Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi telling Bharti that she wants to talk to her something important. Bharti asks what you wants to talk. Kishan comes and interrupts them. He says ,he bring the Pandit ji for getting the Mahurat date for marriage. Ansubaa welcomes panditji and asks him to take out good mahurat for the marriage. She then tell the jewellers to make some jewellery. Ramila is very much annoyed and leaves from there. Kishan comes to Bhoomi and hugs her. Bhoomi says Ankit and Bharti marriage decision is taken in a hurry. Kishan says they are responsible for Bharti’s misery and it is good that she is getting a chance. Kishan says Ansubaa told him to give some gift to Bharti as they are elder than her, so he brought the ring to be given as shagun. He handover the gift to Bhoomi.

Bhoomi comes to Bharti’s room and sees small table and uncovers it to see the names of her family members written on it. She gets shocked and remembers Maha Rishi words that someone will come with back foot and invite the trouble. Bhoomi thinks she is right as Bharti is the one who wants to break their family. Bharti comes there and asks innocently did you come to show me the jewellery designs. She says she will like the jewels liked by everyone. Bhoomi asks why you had written everyone’s name on the table. Bharti says because she loved them all and she wrote their names in her heart too. She taunts Bhoomi indirectly. she says these people gave her so many memories which can’t be forgettable and wants to repay them. Bharti starts acting and says you are thinking that I wants to take revenge from everyone.

Bhoomi says she didn’t tell that, Bharti says but it can be seen in her eyes. she says she failed with Bhoomi’s one question and she didn’t think like that anytime. She asks why you dont want me to get married to Ankit, you took away my happiness when I was about to marry Kishan, She blames Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells her to stop acting and says your tears will not effect me anymore. She says you wants to do something to break this family, Bharti replies that if you think I am not this family wellwisher then keep thinking like that. She asks Bhoomi to prove her wrong. Bhoomi says she don’t want to prove anything and wants to clear the misunderstanding if she had in her heart. Bhoomi says that this family is correcting their mistake by accepting her as their bahu and asks her to forget the past and start afresh. Bhoomi leaves, Bharti angrily tells that I started my revenge when I entered this house and I will end it. She smirks evilly.

Avni is returning home from college and is on the way while it is raining heavily. Her mobile battery goes off and she thinks how to inform at home. Some goons looks at her and pass lewd comments. Avni tries to run away but they catches her and circled her. One of the goons calls Bharti and says your Avni is trapped, Bharti asks them to get ready and do as she says. She thinks she have to do something with Avni so that no one trusts Bhoomi anymore. Someone comes there and saves Avni. He looks at the goons in such a way that they get scared and leaves.( May be he is one among the goons). Avni thanks him for saving her. He says he got his heroine for his play and says he is directing the play for his plan and asks her to act in it. Avni says no, but he says she will come for sure. she says Akshay, he says he will wait at 4 pm and says I know you will come. Avni says she won’t come. Avni thanks him and he gives her the umbrella so that she didn’t get drenched in rain. She hesitantly takes the umbrella from him. He stops the auto and Avni sits and leaves for home.

Bhoomi thinks about the past incidents. Kishan says it is raining and storming heavily. Bhoomi says storm had already came and says she find out about the person who is trying to drift the family apart. She says it is Bharti. The episode ends.

Bharti promises Ramila that she will not let anything bad happen with her family. She cries while saying so, Ramila hugs too, gets emotional and falls in her trap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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