Spoilers 11th December 2019

Nimki Vidhayak:
Nimki gets emotional reading Mintu’s poetry. She feels her story is also similar, since they both yearned for their mum. They both see their motherly figure in Anaro. Anaro troubles Dadi in anger when Dadi occupies the bathroom. Nimki tells Anaro that she shouldn’t trouble Dadi, who takes much care of Babbu. She asks Mintu to tell about Dadi’s care and concern. Mintu tells Anaro that Dadi is really good. Nimki wants Dadi and Anaro’s fight to end. Nimki tries to solve the problem. She asks Dadi not to get scared of Anaro. She tells that Anaro won’t harm her. She tells them that she will be getting yummy snacks for them.

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