Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s cover gets blown up

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and Sameer are at a Vada Pao shop. Aditya is fond of spicy but Sameer isn’t used to it. Aditya says you get used to it in Bombay. Sameer says Papa ji says it is Mumbai now. They both smile. Aditya thanks him for yesterday. I thought I lost my dream. Sameer says I know the value of dreams. Aditya calls himself his friend and special guide of Mumbai. He shows Sameer as to how to eat it. Sameer asks for water right after a bite but Aditya gives him a green chilli instead.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was used to eating sweet food but Aditya was strengthening the bond of our friendship with a chilli. I am smiling now but I had no idea how spicy the khichdi at home was about to taste to me and Naina!

Sameer still finds it spicy. Aditya smiles seeing his expressions.

Rakesh finds out that Sameer left on his own today. He did this on purpose. He does not want to take me along. I was only trying to make sure he wont fall in any bad company. I should head back to Ahmedabad. Naina denies. He wanted to take you with him but I thought you must be tired. There is so much to do at home too including bills. Rakesh agrees.

Preeti saves Rs. 11 from the budget she had to buy grocery. She feels proud.

Voiceover – Naina:
Women had the habit of saving and hiding money back in those days. They had done Ph.D. in that. Women must know it as it helps you fight the bad times.

Nirmala ji is looking for Preeti who is busy hiding her money in some box. Landline rings. Nirmala ji attends it. It is Gauri. She asks Nirmala to come over asap. They discuss something (in mute). Nirmala ji says what I will do. Gauri says they are your relatives after all. I know you stay in a different house but you are the elder one there. Nirmala ji agrees.

Gopal introduces Dr. Kumar to Nirmala and Vanita. Dr. Kumar is a psychiatrist. Gopal says I called him for Rakesh’s treatment. He will treat him. Just make him meet Rakesh once. Nirmala ji does not want to meddle in their matter but Gopal says what if he gets into an argument with someone at the society. Vanita adds that they must treat him asap. Nirmala ji assures them he wont harm anyone. Gauri asks for guarantee. Nirmala ji goes quiet hearing that. Gopal suggests them to introduce doc to Rakesh somehow. Don’t share any details. Introduce him as our friend or relative.

Voiceover – Naina:
There were pros and cons of living in a society back then. They used to be concerned but it was a little too much! The concerns of our neighbours used to increase our problems instead.

Nirmala ji, Vanita, Gopal and Gauri come to Naina’s home. They find Rakesh in an upside down position (yoga). Gopal introduces Dr. Kumar to Naina and Rakesh. They talk sarcastically as always. Doc sits next to Rakesh and asks him a few random questions. Rakesh finds them odd. He ends up sharing that father used to beat him a lot when he was a kid. I used to beat my school friends in return. The other similar questions irk Rakesh. Naina brings tea for everyone but Gauri takes her back in the kitchen on the pretext of keeping her away from what’s going on outside. Gauri ends up telling her that Kumar is a psychiatrist. He is a great one! Your Papa will be fine.

Doc asks Rakesh if he ever was in a shock. Rakesh asks him how he dare ask so. Do you think there is some problem with my brain? Nirmala ji gets tensed. Rakesh asks him to leave right away. He shouts at him. Vanita says what you are saying. We brought him here for your treatment only. Gopal adds that they are trying to help him in his treatment. Rakesh shouts at them to stop. who told you I am here for some treatment? They take Sameer’s name. Rakesh throws them out of the house. Doc speaks of shock therapy but Rakesh shouts at him again. Vanita is the last one to run out of the house. Rakesh shouts angrily. He looks at Naina who seems to be avoiding his gaze.

Sameer and Aditya share a cup of tea amongst each other. Zindagi Ka Naam Dosti plays in the background. Sameer thinks of Munna and Pundit. Aditya asks him if he is thinking of something. Sameer shares that he was missing his friends. Aditya says now you have more friends by your side. You need a new professional portfolio now. The budget will be somewhere between 5k to 15k. Sameer asks him if he knows someone. Aditya denies. Sameer speaks of making it later. I just paid for the classes. Aditya pays the vendor. Sameer offers to do it but Aditya reminds him they are friends now.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Aditya heard about my friends just once and changed the topic smoothly to distract my mind. I had no idea he was so mature.

Naina requests her Papa to listen to her. You are misunderstanding. He says there is no point of staying now. I am crazy! She tries to explain Sameer’s stance. Please stay. Rakesh refuses. Settle down on your own. He keeps his suitcase down realising something. I wont go without answering Sameer. I will slap him first and then go. She asks him to slap her too. I am equally at fault. Rakesh says you weren’t there. I will slap Sameer first. It will be such that he wont forget it ever. Doorbell rings. Naina runs to the door thinking it will be Sameer but it turns out to be the postman. She takes the parcel from him.

Doorbell rings again. Naina hopes it is Sameer but it is indeed Sameer. He asks her if everything is fine. Rakesh comes out wearing a birthday hat and blows onto some toys. Sameer asks him if he is fine. Rakesh denies. You only said I am crazy. Sameer says I said that to save you. Rakesh slaps him.

Precap: Rakesh tells Sameer he loves his dignity very much but his kids played with it today. They chase him downstairs trying to stop him but he steps on a banana peel and trips from the stairs. Naina and Sameer look at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. today star performance goes to rakesh only , what a versatile actor he is ,are unhone sachme thappad mar dia Sameer ko naina ke samne , and naina could not do anything , but well played rakesh sir , acting of mental using birthday hat and blow horns was mind blowing, and the sheershasan ,i didn’t know that rakesh sir could do sheershasan this perfectly with out any support of wall or anything ,

    i feel naina cuteness was from third of honeymoon , she spoke just like this only on her honeymoon , and “kya ” word was from when Preeti was mentoring naina for meeting sameer mom , and running to see sameer was copied from preeti , Preeti run like that

    you are well aware of precap no need to explain , rakesh sir will have fracture and sameer and naina will take care of him

  2. Such a nice episode

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