Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon condemns Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaroon coming to Saltanat and asking her if she is fine. He says I can’t see you crying. He holds her hand. She goes. He cries. Kainat opens Zaroon’s gift and smiles seeing the dancing couple. Zaroon comes to meet her. She asks him to come in. He says no, its fine, I felt bad that your life is getting spoiled because of you, you did wrong to insult Saltanat, who risked her love for your sake, your deed ended my guilt, you did very much wrong. He goes. She thinks you will love me one day, you are just mine. Dada ji recalls Saltanat. Nadim says it didn’t happen right. Dada ji says Saltanat is the reason for this, she provoked me to slap.

Nadim says no, Kainat is also a culprit in this, Kainat didn’t wish to do this engagement. Dada ji asks how can you say this, Kainat said Saltanat wanted to break this engagement. Rubina says Dada ji is right, it was just Saltanat’s mistake. Nadim is shocked. Dada ji says its your mistake, you didn’t raise Saltanat well. Rubina stops Nadim from saying about Kainat’s wish. Dada ji asks Nadim not to blame Kainat to save Saltanat. He asks Nadim to support Kainat.

Kainat sees old pics. She hugs her dad’s pic and cries. Kainat runs to Dargah and prays. She says I will believe in myself. Neelam says your post has come from Dargah. Hamza stops her and asks her how can she ruin their happiness because of Saltanat. He scolds her for going against him and family. Neelam says no one is more imp to me than you, if you think I went against you, then there will be a reason. He asks the reason.

She says Saltanat has always regarded us a part of her family, we did this for house’s betterment, we aren’t wrong, you are wrong, you can’t get Kainat’s love, you can’t make a home with her. She goes. Dadi looks on and says she said the truth, just love can make a home, you got engaged, you didn’t marry, you can’t get the heirship. She explains Hamza to win Kainat’s heart. He asks how shall I win her heart. Zaroon comes and says I will tell you, come with me. They go. Dadi says Zaroon wants Saltanat, so Kainat has to become of Hamza. Zaroon asks Hamza did he impress any girl. Hamza says I didn’t get a chance to see anyone except Kainat. Zaroon says you should have won her heart, give her a gift and make her believe that her life will be like heaven. Hamza smiles.

Dadi comes to meet Kainat. He says you are suitable to become my bahu, I understand your feelings, I can’t get what you want, Zaroon’s dad will get Zaroon and Saltanat married when he gets Dargah’s heirship so Rubina wanted Nadim to become the heir, you also make a plan and snatch heirship from Nadim, Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage won’t happen. She smiles and thinks Hamza will get the heirship. She goes. Kainat thinks I got a way to get Zaroon, the one who has the property will get Zaroon. Saltanat sits sad. Zaroon comes to console her. He asks her why is she doing this for thankless girl, Kainat made Dada ji slap her, does she think she should support Kainat, will she sacrifice her love for Kainat, who knows I lose heart and return to Canada, and our love ends. She recalls her oath. He holds her hand. She thinks to break all promises and accept Zaroon’s love.

Kainat says I came to apologize to you. Saltanat is shocked. Zaroon smiles.

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  1. except few everyone in the family has their own selfish motives..
    they are just thinking about themselves and not the consequences..
    its too much negativity.. disappointing..
    and seriously if kaynat has always accepted elders wish then how come she suddenly changed?

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