Vish 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s friend comes to Kothari Mansion

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Vish 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishera tries getting inside the Kothari Mansion but the guard does not allow him. Salesmen like you come here every day! Vishera thinks there is no one like him but the guard wont understand that. His feet turn blue for a second. He laughs. The colour will change depending on how close I am to you, VIshkanya!

Sabrina burns the photos. There will be storm in my life if I don’t find the guy with that special mark asap.

Vishera makes a sign in the sky. I have come so far. You too must take a few steps towards me now! Vishaili / Sabrina sees it too and panics. Vishera says I left a hint for you in the sky Vishkanya. Now you will know that I am here! Sabrina says only he can make this sign in the sky. I fall weak in front of him! Only he can scare me in this world! I have to find that guy with the special mark and give his body to Vishaila! We will be able to extend our family then only. Where is the guy with that special mark? She throws the stuff angrily in his room and shouts.

Aditya is the very guy who Sabrina has been looking for. The mark on his back is highlighted.

Sabrina says I will save Vishaila by giving him the body of that guy with the special mark.

Alia finds out from the driver that the reports will come by evening. She asks him how she can go to market. He points at a car. She sits inside it. She is looking at the mirror but it breaks shocking her. She drops it in shock and bends down to pick it. Aditya drives the car. She thinks it is a driver but is shocked to see him. He stops the car in surprise. You are so bold to call me a driver while sitting in my car only? Let’s take off now. He starts driving menacingly to scare Alia. He stops it upon her request. She asks him if he doesn’t have brain. He replies that he follows his heart. She reasons that there could have been an accident. He points out that he dint offer to take her around in the first place. She calls him selfish for not caring about anyone else. He thanks her. She tells him to thank her the day he realises the value of people and selflessness. He isn’t interested in such lessons. Find your way. I am not interested. She holds his car. You are more concerned about materialist stuff rather than lives of people. She throws the keys of his car in the river nearby. It is useless now. He pours alcohol on the car. I have no interests in useless things like you. He sets it on fire shocking Alia.

Sabrina tells Bhandari to find the guy at any cost asap. He tells her he is tired. I have an idea. Make that mark on my body and keep me with you. She tells him to use his brain instead of mouth and find the guy. Bhandari apologizes. He speaks of pool party. Sabrina overhears his idea and likes it. I thought humans are dumb but he used it rightly for the first time. It will be awkward keeping Mohit’s condition in mind but I have to do it before Vishaila catches me.

Aditya welcomes his friend with a warm hug. His friend thanks him for all the financial help he has provide till date. Aditya replies that he dint know what to do with his money so he gave it to him. They go inside to meet Mohit.

Sabrina gets an idea hearing about Aditya’s friend.

Alia is with Mohit. She tells him that she finds Aditya very rude and arrogant. Don’t feel bad but I doubt if he is responsible for your condition! I am just waiting for your reports. She goes quiet seeing Aditya come in with his friend. Aditya and Alia glare at each other as Sid talks to Mohit. Aditya tells him he will become sad this way. Bhai’s chance of recovery is very difficult. Sid and Alia exchange pleasantries. Sabrina also greets Sid. Sid asks her how she knows his name. She calls herself CCTV of Kothari Mansion. Sabrina welcomes him too sweetly. Aditya says it is good Sid is here. I was suffocated because of the fake acting of people here. He claps for Sabrina’s performance. She walks of there pretending to be hurt. Sid questions Aditya but he isn’t bothered. People here are like chameleon. Don’t fall for Sabrina’s charms. You are my friend. He stomps out of the room angrily followed by Sid. Alia thinks Aditya was too smart to frame Sabrina. She must be so hurt. I have to think smartly as to how to tackle him.

Sabrina notices the preps of Aditya’s party. It isn’t easy to change Aditya’s plan but I will make sure that there is a pool party at home today. She sends ants there. One guy tells Aditya that the party cannot happen here today. Sabrina asks him if he has ever seen ants in pool. You can shift the party to the pool. Theme party will be more interesting. Sid likes her idea. Sabrina leaves the decision on Aditya. Aditya says I have a rule. I will never do what you will tell me. My second rule is that I can break my first rule. It isn’t a bad idea. He shifts the party to the pool area. Sabrina makes sure Sid invites her for the party and goes. Aditya questions Sid who reasons he couldn’t say no being the guest. Sabrina overhears Aditya telling Sid he does not want Sabrina and Alia in the pool party. Sabrina calls Maria especially to make sure Alia hears about the party. She must come. I cannot miss this golden opportunity of finding that guy.

Precap: Alia slips in the pool because of Aditya and slaps him. Sabrina comes to the pool party looking for the guy with the special mark. It turns out to be Aditya. Sabrina notices him from the back and smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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