Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira fight goons

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying you… Kartik says yes, did you think Salman Khan will come, what’s happening, you didn’t answer calls. She says I was getting bored and jokes. They argue. The pandit worries when the kundli falls in dirty mud. He gets Bade pandit’s call and says I got the kundli dad, but kundli fell in dirt, its Ashi’s kundli, she asked me to match Ashi and Kartik’s kundli. Bade Pandit says not Ashi, Naira is Kartik’s wife, come home, I have Kartik and Naira’s kundlis. Rukmani asks for Nek. Mohit asks her to be quiet. Akhilesh gives much cash. Surekha gets gifts. Rukmani says I know you won’t be miser, you should just know, are you dressing up as fairies in sangeet. Kids laugh. Anmol says girls are fairies, they will become king or… Akhilesh nods. Surekha asks where did Kartik go. Rukmani says he would have gone to do something special for Mansi’s marriage. Suwarna calls Kartik. Dadi comes and greets them.

Rukmani asks where were you, the jamai bhoj didn’t look good without you. Dadi says puja happened well, where is Kartik. Manish says he was here just now. Dadi thinks he might have gone to meet Naira. She says I have to go temple, you all do rituals well. She goes. Rukmani says elders don’t care for rituals. Naira shuts up Kartik. He holds her close. Thief looks on and thinks what are they doing, what sort of romance is this. Kartik and Naira have an eyelock. Aahatein…..plays…. Naira gets away and slips. Kartik holds her hand and pulls her close. He asks can’t you be careful. She asks why did you come. She says I told you on video call. He gets in.

She asks what if someone comes here. He says I m not afraid of anyone. She says please go, I don’t want anyone to see us and think wrong. More goons come in. Dadi thinks I have to tie the thread to kartik and Naira, and give prasad, I will go to Naira’s maayka. She asks driver to take her to Singhania Sadan. Kartik asks Naira to lock the door. She says I m not a kid. They argue. Goons look on. Kartik goes. Goon catches her. She screams. Kartik says don’t say anything, I m tying shoe lace and going. She removes her slipper and throws at him. He says Naira has hit me with a slipper, that too so bad. He turns and sees her with goons. Suwarna goes to look for silver platter.

She sees a trunk open and shouts to maid. She asks who has opened this trunk. Maid says Dadi opened this and took Naira’s bridal dress. Suwarna gets angry and asks her to go. She thinks of Shubham. She locks the trunk and says Maa ji, don’t do this, my son went away from me, don’t get Naira here, never…. Dadi comes to meet Naira. She enters the gate. Goons shut the main door and catch Kartik. Kartik shouts leave her. Goons scold him. Naira gets free and says asks Kartik not to try to be a hero, let them take whatever they want, her life is imp to them. Kartik asks are you mad to trust them. Goon says she looks more sensible, let her talk.

Naira signs Kartik and asks him to call them his heroism in his house. Kartik says this is too much, I m wasting my time with a wrong person, catch her again and shut her up. They argue. Goon says shut up now, you are wasting our time. Kartik signs Naira. They both beat the goons. Dadi gets Suwarna’s call. Suwarna says please don’t do what you are planning to, don’t try to join Kartik and Naira’s relation, I m also worried for him, I will get him remarried. Dadi says I don’t want to talk. Suwarna says you have to talk, if you don’t listen to me, I will leave this house and never return, you can join their relation if you want me to go. She ends call. Kartik and Naira hide. Goons look for them. Naira says we are two and they are four, what will we do now. Kartik says I told you someone is here.

She says we have to do something, my phone is in kitchen. He says I dropped my phone during fight. They smile thinking of old moment. Suwarna asks pandit did he see kundli. He says yes, Kartik’s good period has begun, everything will be fine. Suwarna thanks him. She stops Ashi and feeds her sweets. She says I m very happy, I shall also have sweets today. Kirti asks her to wipe her hands with the paper. She shows kundli and says I didn’t think you will do this. Suwarna says I m doing what I feel right. Kartik and Naira tie and beat the goons. Kirti asks what about Naira. Suwarna says Naira left from our lives. Kirti says you made her out. Suwarna says don’t forget you are talking to your mum.

Kirti says no, you are not my mum, not even kartik’s mum, you are just Shubham’s mum, you are taking revenge of his death from Naira, and even Kartik, you took decisions for us, you were imp than our real mum, what you have done today is wrong and selfish. Suwarna shouts Kirti. Kirti says its my duty to stop you from doing wrong. Suwarna says fine, you can try. Kirti says its my challenge, kartik and Naira get can’t separated. Kartik lifts Naira, while she beats the goons with a stick. Suwarna and Kirti argue. Suwarna says Kartik will get divorced and move on, so I chose a girl who will love him and support him. Kirti says just Naira would be in his life, no one else, you can use this paper as per your need. She goes. Suwarna fumes. Naira gets at goon’s knife point. Kartik shouts leave my wife, how dare you touch her. Goon goes to attack him. She beats goon and asks how dare you hit my Kartik. Kartik looks at her.

Both the families meet in Sangeet. Kartik gets mesmerized seeing Naira.

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  1. I love Kirti she is so so right about Suwarna!!! she is not both Kirti n Karthik mum she is only Shubham mum., Because of Shubham she even sacrifice Karthik happiness which lies in Naira!! I hope Dadi should just let her leave once and for all!!! I pray that she really keeps her words n leave!!! who need her when she is a house breaker!!! without her Goenkhas will have their happiness back!! so please please just leave nobody need you Suwarna!!!

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