Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vanita asks Naina’s family to leave the society

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Receptionist receives a call from Anant and sends Sameer inside. Anant greets them nicely. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Sameer says it is okay. Work is important. He gives him the recommendation letter.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I cannot explain the feeling of sitting in front of Anant Mahadevan. It felt as if I was giving my first shot and Naina was clapping for me.

Sameer gives flowers to Anant. Anant orders tea for them and then they begin talking. Sameer tells Anant that he is his big fan. Anant says I am on the lookout for a new face but not people aren’t worthwhile anymore. Naina asks him when he is starting that film. Anant shares that it will be next year. He looks at Sameer’s portfolio.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I felt as if the film has released and is super hit! I was on cloud nine.

Anant advises them to get photos clicked from some professional photographer. I am in no hurry. Rakesh replies that they are in a rush. Anant advises them to take it easy. Mumbai does not give a chance to everyone. All the best but I must take your leave now.

Vanita assures a few ladies they could have come to us if there was any problem. Her friend comes home holding shopping bags. Sahiba and Vanita talk happily. Shubham greets them. Vanita asks Shubham about his haircut. He speaks of economics. I told the hairdresser to cut my hair which should look worth Rs. 20. He asks Sahiba if it looks like Katora cut. She denies. Vanita complains to him about the new tenants. They dint think to meet us first even when we called them over. Shubham says it isn’t so. Preeti’s Jija ji was in a rush. They catch the word Jija ji.

Sameer and family decide to wait in Anant’s room but receptionist tells them that Anant will not return now. The meeting is over. Rakesh is shocked. Why wont he return? Sameer asks her when they can meet him again. She shares that he would have told him already if he intended to meet you again. They argue that Anant is looking for a new face for his movie. Sameer is every bit worth it! Receptionist says there are so many like you who come to Mumbai every day to become hero. I would like you to leave from here. You can go home or return to the place from where you have come! Sameer and Naina are reminded of auto driver’s words.

Voiceover – Sameer:
My dreams broke apart in a second. They were of glass! All my dreams shattered in a second. I realised one thing that day. Recommendation can only get us tea and nothing else! I had no idea where to go next. I could only see “The End” board everywhere.

Naina follows Sameer quietly.

Vanita asks Shubham what he was saying. Shubham lies that he was speaking about Naina’s husband. I will tell them to meet you. Sahiba nods. Vanita looks at him suspiciously. Sejal also joins them. Sahiba asks her about her new hairstyle. Vanita says I gave her a suggestion. Look how beautiful she looks. Sahiba says it seems she got a haircut. Sejal nods. There were split ends. Shubham excuses himself.

Voiceover – Naina:
Vanita ji was worse than James Bond. She could smell lies from far. We were going to be their target for sure! We were trying to hide our secret in a society where it is tough to hide anything!

Sejal shares that she asked Preeti to cut hair. Sahiba is impressed by Preeti. Vanita says it isn’t like our Parlour in Juhu. She leaves. Sejal and Sahiba smile.

Rakesh notices Sameer’s sad face in auto. Hum Na Samjhe The song plays. Sameer also notices their sad faces.

Guard sends the cable guy to 1102. An auto enters but guard does not let him go inside. Rakesh asks him what this is. Guard says I told you to meet Madam. She scolded me for no reason. Meet her right away. Sameer asks him what if they meet later. Guard insists. Madam has asked to throw your stuff outside otherwise. Don’t complain later! Guard guides him. Auto driver asks for his fare. Rakesh argues about the amount. Driver shows the rate card but Rakesh refuses to give him any extra money than the previous bill. Driver relents.

Vanita welcomes Sameer and Naina. She asks about the third person. Naina says Papa is coming. Vanita asks them whose father it is. They say yes in unison. She asks them whose father it is. They say mine in unison. She asks them another question. Rakesh manages the situation. Sameer is my friend’s son while Naina is my daughter. Vanita asks him if he thinks they are fools. He denies. She speaks of following the society rules. Introduce yourselves before committee. Rakesh says we introduce ourselves in office. Introductions happen over tea and snacks in Ahmedabad. She reminds him it is Bombay but he corrects her that it is Mumbai now. They end up giving introductions. Naina introduces herself as Naina Rakesh Agarwal. When it comes to marriage, Naina is introduces as married while Sameer is introduced as unmarried. Vanita asks Naina about her husband. Naina and Rakesh give 2 different answers. Sameer covers for them. They do some drama in front of everyone. Vanita tells them to stop their drama. You guys are lying to us! I will file police complaint. Do you have a gang? Naina asks her if she thinks this about them. My husband is from Delhi but is in Dubai right now. Vanita wants to talk to him but Rakesh says we don’t have his number. Rakesh and Naina continue their drama. Sameer requests Vanita not to rub salt to Naina’s wound anymore. Vanita tells them that they have decided that they wont stay in the society! Rakesh requests her not to do it but Vanita asks them to leave quietly.

Voiceover – Naina:
It felt as if everyone was after our life that day. I knew that Sameer will break down if we lose the house that day!

Precap: Naina tells Nirmala ji their lie has been caught. Please come with us. Nirmala ji refuses but Preeti requests her to do something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. RIP Ye un dino ki baat hai… this serial should go off air…..

    1. If you are not liking to watch ,don’t want h ,no one is forcing you to watch,but it’s showi ng real struggle

  2. can’t say much about yesterday episode , but today episode will only decide , whether sameer and naina and rakesh sir will stay in society , didn’t expect this fast vanita will find out of Sameer and naina marriage , waiting for today episode eagerly ,

    really a bad day in sameer life ,i mean in reel life

    1. Dont worry Naina definitely will do something ,they will stay here only

  3. @sweta it’s good to have you back ,i and all other commenters were really missing you

    ya i know they will stay here only , also there will be romantic scenes between naina and sameer from next week ,i have seen photos on Instagram

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