Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update mango with diamond

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

He says boss there’s no diamond,boss says there has to be one,he says there were 12 mangoes and one is missing,boss says so our diamond mango is missing,where is it,anu says I haven’t eaten any,Vibhu says oh you have friends oh they have gun,anu asks Vibhu did you take any mango from this box,vibhu says yes I did I gave bhabhiji,angoori walks in and says the mango you gave went missing from kitchen.

Boss says you two go and find the mango or else Tiwari and anu will be shit dead,vibhu says cmon let’s go and both leave.angoori says I understand nothing you said that was gods prasad and they said it had diamond what is this mess,vibhu says you hurt me is mango more important than me,angoori says look I respect you and I’m sorry you are my friend,vibhu says enough.

Saxena comes there eating watermelon and says bhabhi ma I saw master area mango from your kitchen window and you won’t get it and leaves.boss asks where’s my mango,anu says I told you so many times vibhu gave it to angoori and it went missing,he gets a plate full of chillies and says have them cmon and only then you will tell the truth,anu says chillies are good for eyes have them.

Tiwari starts having chillies,he gets restless,Tiwari says can I have a piece of mango please,boss says take him to the room and use chillies some where else.

Tilu tikka Malkhan and happu and tea stall,they are waiting to have mango,tilu says master uses so many tricks he will never let us have mango,tikka says unity has power,happu says he has point this is the only way to get master on line,and all leave.

All reach masters house,they see mango missing from the tree,master walks out with a mango in his hand,Happu says show the mango,master to eat mango,tilu says dare you have it,master says shut up I brought it for you have it,all smell the mango,master says get lost now and don’t come back,all thank him and leave.

Vibhu and angoori reach masters house,master greets them,Vibhu says a teacher a guide is stealing,angoori says you would turn to be a fraud I never thought,master says you taking it wrong,vibhu says stop it Saxena saw you stealing mango,master says the thing is my mango tree bears only one mango and tikka tilu Malkhan happu we’re behind it,and I saw a similar mango in your kitchen and I stole it and gave it to them to save my mango.

Angoori says cmon vibhu let’s go or else they will eat our mango.tiwari comes out restless and in pain,he says sit down,Tiwari says I’m good this way I can’t sit,anu says look at what you did to him,boss says you are women and we respect women,but we won’t leave you till we have our diamond till then we are your guests.

Boss says it’s time for some entertainment,Tiwari says bhabhiji don’t you dance in front of these dogs,boss says who asked her to dance,she will sing and you will dance,or else,anu says ok ok I’m singing and starts singing and Tiwari dances.

Tikka tilu Malkhan and happu fight over the mango,Malkhan says cut the mango in four,vibhu says thank god mango is intact please give us,tikka asks why you want,vibhu says it’s not Normal mango it has diamond hidden in it,happu starts laughing,vibhu says anu and Tiwari are in danger,smugglers have hostaged them and will release them in return of this mango.

Tikka says okay take it away,Happu says yes go save anu Bhabhi,angoori says I will never forget this I’m so thankful to you all,happu says quickly go and save anu bhabhi.

Tiwari tired and falls on sofa,anu puts her hand on his forehead and asks what’s wrong with you,Tiwari smiles and says I’m fainting,anu says please don’t,vibhu and angoori rush in and says here’s mango,angoori asks how did he faint,boss says oh she loves him so much,vibhu says not now please.just check the mango.

Tikka tilu Malkhan discussing about diamond in the mango,gulfamkali walks to them and asks what’s the matter,tikka says you and master smuggle diamonds in mangoes,gulfamkali starts laughing and says if he was smuggler why would he rent a house and I don’t know about diamonds and about mango he gave me one today at 6 am

Pre cap: angoori says cmon let’s have mangoes,with Vibhu Tiwari and anu,Tiwari looks at anu have mangoes and Vibhu at angoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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