Internet Wala Love 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya celebrate Diwali

Internet Wala Love 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shubhankar asking Aadhya to say what happened? He says I couldn’t understand what happened? Aadhya says I am not saying that he is bad, but he is good, I feel scared with him whenever he is around him. Shubhankar asks what happened? Aadhya tells about Samrat checking her phone and when she asked him why he checked, he held her hand tightly angrily. Shubhankar says you were quiet and bearing his misbehavior. He says he will call his Dadu. Aadhya says no. Shubhankar says I will call Rupa. Aadhya says tomorrow is Diwali and she don’t want bitterness to come between two families. Shubhankar says you became understanding. He says he might have blinded by the fact that Samrat is a good guy and he saved our house. He says did I do your business to save the house. Aadhya says you always wanted my happiness, you are not wrong. Jai hears them and leaves. Aadhya says sorry and thinks I wish I would have thrown this letter. She thinks how did you Papa know about it and finds Jai’s watch near the table. She thinks it is done by Jai. She takes his watch and thinks of Jai’s words that he won’t let Samrat come near her. She thinks you always help me and never upset me.

Rajat asks Jai to give him some money. Jai gives his credit card to Rajat. Rajat gets happy. Jai is happy. His father asks did you drink my sherbet. Jai laughs. They hear RJ Alok’s programme, and he asking if their friendship reached till love. Aadhya looks at the gift. Dadu asks Purushottam if all the work is done. He says yes. Dadu says Shubhankar ji must be coming. Samrat sees Jai happy and thinks when I saw him last, he was sad and thinks why is he happy. Shubhankar and his family come there. Samrat wishes him happy Diwali. Shubhankar wishes him. Samrat realizes Shubhankar is upset. Aadhya comes and greets Dadu and others. Jai stares Aadhya. Rupa asks him if he got the stuff which he said. Jai says I will talk. Dadu wishes happy Diwali to Shubhankar and says we shall start afresh. Shubhankar says yes.

Everyone starts dancing on the song Aaja Mahive…Jai and Aadhya dance together. Rupa gets upset and tries to make Aadhya dance with Samrat, but she continues to dance with Jai. Aadhya keeps gift for Jai on the table. Jai also keeps gift for her. Samrat thinks whose gift is these, name is not written. Aadhya and Jai come and takes their gifts. They get same gifts for each other. Internet Wala love plays…he reads Aadhya’s message thanking him. They sign each other. They come back again and dance with each other. She holds his hand while dancing. Rupa gets upset. Dadi tells Dadu that Aadhya is looking beautiful and happy. They pray for her happiness. Dadu says it is time for burning crackers. Jai hears Diya telling that Aadhya is afraid of crackers. Aadhya tells wifi that even she is afraid of crackers. Jai comes inside and asks Aadhya to come out. Aadhya says I am scared of crackers. Jai takes her outside. Aadhya says she will just burn phuljaadi.

Jai takes her to side and gives her phuljaadi in her hands. She celebrates Diwali burning phuljaadi. Rajat sees them happy and smiles. Jai wishes Aadhya is happy always and smiling. Samrat searches for Aadhya. Jai asks Aadhya to burn anar and holds her hand to light it. Aadhya is afraid, but burns it with his help. She gets happy. Jai is holding her hand still and says if she saw what she missed due to her fear. He says I will burn anar. Aadhya says not holding it in your hand. He burns it and his hand gets slightly burnt. Aadhya takes him inside. Jai says nothing big happened. Aadhya gets ointments and asks him to join fire brigade. Jai says you have become dominating and tells that this age is to get spoiled. Samrat sees Aadhya applying ointment on his hand and Jai looking at her. Shubhankar asks Samrat to drop them home. Samrat says ok. Aadhya goes past Jai. Rupa thinks it is enough of your eye romance and once kuldevta puja happens, everything will be over.

Shubhankar slaps Samrat. He tells Aadhya that it is a matter of her life. Samrat gets angry and slits his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. nice episode. Ppl do comment on this page

  2. Anonymousaa

    After a long wait finally I would term this epi as a must watch. Shivin nailed at his stalking glances while Tunisha’s smile was the charm of the epi.
    About the precap, I am getting a mixed feeling. Samrat got his best diwali gift?? so even we got the best gift. I think now to save Samrat’s life, Aadhya will decide to continue with the marriage. Waiting for an unpredictable plot though.

  3. Today’s episode was so gud ? adhya and Jai???

  4. Alister La Frenais

    It is a pity that slimy fellow Samrat did not slit his throat and for good measure slit that Rupa’s throat as well. If only wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. Let us all keep hoping!

  5. Cool episode man..!!!

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