Mere Sai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sandhya Saves Tukaram’s Life

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Mere Sai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bayaza thanks Sulbha. Madhav asks a man about Sai. Man says nobody stays here with this name. Appa says he came here few days back. Mhalsapati ji gives his description. Man identifies Sai as Dilawar’s shishya and says he stays with Dilawar in the tent. Tukaram walks on burning coal twice. His second wife cries. Everyone looks on. Man tells that they all went to farm. Appa and others are coming there. Dilawar asks Tukaram to walk for 4 rounds more if he wants a son. Bayaza and others come to Sai and calls him. Sai gets happy. Jhipri runs to Sai. Sai comes to Bayaza. Sandhya sees Tukaram walking on burning coal and shouts seeing fire catching his clothes. Sulbha says I was sure that we will find you. Sai says if you are hopeful then we will get you.

Everyone see Tukaram’s clothes burning. Sandhya takes someone’s blanket and set off fire from his clothes. She then covers him with blanket. Tukaram blesses her and says I am saved because of you. He tells you are more brave than a son. Sulbha sees Tukaram and is shocked. She hides her face. Sandhya asks him to tell if he is feeling burning sensation and says my Sai is here to treat you. Sai tells Sandhya that Tukaram is her father. Sandhya is surprised.

Sulbha gets emotional. Sai holds Sulbha’s hand and tells him that Sandhya is Sulbha’s daughter. He says you had thrown her out of house. Dilawar says he has a child before. Sai says today you have said that Sandhya is more brave than a son and have saved you today. Tukaram gets emotional and asks her to come near him. Sandhya says my mum suffered because of you and says why shall I come to you. Dilawar says you got your daughter because of me. Tukaram tells Sulbha that he will keep her like a princess and will send his second wife to her mayka. His second wife cries. Sulbha tells she came here as Sai wanted, and tells that she has everything now. She says she has no repentance. Tukaram recalls Sai’s words and thanks him.

Dilawar curses him and says you will not get a son. Tukaram says if I get my daughter then my life will be successful. He goes. Dilawar says your Sai is my Student. He says I am his ustad and can take him anywhere. Bayaza says Sai belongs to Shirdi and Shirdi is because of him. she says it is our right to protect him. She says we were silent when you made him as your student, and made him do all the work, and treated him badly. She says we have come to take you back. Guru ji asks him to come. Madhav says Shirdi is lifeless because of you. Bayaza says all shirdi people came to take you.

Sai apologizes and says I can’t return with you all. He says time haven’t come till now to return Shirdi. He says I can’t leave Dilawar alone, without taking his permission. Jhipri says if we will lose him. Guru ji says we won’t let this happen. Guru ji Devidas introduces himself and tells that he will take Sai with them. He says you think of yourself as knowledgeable and intellectual. Dilawar says nobody is superior than me. Mhalsapati says nobody can defeat Sai. Madhav says Sai is more knowledgeable than you. Dilawar says Sai is my shishya and will tell me what I taught him. He asks if there is someone who can win from him.

Mhalsapati tells that they have to search some intelligent person. Jhipri suggests Guru ji’s name. Dilawar tells Guru ji that if he loses in argument then he has to become his shishya.

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