1st Epi – Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy is introduced

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happy getting late and running after the girls. She asks them why are they hurrying. The bride’s cousins go for the dance performance. Happy says I will just dance, wait and watch. A guy Chintu looks on and smiles seeing Happy. Tum bhi ho….plays…. Chintu says I have come before baraat. Biji says Chintu is always before time. Pratap greets her and asks her about the journey. Biji says I m growing old now. Pratap says you are looking so good, come. Happy and her sisters dance on chitti kalaiyaan….. Happy forgets the steps and makes her own steps. She does Bhaangra and Naagin dance. She falls down. Everyone laughs. Pratap gets angry seeing her. He says why did she go on stage when she can’t dance. Happy sees everyone laughing. She asks why did you stop laughing, I m trying to entertain you. Chintu laughs on her joke. Happy says I can’t compromise on things, I happily laugh, dance and live. Happy gets talking to everyone. She sounds funny and makes everyone laugh. Pratap asks Sandhya will Happy get us insulted today. Sandhya feels sad. Smiley asks Happy to come with her. Happy doesn’t listen and cracks jokes. Smiley says Pratap is getting angry, just come.

Pratap scolds Happy. He says I was waiting for my daughter’s marriage day, I have arranged 25 lakhs and spent it in this marriage, I bet our family didn’t witness such a wedding, why, I did all this so that I m honored in this family, you have ruined my honor in front of everyone, you insulted me. Happy says no, everyone was laughing with me, don’t worry, it wasn’t insult. Pratap says people were laughing at us, girls like you become a laughing stock, they don’t get married and stay alone, I would have sent you three to Amritsar right away. He goes. Happy cries and gets sad. Sandhya says your uncle supported us after your dad’s death, he did many favors on us. Her other daughter says he should have not supported us if he had to count his favors.

Sandhya cries. Happy asks Smiley not to worry, Pratap’s anger improves their immunity. She says I just care for my mum, mum was liking it, I have seen her smiling. Sandhya says I wasn’t laughing. Happy says you were happy. Sandhya says I was worried for your fall. Happy reminds her dad’s words. Happy says I will always choose you over everything. Smiley says our happiness and life are a loan, I hate it that Pratap always scolds us. She goes. Happy goes to her and acts filmi. Happy pacifies her. She says since dad left, mum has started to bow down and listen to uncle and aunt’s taunts, once I get a job, I will buy a house, a small one will do, I will put a big nameplate, it will have Sandhya Mehra written on it. Smiley says I want my own room and a car too. Happy says yes, we will have it, cheer up, we should go and get ready for Dinky’s bachelorette party. Smiley says lets drop it. Happy says we will party, and not let uncle know it. The girls take the car out. Happy drives the car really slow. They have a talk and are on the way.

Biji and everyone share a talk. Chintu hears them and asks does Happy not have her dad, maybe that’s why she jokes so much. He checks his dad’s BP. Biji asks what did you say. Chintu says the people who has pain hidden in heart appear cheerful, Happy fell on the stage, but she laughed and made others laugh too. He turns shy. Biji praises him. Biji says you need to make girls dance on your tunes, tomorrow dance on the stage. Chintu’s dad says the family responsibility on his shoulders, after my heart attack, he has managed the family completely. He coughs. His wife cares for him and says we are lucky to get a son like him. He says its foolishness to have any expectations from Rocky. Rocky is seen enjoying with his friends. Biji says Kulwant, Rocky is young, his elder brother is Ram, so he is Laxman. Kulwant says he isn’t Laxman, he was protesting against college, its the college rule that girls will wear dress below the knee length, Rocky is also indecent like those girls. Rocky is seen. Happy is driving slow.

Her sisters sing Sogaya aasmaan.. Rocky passes by. His jeep hits Happy’s car and passes by. Happy stops the car. She sees the broken side mirror and dent. She worries. The girls smile. Smiley worries and says if Pratap knows this, he will not leave us. Happy and everyone reach the place. Dinky says dad will scold us, we will go home. Happy says no, you won’t have a bachelorette party again, come we will go and enjoy. Inspector asks Rocky what were you doing, are you superman. Rocky says I wasn’t driving rashly. He bribes the inspector. Happy sees him and asks Dinky to go inside. Rocky says me and my jeep have a habit to talk to air. Happy says he was the one… Rocky says I still exist, who are you. Happy says I have seen him, they were speeding the car. She argues with Rocky. She introduces herself. She tells inspector that she was driving happily with her siblings, she drives at normal peace, Rocky drove his car in high speed and broke her side view mirror. Rocky says you don’t know driving, show your license. Inspector says its confirmed now. He arrests Rocky and his friends. Rocky gets angry on her. She smiles.

Happy sees Rocky crushing her car. Pratap sees the car and asks who has done this. Rocky asks Happy will she say it. She slaps Rocky. He points gun at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Happy is annoying – she tries so hard to be chirpy and happy and comes off as fake ! She needs to behave as a normal human being and not as an overly cheerful weirdo. As for the individual who is playing Happy – I have never seen a more awful actress ! She cant act to save her life !!

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I like Jasmine ? she’s as krazy as a girl can get ?

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