Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with rj in deep thoughts. Dadi says don’t worry.. vish will take you to meet g3. Ananya says she will also go with her.. rj feels so happy!

Naitik is talking to his friend. Akshi comes.. naitik changes the topic. Akshi notices this and is confused. Duggu sends them off :p the main door is closed.. so naitik honks.. Duggu opens it with his friend. Akshi tells them to play inside and they go to the office.

Duggu teaches his frnd how to swing on the main door. In the car, Naitik thinks that he should tell akshi about the matter. Everytime she comes, he has to change the topic. What would akshi be thinking? He is about to tell akshi when she gets a call from payal.

Vish tells rj to tell him something in english! Rj says she is very lucky to have him as her husband. She adds that he is very sweet but naughty too!

Naitik is talking to ajay (in the office). Ajay says he is frustrated. He tells him to talk to his wife. Naitik says that he tried talking to her but she told him stuff instead! He doesn’t know what to say! Akshi overhears this..

Dj wants to have food outside in the hall only! Naitik hasn’t come home yet. Dj says that he wants kachori! Bm says that you can’t eat that. Dj says that doctor says that he will eat whatever he wants. she is about to give him kachori when the nurse comes and says that he cant have oily food. Naitik says that she is Shipra, dj’s full time nurse. She tells dj not to have oily food. He takes the saada food she gave him. She asks bm why she gives him such food? Bm says if they don’t give, he gets angry. Shipra tells that doc has given him a chart. Shipra takes dj to the room. Duggu says she’s like a mogambo! LOL.

Akshi says that she thought he went to the factory. She says if he had informed, then they would have prepared. Naitik says that you have a problem with everything. They argue again!

Rj is sad that she is going during gangaur. Ratan comes. He has got ghevar for them.. ratan says that she can celebrate gangaur and then come!

Shipra tells that dj can’t have kada. It doesnt match with the medicine. She says that his food would be prepared in olive oil. Bm gets worried but she says u make the food, i will make him have it!

Rj feels that ratan has to tell her something, but he denies.. rj is worried that what can be the matter.

Duggu tells that Shipra is not your mom to tell you what to do. You have whatever you want. You are Daddaji! She can’t tell you.. next time she tells you anything, i will tell her.. i am naksh singhania! And tabhi shipra comes! Duggu gets scared and goes away.. rofl!

Akshi is peeling peas when naitik comes. They look at each other.. akshi tells him sorry for overreacting. Naitik says no its okay, if i had informed you, you could have prepared. He feels for bm.. she might be feeling awkward. Naitik steals some peas and eats them.. lol! Naitik is telling him about Ajay’s matter when duggu comes! Soon Ajay comes! Akshi is surprised seeing Ajay and welcomes him.. she asks where is Jyoti (his wife)! Naitik and Ajay feel awkward. Ajay says that she has gone to her maayka.. naitik tells they will go to their room and talk. duggu tells he will also come. Akshi tells him to come with her to the kitchen! She feels that something has happened.. and feels bad that naitik didnt tell her..

Shipra tells g3 and bm that dj will have only luke warm water. Bm says he will shout.. shipra says u leave him to me. Bm is sad that shipra gets her work done by scolding dj.. akshi tells her to give her a chance 🙂

Rj calls g3 and they talk in english much to akshi and bm’s surprise. Rj asks if she cud send akshi to her maayka.. g3 does some mazaak and then says akshi will come! Bm says go to your maayka.. akshi says she doesnt want to.. g3 says no no.. you go! You have to remove time for urself. Duggu is also happy! Akshi says that okay, she will do the preparations at SS and then go..

Akshi goes to naksh room.. she says that ajay was worried yesterday, is everything fine? Naitik says yes hes fine! Akshi goes to take something.. naitik feels that he shud have told her.. when he is about to tell her, akshi informs him that she needs to go to her maayka for gangaur.. will he drop her in the evening? Naitik says yes.. Akshi remembers how he used to feel sad that she used to go for gangaur to her maayka.. here naitik feels that akshi decided stuff herself! Didn’t even bother to ask him.

PRECAP: Duggu is swinging on the main door.. the door is shown rusted.. akshi is sitting in the hall when duggu shouts out her name..

Update Credit to: Stutz

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