Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari reconciles with Arnav

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti tells Rohan she was relieved to see Veer with all those girls, she believes she can live her life with Rohan without any guilt. But then later, she realized Veer isn’t what she just saw. He can’t move on in his life so easily after a breakup. He wants to destroy himself. People handle breakups differently, but Veer is trying to destroy himself completely. Rohan says Veer has deep feelings for Mishti, he is emotional but needs some time. But he is strong and won’t be stuck in this trauma for long. Once he is stabilized, they would tell him about their relationship. And Veer must be the first one to know, he is rightful. Rohan now complains to Mishti that she thinks about everyone, except him.

Pari sat silent in Arnav’s room when he joins. Pari says they spent a lot of time together, she miss each moment. In last few months, things changed so drastically they didn’t take time. She believes they must talk to each other, because silence will not get them to any situation. They know there is a lot they haven’t yet shared, though they are childhood best friends.

Mishti hugs Rohan from behind and says it’s not like that. Rohan laughs. Mishti gets offensive. Rohan holds Mishti’s hand that they will begin their new relationship today. Mishti takes a step to punish Rohan. Rohan says I am sorry, and holds Mishti close to himself. He then gives a kiss over her shoulder. Mishti drops the stick. He says he won’t be angry with Mishti even if she takes his life. Mishti at once shuts his mouth. She says they have to live together, don’t mention death.

Pari accepts her mistake to Arnav. Since she has fallen for Rohan, she has been lost. She didn’t spend any time with Arnav. But she didn’t do anything deliberately. She only spoke about Rohan, but it was a huge matter and life changing moment for her; who else she must have told about it then. She didn’t mean to hurt him. She feels a guilt that she has broken his heart. But she miss his presence, a person can live without love, but not without friends. He is special. Arnav agrees it’s his mistake as well, he could have stopped her. He promises he won’t let her away from himself. He asks Pari if her relationship with Rohan moved any forward.

Mishti gifts Rohan the watch she brought for him. Rohan was excited. He opens the watch, and says it’s nice; in fact too good. But he wish to hear the three magical words from her.

“An age gone by only to hear;
His soul craves that the emotions are expressed as words;
The heart beat races at the thought of this love;
Now she must accept she also loves him”

Mishti gets closer but before she could speak, the phone bell rings. Rohan takes the call and was tensed at once. He promises to reach in 15 or 20 minutes. He tells Mishti Veer was arrested and taken to police station.

There, Pari asks Arnav not to discuss Rohan. Arnav says he is fine, and Pari can speak now; he won’t mind. He asks if Pari told Rohan what’s in her heart. Pari says she didn’t, she couldn’t gather the strength. Arnav asks if Rohan also didn’t say anything yet. Pari says the way Rohan looks towards her and takes care for her; she feels he likes her too. Arnav says he is happy for Pari. They hug each other. Tani stood at the door, Sukhmani comes there and signals Tani to leave. Arnav cancels the cards plan tonight, as it’s late.

Rohan tells Mishti it’s a drink and grab case. Veer hit someone with his car. They hurry to police station.

Sukhmani comes to Arnav and says she was happy to see them together. Its good Arnav didn’t give up on his love. Arnav says today he is relieved, their relationship has moved a step forward. She still miss him and holds a minor spare for him in her heart. He is happy she is still in his life. Sukhmani greets Arnav and leaves.

Rohan asks Mishti not to come inside. He will handle Veer. Mishti was worried and asks if everything will be fine. Rohan assures it will all be fine, he is there. In the car, Mishti was tensed.

PRECAP: Rohan comes to Veer who was badly drunk, he hugs Veer. Veer instead punches Rohan and questions why he came over. Even relationships change with the passage of time. Rohan didn’t come to him since his breakup.

Update Credit to: Sona

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