came 2 days before. Adi go back to Paris rather than seeing this crap. Let her njoy her life wud Arshad..I am becoming emotional n sensitive about Adiya now 🙁 🙁

    1. Omg yes he should leave her already

  5. Question for everyone – did Zoya forget that Adi was supposed to go back to Paris after the anniversary party or did i miss something?

  6. SB, once adi realized he fell in love with zoya, he decided to not go, but zoya wasn’t lost in arshad, event, etc. I don’t think she noticed

    1. Thank you Malhar. Adi means a lot for Zoya, and it would be inconsistent and out of her character to forget something huge like that. Maybe the writers forgot about it, but part of me hopes Zoya remembers bits and pieces of her drunken night when Adi promised her not to leave her again. Anyways, nowadays I have hard time understanding or relating to Zoya…

  7. Seems like Zoya read the letter and wants to see a better Aditya… eating from the same plate with Arshad ,going to a lonely place and holding each other and dancing noooo way ,Aditya deserves better
    Go Back To Paris

  8. @Shreya: I watch no other serial bcos I felt this serial is unique…unfortunately it is becoming like all other crappy serials that air on tv!!!…but I won’t permanently stop watching but I may hold on and resume watching after Arshad is gone!!!

  9. New promo released on tv but description if the same released on instagram in the night itself!!! Promo should come out soon on instagram…

  10. If zoya fall for arshad it will be worst track ever(new promo)
    I think adi should stop running behind zoya.
    Precap is horrible.
    Aditya expression was life of the show, now his sad face making me sad.
    Zoya should understand herself what she needs
    I hope makers will not make this a typical serial by showing zoya falling for arshad and aditya saving zoya from arshad by found his wrong intention.

  11. Neha1

    So, Those who didn’t watch new promo…here it is…!
    And plz friends, watch Bepanaah, don’t stop watching…??Have Patience…. AdiYa will definitely be together…

    1. @Neha : I am sorry…if Zoya falls for Arshad n then Arshad is actually a villain…Adi saves Zoya from him by marrying her…Zoya misunderstanding n hating him!!!!…if they are gonna show this typical ekta kapoor style track then I don’t wish to watch such nonsense!!!

      But If Zoya is gonna reject Arshad then her utmost concern for him is misleading n implies that she is ready to marry him!!…nobody becomes friend in 2-3 technically Arshad is not even Zoya’s friend!!! Why cry n become worried to this extent for a stranger? Zoya’s character is very poorly written..from the beginning only Adi sacrificing for Zoya…Zoya walking in oblivion supporting all wrong ppl under the pretext of naivity n sidetracking Adi!!!!

      Adi’s pain in next week’s precap and in new promo bought tears in my eyes so till this Arshad is gone I can’t watch the show!!!…N if trps fall for 2 weeks they will end this Arshad track soon!!!!

    2. I watched the promo now. It’s horrible
      Why is she concern so much about arshad? Did he ever do something’s special for her? Adi did risk his life to save her life, although they weren’t friends. And she absolutely not concern about adi like about arshad. Sorry that’s too much.
      She always say that adi is her best friends. Is it the way to behave to you best friend? She know arshad just for 3 days!!!!

  12. Neha1

    After watching New Promo, It’s sad for me to watch Zoya is worried for Arshad….
    But I think that’s just bcoz she’s concerned…. IfAdi was in Arshad’s place Zoya will definitely get worried for Adi too…it just that Adi isn’t going Abroad after realising his love for Zoya and He promised Zoya that he will never leave her…. and Zoya didn’t understanding the difference between the depth of love and Friendship…
    She’s considering both Adi and Arshad as a friend… coz she earlier told that she didn’t want herAbbu to get angry on her and she was confused what she will do coz she didn’t want to hurt her Abbu and Arshad…. but in all this chaos, she still unknown about Adi’s feelings for her…Really stupid Zoya….But I still knew that there’s a hopethat somehow Adi, Arjunand Noor will not stay cool or calm…they definitely will do something…. And Adi himself decided that He will not let Zoya go away from him, he will always protect Zoya from all the problems… ADI ISS BAAR APNA PYARNHI KHOYEGA… NOT AT ANY COST…!

    1. Ok agreed Zoya is ‘mother India’ type of soul who cares for all!!!…But Adi is her’aziz dost’ right!!!..then why is she more concerned about ‘dost’ than ‘Aziz dost?

      Hope after this promo they don’t release a promo wherein Zoya realizes she is in love with Arshad!!!!…this serial loses most of its trp due to the poorly sketched character of Zoya!!!

      In fact since inception ‘Aditya Hooda’ is more impactful than ‘Zoya Siddhiqui’…had it not been Jennifer Winget ‘Zoya’ would be a flop character!!!

  13. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    That biryani competition between Aditya and Arshad doesn’t make any sense! Wasim’s behaviour towards Aditya is really irritating! Till day, Wasim never thanked Aditya for savings and protecting zoya from all danger! Arshad is not wrong he wants to marry zoya but zoya is totally wrong after spending so many months with Aditya she never understand Aditya is falling for her! Really feeling bad for Aditya. Poor Aditya! He always suffered the most. I am really not interested in watching zoya and Arshad love-story!

    1. Totally agreed…makers themselves can watch this track n self-praise their creativity!!!!

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Really not interested in zoya anymore! Zoya is the most weak and irritating central character! Typical Hindi daily shop heroin! I used to watch bepanh for Aditya! Firstly, Aditya cheated by pooja! Now zoya is falling for Arshad! Then, what left in the show! For what we should watch Bepanah!

