Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir’s emotional confession

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu and Kunal lying to Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks them where is Abir, just tell me. Abir comes and asks who is making you worried. Abir greets her. Kuhu asks how did you like the room. Abir says everything is awesome. He sees Meenakshi and taunts. He asks her to say if he is fine. They find him drunk. Abir says my mum decided that I m happy. She says you are drunk. Kuhu says he was helping me and the bottle fell on him. Kunal says take him, you are so careless. Kunal says you should go now.

Meenakshi says I will go, take care of Abir. Kunal says sure. Nannu looks on. Mishti says happy birthday Mishti, I know Abir still loves me, he wants to see me. She cries. She asks why did you move back Abir, why did you do this. Abir says I had made this wall of lie and Mishti has broken it. He says you are very strong and I m weak, I m not the Abir you loved, I made a big mistake, nothing is awesome, sorry Mishti, I couldn’t keep my promise, I chose Kunal over you, I wish I could tell you everything, how much I…. Kunal calls him out.

Abir says I m an elder brother, I have to be strong. Mishti says I won’t fall weak, I won’t let you fall weak, our love story won’t stay incomplete. Nannu greets Meenakshi and says I m Nishant. She says glad to meet you, don’t you think, you have given an excuse to people to have wine by keeping off site meeting. He says I have given them an excuse in live. She says discipline is also needed. He says family will have that control and discipline, you try to adapt my family’s way. She says its too early that you are teaching me. He says my family taught me that there is no age to learn, don’t worry, your sons are safe here. She thinks to help Abir forget Mishti. Kunal says mum would have beaten me if anything happened. Abir says I would have not let this happen. Kunal says you always came to help me, I m not so awesome, whenever you need me, just call me, I will surely come, I can do anything for you. Abir says I know that. Kunal says tell me the truth, Mishti is here, you have a problem with this. Abir says you think everything will change if I m drunk. Kunal says you didn’t give any answer.

Abir says I don’t care that Mishti is here. Kunal says swear on me. Abir says I loved her a lot, she lied and we had a breakup, it will hurt a bit, you are with me, everything is awesome, you are the best. Nannu comes to Mishti and says I need to tell something…. Mishti says you did a lot, but Abir didn’t tell anything, I know he loves me. Nannu says if your heart says so, I trust you, Abir was jealous, don’t lose, you will win this fight. She says you are the best Nannu. He says not Nannu. She says I will call you Nishant today. She cuts the cake and feeds him. She says you trusted me, now I m trusting myself, I will make Abir accept that he loves me. She leaves the chinese lantern in the sky.Yeh rishte hai….plays…. Abir washes his face. He thinks stop thinking about her. Nannu asks did Mishti come back. Abir says its late, where is she. Kunal asks what is Mishti planning now, why did she come back, if mum saw her, it would be a big problem. Kuhu says sorry, I will talk to her. He says if mum knows that Mishti is with us, it will be problem for me and you also, I have to tell mum that you knew it.

Nannu says I don’t know, I had seen you with her. Abir says its been hours, you are her BF, its her birthday, you should be with her. Nannu says I believe in giving space to everyone, its late, thanks for coming. He goes. Abir thinks its good I have come. Nannu doesn’t care for him. He goes. Nannu messages Mishti. Kuhu asks did anyone see Mishti. Abir looks on and thinks just find her. Kuhu says Mishti did this before also. She calls Mishti and says network problem…. Abir worries.

Nannu says I know he will come to find me, Abir will track me here. She gets Kuhu’s call. Kuhu asks where are you. Mishti asks why do you ask. She jokes. Kuhu asks what happened between you and Abir, you know he was drunk and Kunal’s mom had come, we tried to cover up. Mishti asks what, did she. Kuhu says go back to London, how long will I hide you. Mishti says I m not a treasure that you hide, I m not doing wrong. Kuhu says get out of this business deal, don’t show me your phone again. Mishti slips down.

Abir sees Mishti fallen unconscious. He asks her to open eyes. He shouts for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Meenakshi the old b*t*h.
    Again back to her evil ways.
    Kuhu is so selfish.
    She is mean and jealous of Mishti’s success
    The producer has gone mad by extending this story with such childish twists.

  2. Nishant finally meets Meenakshi dragon lady Who gave her right to advise Nannu not your son Kuhu turning into her old selfish way again telling Mishti to go back to London ??at least Mishti is fighting for her love ❤️ unlike Kuhu wasting time hanging around for some miracle to happen Abir really concerned about the where Mishti is Hopeful he will tell her the truth as she looked unconscious Just hope she hears him

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