Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Purvi and her family kick Ranvir out of Patel Nivas

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pramila cleaning the floor and thinks Ranvir enjoyed and we are doing the cleaning. Haren Patel asks for tea. Kanti gives him tea. Ishika and Roop come there. Kanti asks what they are doing here at this time? Ishika asks do you know where is Purvi? Vaishnavi says she must be in her room and goes to call her. Haren says she must be fine. Praful blames her for their condition. Vaishnavi comes to hall and tells Kanti that Purvi is not at home. Kanti asks her to check on terrace. Ishika says she will not be found here. Kanti asks where is she? Ishika says you people don’t care about her and that’s why? Haren patel asks where is my daughter? Ishika shows Purvi’s dupatta and says it is her last wish. Kanti says this can’t happen and cries. Ranvir comes and asks why are they mourning in the morning. He says these inauspicious people came here. Kanti says they are not inauspicious, but you and says my Purvi…and cries. Ranvir says it is good, one trouble has gone. Kanti asks how you are. Ranvir asks her to keep quiet. Purvi comes and says real trouble is you. She walks inside. Kanti and others get happy. She hugs purvi and asks if she is fine.

Haren patel asks why did you act when she was alive. Ishika says this act could be real and says you don’t worry for your daughter. Ranvir asks for tea. Pramila says she will bring. Purvi asks Roop what to do. Roop says you know well. Ishika says we don’t stay here and asks her to see what to do? Roop says we will go to our side and see. Purvi says you said that you will help me. Ishika says we said just like that, as you tried to suicide. Ranvir says this will happen if you believe on foolish people and says Roop’s blood is a bit cold. Ishika slaps him and says Roop’s blood is not cold, but he is keeping relations in thought. Ranvir is about to slap her, but Roop tells him real meaning of a man, and says the true man is not the one who troubles his inlaws, who scares the woman and says real man is the one with whom the woman feel secure. He says if a woman can give birth to a baby then she can protect her daughter too. He says we will leave and asks Haren’s family to handle suspended Police Officer. Ishika says I have taken my revenge.

Roop says when one ishika can do this, then think what you all can do when get together. Ranvir is about to hit Roop and Ishika with glass bottle, when Purvi slaps him and shouts saying she is not scared of him. Ranvir says I will scare you and is about to slap her, when Kanti slaps him and says even she is not scared of him. Vaishnavi and Pramila also slap him and say they are not afraid of him. Purvi warns him not to look at her family else…Ranvir asks what? Haren says this is my family and I have realized that I am competent to protect them all, and my daughter is saying truth, your wrongdoings is not welcomed. Praful and Haren kick him out. Ranvir warns them that the consequences will be bad. Purvi takes out her slippers and hits him. Other women follow the same and hit him with slipper. Ishika says we have both strength and power and tells that they have woken it up and see it. She says you all did right. Haren says I have rectified my mistake and says if you see at this house, then I will pull out your eyes. Roop and Ishika close the door on Ranvir’s face. Haren Patel hugs Roop. Praful also hugs him. Ishika hugs Purvi.

They come back home. Kinjal appreciates Roop and Ishika for freeing Patel’s family from Ranvir’s terror. Kamla feels proud of Roop and Ishika. Bua gets upset with them and leaves. Kamla tells that Bua loves Ranvir a lot and that’s why upset. She asks them to get ready for makar Sankranti function. Kanchan says it is best idea. Rupesh says it is our custom.

Ranvir is driving his jeep angrily and recalls his insult. He meets with an accident, but nothing happens to him. He sees Roop and Ishika going on a bike. He asks Ishika, can you stay happily after slapping me, as I will take revenge and you will repent for being alive. Roop and Ishika come to the temple. Ishika is sitting behind Roop, she gets down and goes. Roop gets kamla’s call and tells that they have reached temple. Kamla says even they are reaching there. Roop ends the call and sees Ishika missing. He gets worried and sees Ishika talking to the children and giving them chocolates. He smiles looking at him. Tujhse milne se pehle se…Rishta tha plays…..He goes to Ishika and takes chocolates from her hand. He looks at her. Ishika also looks at him.

Kamla asks Pandit ji to make her bahu and beta do the first aarti. Pandit ji nods his head. Shamsher comes and stops them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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