Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with every one of the family leaving the hall to take care of their individual work ; when they hear a shriek, scream. Raashi’s room ; Raashi says that her live nail is broken and is in pain. But Jigar observes and says that only the dead, end part is broken hence is should not pain.

Meanwhile, Gopi notices the nail polish colour which is same as Radha’s nail polish. I believe that Gopi realizes the connection of the nail polish going bad on Radha’s nails.

Urmilaa is angry with Madhu as she is coolly sipping tea. Urmilaa needs her cell phone which is on the side table. Urmilaa tries sweet talking but Madhu get her to do the cleanup job, the ceiling fan. Urmilaa asked to get a stool. Then asked to climb on the stool, Urmilaa gets scared, gets Madhu change saree, before Madhu came back, Urmilaa makes herself scarce ; disappearing act, which is what I mean to say.

When Madhu came back, she finds no Urmilaa but Kinjal and Madhu catches hold of Kinjal to the cleaning work.

Gopi finds Radha and tries to explain her love for Radha, but Radha at this moment in time is hurt and no mood to hear Gopi and says so to a saddened Gopi.

In between, Radha finds Ahem’s cheque and is impressed by Ahem’s handwriting. She traces Ahem’s signatures impressions with a pen and creates an exact replica of Ahem’s signature. She admires her art work. She goes over to Raashi to show.

Raashi gets a call from her friend who wants to have a get together party and they decide to meet.

Gopi gets a call from Madhu and is full of complaints against Urmilaa and Kinjal. Furthermore Madhu tells Gopi that Raashi is a carbon copy of Urmilaa, just as lazy, warns Gopi to keep Radha away from Raashi lest Radha is led astray.

Kokila comes over, Kokila gets to talk, but when Madhu tries to complain against Raashi, Kokila cuts her short by saying she is busy with work.

Radha comes to Raashi, but Raashi says she is busy and asks Radha to look after the twins while Raashi has her bath.

Urmilaa comes in, but finds no Raashi, sees the blank cheque. Urmilaa crooked mind races, up to no good. Plans to get the cheque out of Radha’s hands. She succeeds by asking Radha for water jug and a tumbler. Radha keeps the cheque on the pillow and goes.

Urmilaa again does the disappearing act, this time with the cheque, which has been forged, unknowingly, off course, by Radha, but forged.

In the Autorickshaw, Urmilaa urges the driver to drive faster, irritated, the drive asks her is she is running away after committing a crime. Urmilaa’s face goes sour.

Raashi entices Radha to accompany her to the Party, Raashi says she would take her for a ride around the town. Radha is happy.

Radha does not find the cheque leaf.

Gopi tries to stop Radha from going with an excuse, Radha is all dressed up and Gopi tells Radha she is looking sweet. Gopi comes to know of the outing. Radha does not listen to Gopi and Raashi who had come over, further turns things – Radha’s thinking – against Gopi, who has no answers.

Ahem gets back home and asks for the Cheque book, Gopi gets it, and Ahem finds one cheque leaf missing, calls the back and informs the bank people to stop payment and hold the cheque and the person. So that he could hand the person to the police.

Radha is passing by with Raashi and the twins, on their way out, gets scarred.

Later Raashi asks Radha of her problem and worry, after much persuasion from Raashi, Radha spills the beans and tells about the missing cheque, signed, amounting to forgery.

Urmilaa’s visit is mentioned and Raashi sees red, danger I mean, and Raashi puts the jigsaw puzzle into place and Raashi, knowing her mother, is shocked.

Episode Ends On Shocked Raashi’s Face ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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