Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy and asmita get married

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The wedding has started. Shan looks around for Asmita. Asmita comes to him in bridal dress. Shan extends his hand. Asmita holds his hand. Shan takes her downstairs. Asmita recalls her childhood moments with Shan. The song kuch bhi nahi plays. Ridoy swipes his tears. Shan makes asmita stand in front of shan. He is leaving. Asmita says I kept promise and came to the wedding but I want you here and see this wedding yourself. Ridoy says yes I want you here too. asmita sits with ridoy.

The rituals start. Asmita faints. everyone is worried. Ridoy says Asmita open your eyes. Please Pandit says if you don’t get married in 20 minutes you will have to wait for 3 years. Ridoy says we can get married. Nothing will happen to her. I can’t live without her. Please get me married to her. Shan says control yourself. Ravindra takes Ridoy to a side. He says calm down. Nevi says at least let her be conscious. Ridou says no I want to get married to her. Or I will kill myself. He picks the knife. Shan says pandit ji start the wedding. Ridoy picks asmita to take rounds around the fire but he falls. Nevi says to Shan you are responsible for all this. Shan says I can do this for you Ridoy. I will pick asmita and get her round around with you. Shan picks asmita and ridoy holds her hand. Bua secretly tires asmita’s chunri to shan too. Shan takes the rounds picking asmita. Pandit ji says but.. Shan says start the mantra. Bua says start it. Pandit ji says to her but this would make Asmita Shan’s wife not Ridoy. she says start it don’t tell anyone before it happens. They take the rounds.
Precap-Ridoy fills Asmita’s hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. You do not marry a woman when she is unconscious. Ridroy is obsessed not in love. Sicko!

    1. Ikr this is not right I’m beginning to hate him, his character is just low down despicable

    2. Disgusting fellow. He is a true example of a spoilt brat . that’s what happens when you agree to all your child’s demands. I didn’t have much expectations from him but today I am very very disgusted with Shan also. How could he stoop so low and not even respect Puchki. if this is how he is, puchki is better off without him. you have to respect a girl and she has a say in her marriage, she is not a toy whom you keep flicking from one place to another. I am SO F**ING irritated right now. i hate these people for ruining suh a nice love story.

  2. This is the worst I’ve ever seen….this obsess fool will do anything and shan will sacrifice the one person who really care about him this is the lowest any serial have stoop that i have seen they normally mock marriage and religion on a whole but this….I’m totally out of words to describe what I’ve watched

    1. seriously, its so disappointing how can you make a mockery of our religion and marriage. this marriage. i used to like this serial but now i am absolutely disgusted. didnt expect all this. Puchki should get up and slap Shan hard for ruining her life. disgusting people, making a joke of the woman and marriage institution.

  3. They shouldn’t show this kind of non sense on TV especially in the day and age we live in. Shame on India for showing women like this…I just read the episode, definitely will not watch it…shame on you india

    1. Lokesh

      Hey, u can’t be like shame on India just bcoz of a stupid serial. I know they r showing crap, but it doesn’t mean to start mocking on India, mock over the show.

    2. It is a script written by some foolish writers .Why do you have to mock India for that. Even we Indians are hating this part just like you. Blame writers if you want to but not India.

    3. please dont blame India. We are a really progressive country and trust me our serials are no where close to how w all are. this marriage is totally invalid and nothing ever has happened like this in real life. in our religion , marriage is between two souls and two houses and woman are respected and treated like devis (goddess) and not made a mockery of like shown in this serial.

  4. This is a shame, I guess they’ll call this creative huh? Marrying a unconscious girl to an obsessed freak

  5. That’s why I stopped seeing and commenting altogether …the writers of Zee are just sick..they know how to spoil a beautiful love story by bringing in sick characters like Ridhoy and sticking to them….not long ago I used to be passionate about Zee’s love stories but now totally disillusioned with the way their writers are playing with the emotions of viewers for the sake of extra episodes…very cheap indeed!

  6. watch Pakistani shows. They are much better. The Pakistani tradition is always really well kept in those shows. Most of the shows on Zee TV, Star plus ,colors and other Indian shows go way beyond reality. They is more fakeness than anything else and a love story always has more villains spewing hate than love,
    Pakistani shows are really good and traditions are kept up. There also have a beginning and a end not like these shows that go on and on with the same storylines with different titles.

  7. Totally agree with you Beki…Indian serials don’t care for two things …Indian traditions in general and in particular practicality…it is o.k to explore new concepts to some extent but going way beyond reality and age old traditions and beliefs doesn’t go down well with the majority of the viewers…at some point it all looks really fake and distasteful…..As you said Pakistani directors are much more mature in the portrayal of their characters and putting forth their ideas….their storylines are clear cut and episodes are finite ….so no room for introducing unnecessary tracks and characters..either it be Bashar Momin or Khanni ,I loved them and I don’t hesitate to say that Pakistani serials are much better and a pleasure to watch as they are rational and don’t get on your nerves…..Just share with me if you have watched any new ones ….

    1. You should watch Yakeen ka safar & Suno Chanda. They are one of the best Pakistani drama. I am sure you are going to like them.

  8. Thank you Sania ,I will certainly watch them …Thanks again

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