Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mami insults Naina, Arjun and Shefali get romantic

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mami asking Nani to apply sugary water on her hand. Sameer, Munna and Pandit come there. Mami asks him to come and get mehendi applied. Munna says boys don’t apply on their hands. Poonam tells them that guys also apply mehendi and tells her husband got her name written on his hand with mehendi. Mami says if he can, then he will tattoo your name on his hand. Naina thinks of Sameer’s words and goes to apply mehendi on his hand. Sameer resists. Naina holds his hand and writes her name with mehendi. Her voiceover tells that she has love at first sight on Sameer and that’s why she has first chance to hold his hand. Song plays…..Jaanu….Mami comes and asks Poonam to make mango juice. Pandit tells that it is grah pravesh of our bhabhi. Munna says our grah pravesh in our college. Poonam says mehendi is on her hand. Naina says she will make mango juice. Mami asks if she ever used food processor. Naina says yes and tells that she has used it before. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was shocked seeing Naina’s confidence as she holds his hand and applied mehendi, and then went to kitchen to make juice. Naina goes to kitchen and thinks it seems to be like mixer.

Naina switches on the food processor and the mangoes pieces falls out splashing on her. She shouts. Sameer comes there and is about to fall, but Naina holds his hand. Mami and Mama come to kitchen and fall down. Mami takes Naina out of kitchen and asks her to leave. Naina says sorry. Mama says Prabha will not give you anything. Prabha says your parlour lady folds her hand infront of me and calls her ugly. Munna tells Sameer that Mami rejected bhabhi at first meeting. Naina cries and looks at Sameer. Mami pushes Naina and Swati out of house. Jaanu song plays….Sameer and Naina looks at each other. Swati asks Naina not to feel sad and asks her not to take tension. Naina says I am not in a tension as I was humiliated, but because Sameer and I will not be together. I will go to Patel, and Sameer will be with you all in VJN and says only God can do miracle now. Pandit tells that Naina must be feeling bad. Munna asks about his injury. Mama says it is mehendi. Mami says her name was kammo, just like her face. Munna says she was not that bad. He asks how was Kammo’s friend? Mami asks shall I get you married to her? Munna says yes, and says Kammo shall marry Sameer. Mami insults Naina and says their names can’t be taken together. Mama says they have no match. Sameer looks at Naina’s name on his hand.

Preeti and Naina think what they will wear. Tai ji says you will wear this and gives old type clothes. She asks Bela to comb their hairs. Bela applies hair oil and ties their hairs. It turns out to be Naina’s dream. Preeti and Naina run to bathroom.

Arjun sees Shefali buying vegetables. He throws peanut on her and signs her to come on terrace. Shefali says ok. Later she meets him in Tai ji’s house and says she wants something. Arjun says if she wants fees, he will talk to Tai ji. Shefali gets irritated and asks if he don’t feel anything.

Arjun says I felt bad when my selection didn’t happen. Shefali says both sister and brother are same. Shefali asks him to come closer to her and asks if he don’t feel anything seeing beautiful girl. Arjun says he gets scared thinking if anyone sees them in room. Shefali gets upset. Arjun says I will tell you how I feel today and gets closer. Shefali runs. Arjun runs after her. Suddenly she keeps hand on the spoon and acchar falls on them. Shefali gets tensed and says it was sent by her mom’s friend and she will scold her. Arjun says they will clean the mess. Sameer gets ready for college. His voiceover tells that he thought Naina and his past will leave behind, but he didn’t know that it will be very memorable.

Maha Episode on 19th May. First day in college.
Sameer is driving the car to go to college. He sees Naina standing on road holding umbrella while it is raining. He steps down from his car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode was good…
    Naina’s Bold Avatar superb…
    Samaina’s Hand holding scene was Awesome… Treat to watch after long time…
    Overacting Mami… Speechless Sameer..
    Shejun’s romance?..
    Naina&Preeti’s Dream – Funny….
    Mundit,Swathi always lovable… Eagerly Waiting for Upcoming Episodes…

  2. Now the time has come to start watching episodes again n again as like shaadi track…… Naina is undergoing all humiliation as like sameer did in naina’s house…… The way sameer holded his hand tightly when maamiji said he n naina won’t be a perfect match, he still wanted to protect his love…….. Naina’s boldness is very cute n sameer is shocked to see naina in this avatar?fandom complained that we didn’t see sameer seeing naina’s mehendi N those scenes were edited but now we got double dhamaka by SN mehendi n naina holding sameer’s hand for the first time……. Precap wish sameer should goto naina n talk something or give her a lift ?

  3. Trp is decreasing only 0.5 watch it on tv @10.25pm n don’t change the channel during add times n tune in Sony tv tomorrow 8pm without fail….. Sony tv should be shocked to see the highest trp tomorrow n we the fandom should do it…..

  4. hi all

    Mixed feel of Samaina, complete pack and totally agree with Sid and San’s comments.
    eagerly awaiting for saturday’s episode……

  5. I agree with you San and sid. The show has regained its charm. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I saw in YouTube that naina will join in vjn college. During class hours, Sameer will complain about naina. So professor ask her to go out. Naina gives Sameer a flying kiss ?. Sameer is shocked. Later she sits near Sameer. But he avoids her. Then her gang will perform a dance surrounding Sameer. It’s going to be a treat guys.

  6. Hi……I laughed loudly….2part dream session is good …..fine . ….yes in south side Tamil nadu. Some colleges r following particular dress code Chudidhar with shal in our college also ..up to 2006they followed full skirt with half sari…school as well as college . same campus.nearly 10000students r studying…..after 2006only Chudidhar with shal ….Very strict …as well as very good and famous. .still manny schools and colleges r not co edu….. sameer smile plz … gives u charm I think u have forgotten bcz of director …..all the best for u r college life……

    1. I agree. I’m from TN

  7. Yes I agree with your opinions San and Sid. The episode was good Samaina scenes were awesome. Shejun were also nice.
    Naina and Preeti’s dream was too funny?
    Excited for the upcoming track

  8. Nice episode, please show natural smile of Sameer , these days either he is not smiling or banawati smile

    best of luck to us for coming episodes

  9. Lokesh

    Gud epi, bechari Naina and Swati, Mami ne bhut beijjat Kiya. Thanx Hasan, I m little bsy guys so don’t get time to comment, u guys keep commenting, missing u deb.

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