Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Stops Anushka And Siddhant’s Marriage

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka is driving the car and thinks of Gayatri’s words. She cries and thinks what to do. She thinks if I refuse to marry Siddhant then his trust will be broken for forever and says then I will believe that my father is a murderer. If I marry him, then Gayatri will never accept me. Neeta, Karthik, Nupur and Srikant search her. Rao ji says Guard said that she went somewhere. Khattar teases Siddhant and asks Anushka saw in you. Siddhant says this is a matter of love, I love her since childhood. Khattar says love doesn’t see rich and poor status. Siddhant looks on. Srikant comes to Siddhant and tells that Anushka went somewhere. KK thinks if Gayatri told something to Anushka and asks Rao to send someone to Siddhant’s house. He says I want her here in one hour. Anushka gets out from the car and thinks Siddhant might be having misunderstanding and he must have come to tell me this. She cries. Siddhant calls Anushka, but she doesn’t pick his call. She thinks how can Siddhant think Appa as Prabhakar uncle’s killer. She says how can Appa kill anyone. She thinks of KK and Prabhakar’s relation and KK’s good side. She thinks my Appa can’t do this, Siddhant must be having a big misunderstanding. She thinks how can I marry Siddhant who thinks my Appa is a murderer. Neeta asks what happened? Siddhant says she is not picking my call.

Purva says Pandit ji is calling Anushka. KK says you are worried for marriage, but I am worried for her. He says she went somewhere and that’s why marriage is stopped. He says it seems anushka changed her mind and doesn’t want to marry Siddhant. He says you must have read in newspaper that I broke up Anushka’s alliance with Cabinet Minister Vedant and fixed her marriage with Siddhant as I thought she loves him. He says it seems she don’t want to marry him.

KK tells Siddhant that he won’t let this marriage happen, and tells him that there is a problem in his destiny and says Anushka herself don’t want to marry you. He says if this marriage had happened, then my hands would have tied, the wall between us fell down and that suraksha chakra is not with you. He asks him to leave. Siddhant says I trust Anushka fully and will wait for her. He says this marriage will not happen if Anushka comes to me and says that she don’t want to marry me, but I know this thing will not happen. Anushka is in the car and crying. All the guest and Siddhant wait for Anushka. Rao ji comes to KK and says Anushka is not at Siddhant’s house. KK asks guests to leave and says I apologize to you. Guests asks Siddhant if they shall leave. Sweety says Anushka must be coming. Guest asks Judge Bansal to come and says if Anushka wanted to marry then why she would have gone. KK says your guests are leaving and asks Siddhant to have shame and leave.. Siddhant says I know she will come. KK asks him to hold his respect and leave else Rao and his men will beat him.

Siddhant asks Purva and Sweety to come. Anushka is in the car and sees a couple on the bike and the girl carrying gold fish. She recalls Siddhant’s love confession and thinks I trust him fully, he must have come that day to tell me this. She thinks that’s why he took time to accept his love, it was a difficult decision for him. She says then also Siddhant chose me, he loves me a lot. KK says one work is done and says I will search Anushka. He asks Srikant to ask Commissioner to look into the matter. Suddhant asks Purva to go and says I will wait outside with Sweety and will come home with Anushka. Anushka comes in her car. Siddhant happily runs towards her. Anushka also runs towards him. She hugs him and cries. She says sorry and asks where are you going with your baraat. She asks won’t you take your dulhaniya and says she just loves him. Srikant asks where did you go? Anushka says sorry and says I made all of you embarrassed. She apologizes to the guests. Khattar says you are a bit late. Anushka says this marriage will happen even if all kayanath try to stop it. Siddhant smiles.

KK thinks if Siddhant told truth to Anushka. Anushka says sorry to KK for the embarrassment. KK says you would have told me, I got worried. KK asks Rao ji to call someone and says this marriage shall not happen. Anushka and Siddhant sit for marriage. Just then Police reaches there. KK says now Anushka will refuse to marry Siddhant. Rao ji acts and asks how did you come inside? Inspector says we got proofs against Siddhant in Hira’s murder case and we got his finger prints on the gun. Siddhant looks on.

Inspector arrests Siddhant. KK says he is arrested on non bailable warrant and tells Anushka that he won’t let her marry a girl who had an affair with Hira. Anushka looks on.

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  1. Hello All YPNKH is re telecasts at 4.30 pm in SET HD channel per ..
    Today Anushka makes a bold step.
    Maturity is needed to takes the decision after knowing the truth ..

    1. Yes, Anusha need maturity to take decision after knowing the truth.

  2. Itna Accha Acting kare Palak ne. And Siddhat & Anushka characters safhed pani jaise hai. usme love hai, intejar hai, dham hai and un dono me bharosa bee hai. Real & natural acting. please 180 episodes thak serial ko badana chahiye.

  3. Nice episode ♥❤❤❤

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