Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Gives Hint To Siddhant About Marriage

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant and Sweety talk about Dinesh. Gayatri gives them juice. Sweety says we shall talk to some doctor. Siddhant says we will meet my pitashri’s Doctor. Sweety says it is not easy to meet him, that day KK called him. Siddhant says he will not meet me, but meet my patient. Srikant and Riddhi are walking in the garden holding hands. Anushka comes there and teases them. Srikant goes. Riddhi asks about Siddhant. Anushka says he is not talking since yesterday and feels he is hiding some emotions. A young man comes to KK’s house with Police and guards behind him. He asks Inspector and guards to wait there. KK greets and welcomes him. Vedant touches his feet. KK says you are a big politician and touched my feet. Vedant says I came here as a girl’s brother and my life’s rule is to get elders’ blessings.

KK says good principle. He introduces Riddhi and Anushka to Vedant. Vedant talks about his sister Nupur. Anushka thinks this is love and looks at her phone. Karthik asks why she is busy on phone. Vedant says it happens during our rally. He tells that he want to talk to Karthik alone. Neeta asks why? Vedant tells KK’s words that beti have to go to other house. KK asks him to meet Karthik and then decide. Siddhant tries to get Doctor’s appoint, but the same doctor is not available and nurse asks him shall I give other doctor appointment. Vedant tells KK that he will call Nupur and his parents. KK tells Neeta that Vedant can become Cabinet Minister and says he can be a good choice for Anushka.

In the office, Anushka gives papers to Siddhant. Siddhant asks if she brought wedding card. Anushka says it will come and tells him that Karthik sent papers for him. Siddhant says you are in a hurry to marry. Anushka asks why, and says she got nice guy after so many days. She says she is 26 and she is karthik’s twin sister. She says if he gets married then her marriage will be difficult to happen. Siddhant says who gets married at 26 years, and you are good looking and hot…Anushka asks what hot? Siddhant says I mean look good. Anushka says you think me good and hot, but no other guy likes me. She says nobody proposed me till now. She says you were also silent. She says I got a nice guy and shall marry, else he will go from my hand. She asks Servant to take tea for Siddhant. Servant brings tea and gives to Siddhant, says Anushka said you are in tension. Siddhant says I am not in tension and asks him to take tea. He looks at Anushka.

Siddhant meets Srikant and asks about Anushka’s marriage. Srikant says not yet. He asks about his alliance. Siddhant tells that there is a girl, but he didn’t know what happens. Srikant asks him to marry. Siddhant asks about Anushka’s marriage. Srikant tells that she is not interested for marriage for next 5 years, and tells that they didn’t like any proposal. Siddhant smiles. Anushka comes and says her marriage talk is going on. She asks Srikant if the cards are ready. Srikant asks if she is joking and tells Siddhant that Anushka’s marriage is difficult to happen as the guy has to cross three mountains, Karthik, KK and him. He says Anu is their laadli. Anushka asks what kind of a guy you like for me. Srikant says difficult thing and asks Anushka to tell. Anushka says she wants a simple, American educated guy and his face shall be smiling. Srikant asks if she has selected someone. Anushka says no and goes.

Siddhant comes to her cabin and searches her. Anushka comes and asks if you are searching Katrina Kaif in my cabin. He says no. Siddhant says you would have told me that you didn’t know about the alliance. Anushka says you are always angry all the time. Siddhant says no. Anushka says Maa and Appa are eager for my marriage. She says the person I like shall have guts to talk to Appa and convince him. Siddhant tells her that he will get married before Karthik. He goes. Anushka smiles.

Siddhant tells KK that he is on his side. Riddhi tells Anushka that siddhant gives importance to his career and asks if he will talk about his marriage with KK.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I know that this show only for how could you understand love. I think precap maybe kk tells prabhakar choose alliance to siddhant before his death. If it is true Siddant situation is sooo……. Tuff. Anyway nice epi & interesting precap.

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