Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan saves Puchki’s life

Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan looks for Puchki. SHe says what are you doing hre? I am fine. Thanks for leaving me on the road. He says this isn’t the right place to taunt. She says I know what this place is. He says we have to get out of here. She says I have no interest. He says come out with me. The shutter is locked. Shan says how did it close? The cold storage is getting cold. Puchki says the thugs did it for sure.
Puchki says we have to get out fo here. I heard rich people are delicate. Puchki shiver with cold. Shan says now who is cold? He gives her coat to her. SHe says I will manage. He says okay I will wear it.

Puchki steps on a stool. Shan helps her. She is about to fall. He holds her. She tries to open a girl. Shan brings her down.
Ravindra calls Ridhoy. He says where is shan? Ridhoy says Shan and Asmita both are missing. I am with police looking for them.

Puchki is cold. Shan says wear this. Se says no.. He makes her wear it. He says sorry. She says why are you saying sorry? He says if I didn’t leave you at the road this wont have happened. I am sorry. She says think of a way to get out of here. Puchki shivers. SHan holds her hand and rubs it. She is getting numb.. Puchki says Shantanu. He says how does she know my name is shantanu not shan? Shan is dazed. He wonders if she is Puchki.

Inspector says to ridhoy shan and asmita’s phone are at one place. Ridhoy says they must be in trouble. Shan looks for a way to get out. Puchki is fainted and coughing. He says there is just one way to save her. But without her permission. Shan says but I have to save her life at any cost. SHan sees her hand. It is cold. Shan picks her up. He rubs her feet and hands. He rubs her leg. Puchki coughs. He takes off his shirt and makes Puchki wear it. He comes close to her.. Puchki says my shantanu.. He says are you Puchki.

Precap-Shan says Puchki.. Ridoy comes and hugs Asmita. He says I love you. Puhcki is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i am getting confused it’s dream or not that shan recognised his puchki or not

    1. Fida18

      Are you watching this show from first episode ya after vrushika entry

  2. I am geatting confused it’s dream

  3. Ruby_MarNy

    Today’s episode was full of ShaMita… Shan got to know she is Puchki… I didn’t expect this fast… Episode was hot🔥🔥🔥 but I feel it’s going too fast… Let’s see upcoming episodes…

  4. will the concerned person please change the main image for this show’s update? the male lead is different now

  5. Fida18

    Hi Atiba
    kya aap yeh teri gailyan ka written episode jaldhi upload karegi please 🙏
    Can you please change the cover pic. New male lead ki saath pic upload kijiye🙏

  6. today’s epi was very nice……………….. i also didn’t expected this……….. they are running very fast… don’t know how the story will be…………. but loved ShaMita scenes.

  7. I agree….the serial is moving along very quickly.. Whether or not it’s a dream, at least we are seeing this cute couple bonding together very nicely.

  8. Well I think Shan will have to stay away from Puchki for Ridoy’s sake … he found Puchki a little too late .. Ridoy is in love and Shan is all about making Ridoy happy .

  9. each and every episode getting more interest.

  10. Ridhoy coming in between this cute couple is really irritating…. without even trying to know Asmita’s feelings for him ,hugging her and confessing hs love looks a bit dominating and selfish and if this is not a dream,Shan will go back into his shell as he can not even dream of hurting his brother..But I think Puchki is not the one who takes things lying down…the day she makes the picture clear ,Ridhoy will be in for disappointment….I would like to see how he would react…if he is not a jealous cat like his mother,he should take this in his stride and appreciate the fact that Shan and Puchki are made for each other….But we know that in serials everything doesn’t go so smoothly…Still it will be difficult to see this pleasant and ever smiling guy becoming an antagonist …But his mother ,Nivi was also very nice to Shan before all the broke loose….so it remains to be seen whether Ridhoy ,who so far has been an adorable brother ,will remain the same or turn negative in every sense…

    1. I don’t think Ridhoy will take this so easily Lakshmi.. I think that his love confessions are weightless, it comes across hollow, without the feeling of what love is or how it should be expressed. When a man loves a woman, they don’t say it the way he does. I think that writers are going to draw a parallel between both brothers feelings for Puchki, Ridhoy’s love comes across fickle while Shan’s would be expressed with passion and importance. For sure Ridhoy would change, Nivi would use Puchki to drive the wedge between the brothers because she’s always harping about what is beneficial for her son, whether it’s business, familial status, inheritance, Ravindra’s affection, how position in the family business, Nivi is even jealous of Ridhoy’s love for Shan so she’s going to see to it that these brothers become enemies, how else would she get Ridhoy to leave Shan’s side!! Another thing is that I can’t understand this fascination Shan has to Nivi!! What’s it with her love that he’s become so morbidly attached to her? Her words to him are so scathing always, she’s told him in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t want him there, so can’t he not tell that she doesn’t love him? What’s it with Shan’s not being able to grasp this simple unaffectionate gesture from Nivi? This is the only thing I think that isn’t portrayed correctly here, it’s not possible for someone to be so far removed from reality that they he can’t feel the undercurrents of disdain from another person.. That’s something that is immediately picked up by auras and chemistry.. This love from Shan has me puzzled, it’s like he’s in a battered syndrome and accepts Nivi’s barbs as me daggers because of his need for love and attention.. Seriously, he needs help but doesn’t realize it… I’m so sad for him, I just don’t want him to become another Vivaan….

  11. Fida18

    First puchki shanthnu bulaya wo dream nahi hoga. Second jab bulaya thab shanthnu poocha tum puchki ho wo dream hoga. Agar shanthnu puchki ko pehnchana dream nahi hone ki reason love traingle dikhane ko hogi

  12. Ruby_MarNy

    I’m feeling the same, atiba dear… Please change the banner…

  13. What Shan was doing to Asmita?? Is he making love to her??

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