Bepanah Pyaar 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir and Pragati gets married

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Bepanah Pyaar 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati arrives at Raghbir’s wedding venue. Inside Raghbir says where is priest? I want to marry Bani. Pragati comes inside and hears guest talking that Sukaniya went to washroom.

Pragati comes in corridor and looks around for Raghbir’s room.
Harshit brings Raghbir in his room and goes to washroom with him. Pragati comes there and doesnt see him so she leaves.

Pragati comes to a room and sees Sukaniya’s dupatta there. She recalls how she saw video of Sukaniya meeting Raghbir in London, she says I was following you for somedays. Raghbir says its called stalking, she says lets dance? dont reject love. Raghbir says do you even know what love is? you need to have a good heart with good face to love, get lost. He leaves. Flashback shows how Sukaniya left party but got in accident. Sukaniya is admitted in hospital and asks her to friend to record her message. Sukaniya says Raghbir insulted me, called me a cheat and said he wont ever love me and I have bad thoughts but I promise that he will marry me one day and it will be a last thing he do, flashback ends. Pragati says I wont let Sukaniya destroy Rahbir’s life. She locks Sukaniya in washroom. Sukaniya knocks on door and asks to open door. Pragati takes her dupatta and leaves.

Raghbir comes to mandap. All wait for Sukaniya. Raghbir asks where is Bani? Raghbir imagines Bani in mandap and says she is here. Its actually Pragati in Sukaniya’s veil. Raghbir hugs her. Pragati whispers that I have to tell you something sir. Raghbir says you? you cant even have dinner with your boss, you cant marry them. Raghbir asks priest to start wedding. Pragati is tensed. Police comes there and asks for a girl. Pragati recalls how she had hit Prashant and thinks I cant leave. Raghbir says I love you Bani, I want to be with you. Lets get married. Pragati says sir.. Raghbir says lets marry. He holds her hand and starts taking pheras with her. Pragati tries to stop but he doesnt. She says listen to me. Raghbir doesnt listen to her.

Sukaniya is knocking on door. Manager comes there and opens door, he says you are here so who is marrying Raghbir?

Raghbir makes Pragati wear mangalsutra and sindoor. He takes off her veil and imagines Bani. Raghbir says you are mine now. All are shocked. Sukaniya comes there and throws water at Raghbir, she says what is happening here? you married someone else. Singhania says wow you people planned all this? Devraj says we dont know anything. Pragati tells about Prashant forcing her to marry her and says Raghbir was cheated too, this Sukaniya hates you and wanted to marry you for a revenge. She tells about videos. Devraj asks for memory card. Pragati shows it and says it has all proofs, she is cheating you all. Pragati puts memory card in phone but Sukaniya throws card in fire. All look on.

PRECAP- Sukaniya screams that Raghbi had to marry me, I cant let that girl do this. I wont spare her.
Pragati’s father shouts at her that she shouldnt have done that. Pragati says I didnt have an option.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t care about the world. I just want Raghbir to be on pragati’s side and understand her reason behind marrying him. Poor soul she’ll have to hear so much from all. Now when they are married their love story should progress now ❤ waiting to see praghbir romance in upcoming episodes ?Don’t make raghbir shout and take revenge from pragati he should be shown supporting her.

  2. DannyComments

    Why? Why is EVERY GOD DAMN WAY OUT FOR INDIANS ALWAYS MARRIAGE?? All she had to do, was simply just go to the Mandap, and show the stupid video while the villain was still locked in the bathroom! But nooooooo! She had to wear a veil. She had to join him at the mandap. She had to take the rounds with him! Seriously??? Come on! All shows are the same!!

    1. Soo DAMN TRUE!!!

  3. Very nice episode. Raghbir got married to Pragathi who is a correct person for him. So as soon as possible, he should start loving her and support her.

  4. The family is a cartoon they won’t let her live peacefully??just like Divya drishti. And why she had to marry him, why she was afraid, if he was in inebriated state then the family would have understood her?????

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