  15. Well my interpretation of upcoming track:
    1. As per Noor’s instructions, Arshad might have made spicy biryani. But spicy biryani cannot be given to NGO children. So Zoya chose Arshad as winner n gave Aditya’s tastier biryani to poor children.
    2. Promos of this show have always been misleading. So even though Zoya may be concerned about Arshad she may not be concerned about him the extent to which it was shown in the promo.
    3. Yesterday for the first time Zoya clearly felt uncomfortable with Arshad while he was flirting with her n then gifting her. She didn’t look that happy in the precap too while dancing with him. So some start to Zoya’s realisation.
    4. Adi will slowly start backing off after seeing Zoya’s concern for Arshad during riots. He will also see a dream in which Zoya rejects him for Arshad n he would be totally shaken up(this was confirmed on tellychakkat last week n this site generally gives authentic spoilers).

    1. Neha1

      Okay @Arch, if this is the upcoming story…then I really think if Adi will back off his steps towards Zoya will definitely help him(Adi) in his favor only…. atleast Zoya will realise Adi’s importance in her life…..As it was earlier happened, when Adi left for Paris without informing anybody…. later Zoya realise what Adi’s existence means to her in her life….She Always said “Humare sabse Aziz Dost”… I’m hoping that makers will definitely follow this track otherwise, it’s a Bigggggg torture upon Us (Fan’s)…to watch Zoya’s Soooooooo much concerned about that “CHAMPU Arshad”…!

  16. I don’t think zoya is wrong . she cares for both arshad and aditya
    In promo arshad is struck in riot not aditya.
    But she is too much in name of friendahip.

    Where zoya took aditya as friend and same as arshad.she never had love for aditya.

    Instead turning into a typical triangular love story or zoya falling for arshad.they should start a realization track for zoya & end arshad track in 2weeks time.

    Otherwise i also quit, not intersted in watching another typical ekta’s love hate triangular love story

    1. Agreed..she cares for both…But she knows no difference between:-
      1. Love n friendship
      2. Special friend n friend
      3. 1 yr friend n 3-day friend
      4. Friendship n humanity

      The pre leap Zoya was much better…she had boundaries …she used to feel shy to let any man come close to her..N now she is so open that she will become very free with any person she hardly knows!!!..such so called open minded ppl are actually very irritating like Zoya!!! Mind has opened but Zoya’s brain will never open!!!

  17. People don’t stop watching bepannah…For jenny and Harsh’s sake…They are so talented..They need our support, yaar…Pasand na bhi ho toh bhi dekhte raho, arshad toh bas kuch hi dinon ka mehman hai, already half his track is over..Plz plz don’t stop watching bepannah…Trp badhegi shayad nahi, par stable toh rakho..Keep watching on tv, just aadhe ghante ki baat hai…We don’t want it to end, do we?
    Waiting for replies

    1. If this is how the makers plan to continue the show then why not end it? I mean,what’s the point of stretching if the viewers are not enjoying..? Besides,if it continues like this with a crappy story then the fans who stop watching it will remember the show for that and not the amazing premise it had and the intense eps in the beginning.. so if the trps go down and the makers decide to end it instead of improving on it.. thier fault.. but they should at least realise that we aren’t finding it fair at all.
      Now they can decide whether to improve or quit. We only have trp to communicate with them. And this how we shall tell them how we feel.
      Although I kind of have the feeling it’s going to be interesting Soon.
      Anyway,waiting right here,always.

    2. I will resume watching after Arshad’s exit!!!!

  18. Okay ik I said won’t comment but just one thing.. I just think she was out with arshad.. and adi was nowhere in the picture.. when the riots broke and hence she was only worried for arshad.. she clearly thinks of him as her responsibility given by her father.. besides she know he is new in the city.. let them live,fam.
    So I won’t bash her for this.. but yeah, obviously.. it is too painful to watch Aditya being in pain.. but then again as one of you commented before.. a character can only see from his/her point of view.. they’re not audience so they don’t get to see the wider picture..
    Not defending the makers.. they’re surely at fault and I think have expressed that well enough in my last comments.. but still.. I don’t think this should be that big of an issue.. in fact it’s okay.. we will get to see another side of adi.. and one way love is always interesting concept to watch…woh kehte Hain na. “Ek tarfa pyaar ki taakat he alag hoti h..”. just when you feel low.. think of how Zoya too will someday be in love with him.. or if perhaps not.. just think that happier times for them are waiting… don’t lose hope guys.. at least now I feel the story will move forward..
    Okay that’s all I had to say..

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I agree with you @Meera…. We don’t loose hope and my instinct is saying that soon Zoya will realise/understand the difference between love and friendship…. and also realise her feelings for Adi….till then we will going to witness another side of Adi….but the thing is Adi had already faced so much that we(fan’s) can’t see him in pain… whereas Zoya is really stupid…I just hope that makers will not do more stupidity with Zoya’s character…. she already been disliked by many fan’s due to her role….plz makers Don’t show our Jennifer soooooo stupid….coz A girl/women can easily understand what’s the love is and how’s the feelings of love is and also the difference between love and friendship… So, makers plz stop watching stupid Zoya, we want Sensible Zoya…!

  19. I think that zoya loves adi but I feel she has some reason why she has to act like she doesn’t . She is using arshad for some reason. Have patience friends don’t give up the show. Zoya is not doing wrong. I know she is hurting adi but she loves him.


    This!!! :’) this is required so badlyyyyyy!!!!!!! T.T
    C’mmon aditya!!!!

    1. I totally agree.

    2. Yes, right Meera

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