Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki and Shantanu to go out

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanda applies medicine on Arpita’s body. She says don’t do this again. Arpita says I will. Don’t scare me. What will our kids do when we aren’t here. I will do that every time for her future.
Shantanu is crying. Puchki gives him ice cream and says I am back. Don’t cry. Kaka hugs them. Puchki says tie our hands together. So we don’t go awy from each other. He ties their hands together. She says no one can separate us.

Chanda says Thakur kept you here. And you did this.
Beauty says to thakur why didn’t you eat. She slaps beauty and says this was important. I told you not to ashame me. Beauty says she was lying. Thakur saysyou are lying. I know when you lie. Beauty says I did that for this place. Thakur says I will handle all finances for this place now. And you will work like all other women here. Beauty is dazed.

Puchki says to Chanda why you both fight. Arpita slaps her and says this happened because of you. If you didn’t stop we would have been out. Chanda says she is the hope this place has.
Beauty says I am your daughter. Thakur says that’s why I am not burning you. You will work like all other girls and stop thinking about that inspector. Return all the money.

Scene 2
At night, Arpita is asleep. Chanda applies medicine in her feet. Arpita sees her. She says I am sorry. I spoke a lot. CHanda says I know your pain. I know you are a mother. Chanda gets a call. she cuts it. Arputa says pick it. Chanda says no its useless. Chanda picks the call and comes out. Arpita wonders what is she hiding.

Chanda goes out to talk. She comes in and arpita is there. Chanda says why are you up? Arpita says where did you go? Are you hiding something from me? Why did that person come to meet you? Chanda says he isn’t a client. He is a nice man. He wants to adopt shantanu. Arpita says that means puchki can be adopted too? They will be educated. Arpita hugs her. She says they will go out. They will have a good future. Beauty hears.
Precap-Beauty tells thakur that arpitaa and chanda are planning to get their kids adopted.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    waiting for leap… ?

    1. KUDRAT


  2. I don’t know if I would like to see Shantanu and Puchki grow up because growing up is synonymous with life’s various problems and challenges….right now they are portraying how sweet and strong a friendship can be and I can not imagine them getting separated ….But with the rich man opting to adopt only Shantanu,the children’s days together seem to be coming to an end…..but not before Beauty tries her best to stop Shantanu as well from leaving Sonagachi…

    1. Hi Lakshmi…. Well, I had to share this with, today the 1st episode of this serial was aired… still won’t be able to interact with you at all as you are so far in front of me in terms of episodes. It’s interesting, this new storyline but I’m horrified at the same time that this atrocious style of living still is in existence but it’s good to see it highlighted at the same time. Shantanu is indeed a charming boy, all rosy complexioned and innocent, felt like I could pinch his cheeks. I await little Puchki and I’m sure I’ll be smitten with her as well. Arpita reminds me of the beautiful Madhubala of gone era and the head of the brothel, the older lady, can’t remember her name, she looks somewhat like Meena Kumari, maybe it’s her eyes, I do remember her doing the mother role on Sanyukt….so that’s it…. I’m watching this new serial and hope to see a beautiful friendship and innocent love building between the youngsters before the leap, the Raja Rani style bond….Anything less would leave me disappointed.

  3. Naz,you will definitely be smitten with this lovely girl Puchki…you will see in the upcoming episodes that Puchki,though four years younger , will turn out to be the stronger of the two and very very naughty….she is very sensitive but rarely cries like children of her age…may be the writers have moulded this character this way to face the future challenges of this dark world that belongs to some unfortunate women ….Yes,we can not even imagine that these ghastly places still exist but they do ….and the director is showing a very refined picture of these otherwise infamous places where ruthless women ,like Thaku MA,squeeze the blood of innocent girls to make money…Naz ,this is an interesting story and Puchki and Shantanu are doing a great Job….And I am going to miss your comments here ,….what to say about Zee and its policies…

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