Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 9th August 2013 Written Update

Vasu tells Megha that he would help her with whatever she came to Mumbai for. Vasu asks her if she is ok with it. Megha says all she wants is her daughter back. Vasu tells her not to misunderstand and that RJ would be back once she is better. Suddenly RJ calls out for Megha and her Papu. RJ keeps calling out when Vasu comes there. Vasu checks if she has fever. RJ calls him Papu and he says it is not pappu but Vasu. RJ says not Vasu but Papu. Vasu says she is stubborn like her mother. RJ has fb of asking Megha of wanting to meet her real mother. Vasu asks her what happened, holds her by her chin and asks her if she is sad. Vasu looks around and says that from today he is her Pappu. RJ corrects him and says Papu. RJ hugs him and he puts

his hand on RJ. Vasu asks her not to get too emotional and tells RJ that Megha is waiting for him.

Uncle is still instigating Aai and RF. RF tells everyone that Vasu is doing what he is doing for himself. Ruku says she feels that Megha and Vasu have something going on between them. Bala comes there with food and tries to feed Aai. Aai pushes the food away when Vasu comes with RJ. Vasu tells Bala to get food and also tells RF that Megha-RJ will stay in their house like before without fearing anyone.

Uncle instigates Aai some more and advises her to get Vasu married soon or she will get a 10 year old girl for free. Aai looks mad.

RJ comes out and meets Megha. Megha and RJ hug. RJ tells Megha that from now Papu would always be with them. Megha looks at Vasu. RJ calls out for her Papu(Vasu) and asks him to come forwards. Vasu walks to RJ and puts his hand in hers. RJ tries to pull Vasu towards her. Bala asks Ruku what is happening. RJ takes Vasu with her and starts walking. Megha stops them. RJ tells Megha that she is going home with her Papu. RF tells Megha that she was leaving what she came for mid way. RJ asks Vasu to pick her up and Vasu picks her up. RF tells Megha to come home. Ruku is mad looking at everything.

Vasu brings RJ home. Megha gives the advance money back to Ruku’s mother. Vasu puts RJ down to sleep but he is unable to as RJ has held on to him. Megha comes and unfolds RJ’s hands. Vasu lays RJ down. RF cracks another of his shayari. Vasu leaves and gives the brandy & medicine to Megha. Bala advises Megha not to give too much to RJ else she would get drunk and come home and call him Papu Papu.

Ruku’s mother somehow manages to ask Vasu if Aai has agreed to let Megha come back. Ruku’s mother says if Aai is against Megha-RJ staying then she might burn their house down. Vasu tells her to return every single cent of money to Megha when she leaves else he would burn her house down. Ruku’s mother agrees. Vasu asks her to not to mess around with Megha & RJ. RF asks Vasu to teach his skills to him so that Ruku’s mother is scared of him for at least sometime. Vasu and Bala leave.

Bala teases Vasu calling him Papu. Megha comes out and stops Vasu. Bala sings a song which earns him a kick from Vasu. Megha walks up to Vasu and thanks him. Vasu is shocked. Vasu asks her what she said. Megha thanks him for helping them. Vasu leaves without saying a word.

Ruku is scolding Bala for not making Vasu see reason. Bala asks her to calm down and tells her it is not as if Vasu married Megha. Vasu comes and Ruku asks him what is happening. Vasu asks her to thank him for bringing her tenant back. Ruku asks him since has it been going on. Vasu asks her to give a rest to her mind as it is filled with trash. Ruku tells Vasu that can’t he see how much she loves him. Vasu looks at Bala and shakes his head. Ruku tells Vasu that he only sees and hears what he wants to see and hear. FB of Megha-RJ. Ruku asks Mohan to tell that there is nothing between them anymore. Bala asks what does she mean by anymore. Vasu says there is nothing between him and Megha. Vasu says he was just helping Megha. Ruku asks Vasu if he is lying to her. Vasu asks Bala to throw some water on Ruku. Ruku asks Bala to get lost. Ruku says that she loves Vasu a lot and cannot tolerate anyone coming between them. Ruku vows not to leave Megha.

Precap: Voice over talks about truth which was lost is coming out. It says that Megha-Vasu’ life is turning around because of this truth. Basically wondering how and what would Megha & Vasu’s new found relation lead to. (No new scene was show.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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