Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap disguises as PT sir meets Kanhaiya

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya telling Prathana and Panjiri that Chanchal’s PT teacher called us to school. He tells them that Chanchal didn’t tell us. Prarthana says we shall pull her ear and scold her. Kanhaiya asks her not to get angry. He calls Chanchal. The girls ask her if she did something wrong. Chanchal says no. Kanhaiya calls her. Chanchal asks do you want water? Kanhaiya says I called you to give chocolate. Dhairya says even we shall go. Shakti and Buddhi say that it is something else. Kanhaiya asks what happened yesterday in school. Chanchal says studies just. Kanhaiya says what else. Chanchal says cat entered our class yesterday, teacher came to my bench and the cat sat on teacher’s chair. Kanhaiya asks what happened? Chanchal tells other incident. Prarthana says you

remember everything, but missed important thing. She says about your PT teacher meeting with your Papa. Chanchal is shocked. Dhairya says I told, but nobody listened to me. Kanhaiya asks why didn’t you told me. Chanchal says I forgot.

Panjiri says she is lying. Kanhaiya asks her not to do this again. He says I will come to drop you to school and meet PT sir. Prarthana says even she will come with him. Surili, Shakti, Buddhi, and Dhairya get worried. Shakti says what we will do now, if we will make Phupha ji as teacher and make Papa meet him. Pari likes her idea and says we will do this. Chancha, Buddhi and others ask Pratap to take disguise of PT teacher and meets Kanhaiya.

Pratibha tells Kunti that Sarla asked us to wear yellow color saree tomorrow for kitty party. Chanchal reminds Pratap of the yellow saree which he burnt it. Kunti says I will take out yellow saree from the almari. Chanchal says if Dadi comes to know that her saree is burnt then she will ask everyone, and Dhairya might tell being weak at heart. Surili and Shakti see Kunti taking yellow saree from her cupboard. They say that if she sees her saree burnt then they can’t blackmail Pratap. They ask her to wear some other saree. Kunti says she will wear it. Kunti checks the saree. Pratap tells the girls that he has sold his 3 bottles blood and changed the burnt saree with similar saree which he bought with his money. He asks them to tell truth to Kanhaiya. Buddhi says when everyone ask who became fake Papa then they will tell. Pratap agrees to become fake PT sir.

All girls sit in the car. Kanhaiya talks to Khatru on call and says he is taking kids to school. Prarthana gets worried and says how she will talk to sir. Panjiri asks her not to talk in hindi infront of Kanhaiya and says it will be surprise. She goes to bring sugar and curd. Kanhaiya sits on other side while Prarthana sits on driver’s chair. Panjiri comes and asks are you driving the car didi. Kanhaiya and Prarthana exchange places. Buddhi explains her plan to her sisters. They leave. Buddhi asks Dhairya to act and cry loudly. Dhairya cries. Buddhi says dog has bitten my sister. PT sir comes and asks her not to worry. Chanchal, Surili and Shakti ask Pratap to go to PT sir’s cabin and meet her parents.

Chanchal says Papa and mummy will come in 5 mins. PT sir asks where did Dog bite you? Dhairya says I was going when a boy was eating samosa. Then again a boy was seen eating samosa and then she saw the dog. Dog came near her and then sat down. PT sir says it sat down. Dhairya says it got tired. Kanhaiya and Pratibha come inside Ranawat’s cabin. Pratap wears the helmet and talks to them. Kanhaiya says you called us. Pratap says Chanchal is doing good in PT class and says I don’t remember why did I call you. He says I will write letter to you and asks him to reply back. Kanhaiya says we will wait and assures him that they will scold Chanchal. Pratap asks them to go now. Kanhaiya says we will come again. Pratap says why do you want to leave you saree shop in chilguze’s hand. Kanhaiya is surprised. Dhairya says it came near me. PT sir asked when did it bite you and asks about its type? Dhairya says let it come near me, I will tell you. Buddhi thinks good acting.

PT sir tells Dhairya that she needs to get 4 injections and tells that he will come to her house and tell her father. Buddhi and Dhairya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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