Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina decides to break Sameer’s stubborness

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to the class where Naina and others are there. Naina is about to come near him. Sameer stops her and tells that he is doing this for Munna and Pandit. Kamya says if you do this then Karthik and Sunaina will win. Karthik and Sunaina dance on the song rock n roll. Preeti says we shall decide a good song. Sameer tells that Preeti will be his dance partner. Kamya says she will be his dance partner. Naina gets sad. Sameer says anyone can become my dance partner except one girl. Bela is about to call Varun, but Pooja stops her. Sameer’s cousin tells Mami about Pooja and tells that she is their neighbor’s bahu. She tells about Pooja’s bad points and tells that their mum in law sent me home and asked me to apologize to her. Mami says why you will apologize to her. Varun calls Pooja and asks her what did she say at home. Pooja says she lied. Varun asks her to apologize to Bittu bhabhi. Pooja says she didn’t do mistake and tells that Bittu had only said bad about her saas and I had repeated her words. She asks him to come wherever he likes.

Sameer practices in the classroom. Munna and Pandit tell that he agreed with much difficulty. Naina lifts Sameer’s shoes and tells that she will not return his shoes until he requests her to dance with him. She says she is going. Munna and Pandit try to stop her and asks Sameer to agree. Sameer says I have done this for you, but it is blackmail and asks them to bring his shoes. Munna says she is stubborn like her father and asks her to agree. Sameer says I know that you all are together and says whatever he is doing is for Naina’s betterment. Sameer runs out. Naina runs. Her voiceover tells that she had begged on first day and now stealing shoes. Sameer runs and collides with Karthik. Karthik picks Sameer’s keys and steps on his foot to hurt him.

Sunaina stops him and asks him to return his keys. Karthik gives keys to Priyank and he runs out. Sameer runs out following him. Naina sees him running out and offers to give shoes. He refuses and runs. Her voiceover says I thought why did I steal his shoes that day. Song plays….He takes out thorn from his feet. He takes his shoes and runs away. Naina sits shattered. Karthik and Priyank asks Sameer if he wants keys. Karthik throws keys, and Sameer catches it. Preeti and others come to Naina. Swati asks her not to get sad. Kamya says it is good that I am saved. Naina says she will break his stubbornness. She tells that Sameer will talk to her. Sameer looks at her.

Sameer slaps Naina. Naina slaps Sameer infront of their friends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode was not bad…
    Naina’s efforts for Sameer….?
    But Most irritating to see Sameer’s rudeness..
    I think, Pooja Di prblm will make some issues in Samaina’s life..
    I hope- next episode Our Samaina will be united..

  2. Ya sid episode was not that bad. Hope, within this week samaina will be reunited. In spoilers, I saw many videos were samaina were practicing for the competition in a romantic way.

  3. Precap was awesome…………. waiting for Samaina reunion. i think Bittu and pooja’s fight will surely hav its effect on Samaina ….

  4. Hi thx deb. Yesterday comment so good to see u again. Yesterday episode was fine sameer sis and naina sis r relation in hub side so some misunderstanding is going on sameer and naina will solve the problem…..

  5. Saw in an update that sameer will slap naina because naina will sart smoking as she thought that sameer would come and stop her but sameer gets angry and slaps naina then naina also slaps sameer and go from college to temple … and sameer will search for her..

  6. Lokesh

    Thanx Hasan but very late I was waiting so long, episode was gud , lovely cllg drama , same things are happening in my life too, but study’s also not like only rock n roll, thanx deb for commenting, keep watching guys .gud evening.

  7. sameer is just too much right now for ignoring naina . naina is naina and she knows very ways to convince sameer and waiting for their mahamilan. the last part of the episode where naina says that she will break sameer stubborness with her stubborness and that song when she is walking to do something that sameer will talk to her and apologize was great. love samania.

    1. Will you pls tell me the song when she was walking?

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