Muskaan 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Gayatri looks for the secret

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Muskaan 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak going to Tara and asking her to give the teddy. She asks him to kiss her first and then take the teddy. Ronak runs out. Muskaan asks what happened. She says Tara is asking me to kiss her. She says do anything kiss her, marry her but get the keys. He says no, I can’t kiss her, I would have kissed you. She sees him. She asks him to go back and charm Tara, flirt with her but get the teddy.

Ronak goes to Tara. She says you are brave and romantic, what did you think then. She goes to kiss him. He kisses on her hand and takes the teddy. He says you didn’t say where to kiss, face hands or lips, kiss is a kiss. She says wow, you are smart. He runs with teddy. Muskaan and Ronak go. They take the key from it. They open the lock and try to get it. Tabassum calls them out. Muskaan leaves and gives the keys to Tabassum. She says the key had fallen down there. Tabassum asks Ronak to take the teddies and get money for her. She goes to sleep. Gayatri sits there.

Ronak and Muskaan get busy in the work. Gayatri sees Tabassum sleeping. She goes and gets the keys. She takes its print on a candle. She goes out. She gets another key made at the shop. She comes back and goes to the secret room. She opens the door and enters it. She sees the dark room and goes to see. She sees a chest and says there is nothing here, what’s this bed, why is the room like this. She comes out and locks the door. Someone knocks the door.

Gayatri comes to Ronak and Muskaan. They ask why is she lost, did she see anything in the room, what was there. Gayatri thinks there is nothing, there is no secret or maybe the thing is hidden somewhere else. Gayatri says I will go to Tabassum, Muskaan make tea for her. Muskaan asks why is mum behaving so strange. Ronak says don’t know, something is there. A man comes for pest control. Mala says its not needed, go from here. Ronak asks Mala to get the pest control done. The man agrees to come after some time. Ronak gets an idea and tells Muskaan that the idea is great, they will know the dark secret today.

He calls Hanumant and tells his plan. Tara comes and flirts with Ronak. He thinks she didn’t hear my talk, great. He says I can’t take you anywhere. Sh asks him to massage her head with his strong arms. Muskaan makes tea. Tara asks her to open a parlour for her right here. Ronak gets angry. Muskaan arranges the parlour for Tara. Tara asks Ronak to do manicure, pedicure and head massage for her. Ronak refuses. Muskaan says I will do, I know it well. Tara scolds Muskaan. Ronak angrily scolds Tara. He refuses to do any work for her. Muskaan says just listen to her, once we find the secret, we will get free from this brothel. The pest control men come back. Hanumant comes along and signs to Ronak.

Hanumant enters the place and says this place looks scary. He shouts ghost. Doctor says maybe Hanumant’s eyes got damaged. Ronak gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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