Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik talking on phone. Naitik is also fasting and he hides it from Akshara. Akshara says see I told you not to fast. He asks about Rashmi and Nandini. Akshara says Rashmi is tensed, and she did not keep her fast, maybe she has an argument with Nikhil again. Naitik says shall I talk to Nikhil. Akshara says no, I spoke to him but did not get a good response. Everyone are seeing Akshara’s Bauji waiting for Akshara’s Maa’s call. Ananya asks him to wait for her. She says Maa will call soon, wait for her. Dadi wishes that their wait ends soon. Anshu also wishes. Naitik comes home and sees Akshara. He says you are looking beautiful, is everyone ready. He asks about Rashmi.

Maa asks Naitik about his dad. He says he will come soon. Maa asks Akshara to go to Naksh’s school and request him to take Naksh back to classes. Akshara agrees. Maa says Rashmi is tensed, even we don’t know Nikhil will come or not. Bhabhimaa wonders how will he react when he comes to know that Rashmi is not fasting. Rashmi comes and she is not dressed well. Maa asks the reason, is your life a game, are you not worried about us. Akshara calms her down. Maa says how can I be well. Rashmi cries and feels unwell. She gets vomit and she runs. Nandini and everyone thinks Rashmi is pregnant and smile. Rashmi comes back worried. Akshara asks what happened. Rashmi says nothing. Maa says we know it. Naitik comes there. Maa asks Rashmi is this true. Rashmi says yes. Maa says why did you hide it from us. Nandini says you went to doctor in the morning. Rashmi says yes. Everyone are happy. Maa apologizes for scolding her. Rashmi cries and says how would I say, Nikhil does not want the baby.

Nikhil does not want to hear this, I was afraid. Rashmi cries. Maa hugs her and says this is a good and happy thing, Rashmi blames her fate for this. Naitik calms her down and hugs her. Rashmi says sorry for troubling all of them. Akshara says don’t think like this, maybe this baby will bring happiness to you. Naitik says I was also afraid when I heard this, but then later I forgot the fear and became happy. Even Nikhil will accept it happily. Everything will be fine. Everyone smile and congratulate Rashmi. Akshara asks Rashmi to call Nikhil and give him this good news. Akshara insists and says Nikhil will be very happy, go and call him. Rashmi gets tensed and says but…

Rashmi calls Nikhil. He does not pick her call. Rashmi gets nervous. Nikhil calls her back. She smiles. He scolds her. Rashmi says I called you to tell you the reason why I m not fasting. He says I know you want to show that I m not important in your life. Rashmi says actually… Nikhil does not listen. He cuts the call.

Nikhil tells his mum Rama that Rashmi is not fasting. Rama is shocked. Nikhil says she told him herself. Rama says there might be some reason, is she unwell. Nikhil says no, she was sounding well, now I won’t go there, it will be an issue. Rama tries to talk to him but he leaves. Maa calms down Rashmi and asks her to keep trying. Akshara’s dad says I will go and come in 5 mins. Anshu stops him and says don’t go, but he leaves. Shaurya says Bauji is annoyed with Maa.

Naitik tells Mohit that he is fasting. They talk about Nikhil. Mohit says Rashmi should be happy in this state. Mohit says what love in between you and Akshara, though I also love Nandini. Akshara comes there and gives food to Naitik. He asks her to serve Mohit. Naksh comes and asks for food saving Naitik. Mohit saves Naitik too.
Akshara has a talk with Rashmi, and she smiles.

Everyone are celebrating Teej. .

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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