Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Rushes Home For Anushka

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes to the shop and asks about Dinesh swamy. Purushottam ji tells that he didn’t know any Dinesh Swami. Siddhant shows his pic and asks did you ever see him. Purushottam ji tells that he used to come there and asks if any call came for him. He tells that someone used to call him, but he doesn’t know his name. Siddhant says I came a long way from Delhi to meerut and asks if he has anything to eat. Purushottam says tea is good here. Gayatri asks Anushka to stay for lunch. Purva asks her to stay and says Bhai will come by then. Anushka thinks of Siddhant and agrees. Gayatri says she will make dal for her. Anushka calls Siddhant and asks where is he? Siddhant says for office work. She asks where is he? Siddhant says he is in Chandi Chowk and drinking tea. Anushka says Gayatri and Purva are missing him and says you should be at home now. Siddhant says where are you? Anushka says I am at home till lunch. Siddhant says you met maa and purva, you came to meet them only, we used to meet. Anushka says yes, we used to meet. Siddhant smiles and tells Purushottam ji that he can’t drink tea and eat biscuits now as someone is waiting for him, and pays him money. He leaves.

KK shows the dish made by him and says you eat Italian and Mexican. Karthik and Srikant smiles. KK says Anushka likes it. Riddhi comes back home. They ask where is Anushka? Riddhi tells that Anushka met her friend who asked her to stay back for sometime. She says she asked Anushka to stay for sometime. KK says you did right. They start lunch. Gayatri serves food at the dining table. Anushka says we shall wait for Siddhant. Purva says if we wait for him then we will be hungry. Siddhant is on the way and smiles, while the song sab tera plays… Purva calls him, but he don’t pick the call. Anushka says we shall have food. Siddhanth reaches home and runs inside. He sees her. Anushka tells that she is leaving. Siddhant sees her earrings. He tells Gayatri that he will drop her till gate. He asks her to stay back for sometime. She says she is already late.

Anushka asks why he is looking tan. Siddhant tells that why you are concerned for my looks. Anushka says you would have taken office car, and says if you go with office car, then it will benefit reddy corporation. She says you are precious for us, and leaves in her car. Siddhant says she don’t understand and lectured him, saying I don’t understand. Gayatri tells Purva that Anushka is good girl. Siddhant comes and asks Purva to serve him food, says he is hungry since morning.

KK asks Srikant to call Rajeev Joshi and Ashok and says they shall give them loyalty gift and asks him to extra care for Sudhanshu as he is his father in law. Srikant says he will feel better. Anushka tells KK that cabbage poriyal is yummy. She asks him to give chance to Rao ji sometimes. She says she was eager to come home and have this. KK says you are unique and my favorite. Srikant says she is everyone’s favorite. KK asks about her friend. Anushka says it was waste of time, she couldn’t meet nicely. Srikant says she is badmouthing about her friend. KK says it is wrong. He asks if she changed her earring. Anushka says she brought it today. She says you remember my minute details. KK says even you remember. Anushka thinks of Siddhant and thinks he is changed. Siddhant says she is changed. They talk to their teen self. Siddhant tells that she came to have lunch and left.. Anushka says love made me useless else I was very useful. Siddhant also tells the same poetry. Yeh pyaar nahin to kya hain……plays..Sweety calls Siddhant and says Dinesh Swamy is dead, and sent his obituary message on his phone. Siddhant thinks Pita ji died on 27th and this man Dinesh died on 29th. He asks Sweety to go to newspaper office and enquire about his address.

Siddhant tells Sweety in Anushka’s presence that he came to Delhi from Meerut in just 1 hour and 30 mins and got tanned. Anushka says you said that you were in Delhi. Sweety asks why did you travel so fast, and asks if some beautiful angel was waiting for him. Siddhant looks at Anushka. Sudhanshu tells KK about alliance for Anushka. Riddhi tells Anushka that they have planned to get her married.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think this show represents one of the failure love story. Due to sidhanth character.

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